New “Wonder Woman” Video from Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils

Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils presents a new video called Wonder Woman X 2 – Pied Piper’s Cumback Limp Play and Lift and Carry.


Time for the Pied Piper to go to jail! Wonder Woman gets distracted. Before she knows what has happened, the Hamlin Rule is free and has her magic lasso! Turn – about is fair play Wonder Woman. Suddenly the Amazing Amazon is caught in her own golden lasso of truth and justice and she doesn’t like it. Too bad Wonder Woman! No one can resist the magic lasso.

Wonder Woman can’t deny the golden lasso’s power, take the magic rope back or resist being pulled into the villain. She is forced to reveal her secrets. Pied Piper leaves our pretty princess helpless and defenseless in a scene we know too well. Pied Piper tests Wonder Woman to make sure she won’t fight back anymore. Satisfied, he carries his trophy around to celebrate evil’s victory. Great Hera! What so ever will become of Wonder Woman?

Clip Includes:

Wonder Woman accidentally releasing control of magic lasso, villain escaping golden lasso, villain twirling and tossing lasso, heroine caught in her own lasso, heroine fighting but submitting to lasso’s power, lasso tug of war, heroine slowly being lasso pulled to the villain, lasso interrogation, debelting, Feminum bracelet removal, heroine rubbing her bare waist and wrists, homage to the iconic under the platform scene, face caressing, arm drops, head drops, breast fondling, crotch fondling, leg drops, over the shoulder carry (OTS), marriage carry and classic superheroine plot, costumes and dialogue.

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