NGC Championship: “RedGlory Vs Wonderstrike”

It’s Friend versus Friend as the dastardly Announcer finds a way to make Wonderstrike and Red Glory fight in the ring with full brutality.

These two heroines have been near inseparable since they arrived on the scene and have been through it all together, but this battle threatens to tear them apart! Will Wonderstrike continue her amazing winning streak or will Red Glory inflict a defeat that will draw their records level? YOU DECIDE. Visit and scroll to the bottom of the main page where you can vote for your winner. The poll closes Wednesday Evening Greenwich Mean Time. I fully expect this to be close so every vote REALLY counts.

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Thought lost but found in a carrier bag in a dark cupboard… footage of Lucy Zillion’s debut against the insane Bullettt. Over 2 minutes of a very new Lucy limbering up and throwing herself about a bit, a must for any fan! To get your copy of this out-take special, simply purchase Red Glory v Wonderstrike this FRIDAY at

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14 Responses

  1. Captain Kirk says:

    Okay, so Wonderstrike is now 5 and 0; The KO queen is now 5 and 0. You should have the dominator beat up somebody hot like Angel and make her 5 and 0. Then you could have a 3 way battle of some kind between the 3 fighters who are all 5 and 0. That would be cool. Plus, I think we’d all love seeing Angel get beaten up again.

    • Mr.Bleh says:

      Now THAT is a great idea!

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Ha! Maybe, it might be interesting, and the hope is that if the villain vote is split then the heroine has a chance of winning? Hard to say. Main issue here for me is getting those 3 in the ring on the same day. If I could make any video I wanted and people were just available whenever I wanted then I would do it.

      • Captain Kirk says:

        Understandable. The last couple videos have been really good. This one and of course the NGC Deja-Vu part 2 everyone’s raving about. I’m probably not alone in missing Angel. I know she was popular for you guys. Would love to see Angel get pummeled in the ring again. I also did prefer her latest outfit to her original one. Cheers

  2. Tim Caine says:

    Well, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Firstly, thank you NGC for not putting shaky camera in this episode. Secondly, Red Glory is climbing the ranks as another great actress when it comes to selling a beatdown. It doesn’t hurt that her body is simply phenomenal. I will also add that I actually prefer Wonderstrike in the heel role, as apposed to the face. Her evil sneer is not only evil but quite sexy. I’d love to see Wonderstrike beat the bejesus out of somebody like Angel or Erica Lynn (Deceptress).

    If anyone is on the fence about this episode, I’d recommend going for it. It’s definitely in the top half of all the NGCChampionship episodes. Which should be taken as high praise because I actually enjoy this series even more than most of the straight up NGC episodes.

    Thanks again, NGC. Good job! Looking forward to more.

  3. Darkwrath016 says:

    Yeaaah!! The right girl won. We have a new queen! Full review tomorrow. Heads up: Actually way better than I thought it would be going in.

  4. Next Global Crisis says:

    OUT NOW!

  5. Brad says:

    I vote for Wonderstrike to win. I couldn’t find the spot at the NGC Championship page. Am I too late?

  6. DrMabuse says:

    Love these two together! Championship matches where the combatants have some kind of history (as rivals or compatriots) tend to be the best, IMO.

  7. Redmountain says:

    Red Glory is beautiful, and no one sells a good pounding better than her, the actress is excellent at selling the shots she takes in combat.

  8. C13 says:

    Take my money now? That short preview has already shown so many things I’ve wanted to see in a championship video.