NGC Championship: Deceptress v Requiem

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As usual, Loved this video, especially with Erica. Not sure if this was shot before the current pandemic and just released now but hope the situation isn’t stopping you from making new ones. Hell, maybe the actresses are all out of work and you can make more since everyone is just sitting home to buy them. But liked this one, I am a fan of the submission type holds a little more than the punches. Only so many ways to punch someone but the holds can be varied. Love Erica in pain, she sells it well. Agree with someone above,… Read more »

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I loved this video. I will NEVER tire of Erica getting a beatdown. She sets the standard in selling a one-sided assault. If NGC put out an Erica beatdown video every week, I’d buy every one of them. Erica is so lovely in defeat. She is so good in the role of over confident jobber. I can’t say enough about how I enjoy these videos. Of course I’m always hopeful that one day we’ll get the final part of the Erica v Dominator trilogy. I know that’s probably impossible the way the world is right now. I’d also love to… Read more »

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The Deceptress returns once more to the ring only to get hammered. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. This fight is the polar opposite to her clash with Nemesis. Whereas Erica was introduced to the dark gods fists time and time again, here Erica is having her joints dislocated too many times to count via numerous submission maneuvers. For me, a film that features submission moves one after the other, after the other, really isn’t my speed. Not that I don’t mind submission holds so long as they’re peppered here and there in the fight. This film on the other hand,… Read more »

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Nice review. I agree with a lot of what you say. I have to say…. I prefer the original costume. Which is not so say I don’t like this one. I love this one… I just like the other one a tiny bit better.

Let’s face it Erica’s a smoke show in what ever costume she wears. Right now she’s my favorite jobber in the genre. Still love the catsuit though.

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I’m with Tim.

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I wanted to see a one-sided beat down. I expected to see a one-sided beat down. I voted for a one sided-beat down. A one-sided beat down is what was delivered. Erica looked lovely as ever, rendered absolutely helpless, beaten, squeezed and stretched; I particularly liked her expressions when the new villainess first put the holds on her.
Speaking of the the new villainess, She’s definitely got great potential, though i’d prefer her to be wearing a tight sexy costume. I doubt it’d ever happen but I’d like to see her get her hands on bluebird next (wearing that silver catsuit)

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My goodness, this one is great. The new villainess is pretty good, overall above average for things like line delivery and choreography. The issue I have is her costume though. With the lighting they got for this one, she looks like one dark cloud at times when doing submissions, so things tended to blend in with her dark petticoat and deceptresses boots. The final winning submission move really got me going and hit all my points. Deceptress made a scream that she’s never made before and it was phenomenal. She say’s “not this one again” as a throwback to her… Read more »

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SPOILERS BELOW: Wow, this new villainess, Requiem, seems really powerful. It takes her all of two punches to have Deceptress on the ropes. She’s a classic bruiser though, so it will be interesting to see if future opponents learn to counter her power. Deceptress doesn’t have a lot of luck here. And that means a lot of long shots of her weakly crawling around and being splayed out on the mat. Horrible for us viewers, I know! (seriously though, if you want to watch 15 solid minutes of Deceptress looking ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC, this is a must-watch) Requiem doesn’t give a… Read more »


new villain!


I voted for Deceptress winning just so she has a more positive record in the NGC but this looks like it will be a one sided beatdown of a beautiful heroine…and i love those!