NGC Championship: Wonderstrike v Lucy Zillion

It’s Wonderstrike facing off against Lucy Zillion in a new episode of NGC Championship.

Wonderstrike makes her in-ring debut as she takes on relative newcomer Lucy Zillion, desperate to recover from her devastating loss against Harbinger last time. This battle is a best of 3 pins and the two superheroines find that they are quite evenly matched and only sheer ruthless brutality will win the day. Which one of them will be victorious? You decide – Just visit and scroll to the bottom of the main page to cast your vote. Polls close on Wednesday.

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22 Responses

  1. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Guess I will play the broken record again , but is Athena ever going to get back into the ring ? she still so far has had just 1 match

  2. Paul says:

    I know I’ll get down votes from everyone, but I must be completely spoiled by CTL and their excellent choreography/fight scenes. Last few NGC videos I’ve gotten I have been extremely disappointed in the fights. I get these girls aren’t wrestlers, but they are actresses. Yet they don’t make any of these fights look convincing or believable. Its not just in NGC Championship, but also in the regular NGC. I’ve just been really unhappy with my last few purchases from them. The girls look beautiful, their costumes are usually pretty good, even their stories are normally really well done…but this is heroine peril and when they do such a poor job making their fights look believable, then I never feel like the heroines are in peril. I feel like they are just pretending and I just see right through their acting. Let the hating begin…

    • Bert says:

      Well, no down-vote from me, but i completely disagree with your take on fight scenes. Even Logan’s best videos had long stretches of filler and terrible writing to get past. I think NGC has continuously set the standard for actresses, costumes, storytelling and fight choreography. They’ve been the rising tide that has pushed up standards. It’s a pleasure to see other producers like TBFE, Bluestone, Alex David and HM step up and start making such good videos, but NGC set the standard. And of course Rye has always set his own path, but has also developed from a fan with a camera to a high quality producer. Personally, I don’t miss Logan at all.

      • Paul says:

        Though I enjoyed a majority of CTL’s productions, I am solely referring to their fights/choreography. If you’re not a fan of the writing or “filler” then thats fine, but you can’t deny their combat was well done. I’m also not saying that NGC has never done it well, Bluebird was always great at selling peril and punishment, but I don’t think anyone can watch this video and really think this is “setting a standard” for fight scenes. The pace is slow, the moves aren’t convincing, and the story telling within the fight is non-existent. If you think otherwise, then go watch a pro wrestling match to see how its suppose to be done. Even the acting by the girls wasn’t very good when they had to deliver their lines. Hasn’t been the same since Bluebird (Claire) left.

  3. Nailu says:

    I usually never post, but I think you guys need to know. YES ON THE HEELED BOOTS. The wide heel is the best. Stilleto is hard to perform in and the flat boots just look disgusting to me. Pls continue using boots like Wonderstrike’s boot.

  4. Wrecker says:

    Great fight! Both girls look amazing and in great form. Excellent performances from both. I personally prefer the alternate ending, but you gotta love them both.

  5. Next Global Crisis says:

    Well it ended up 52% to 48%, so I know who wins now… and you will know as well in 48 hours. See you then!

  6. Richard says:

    Whichever gorgeous heroine loses, we all win. My vote goes for Wonderstrike to eat humble pie, but Lucy is great on the receiving end also. Can’t wait!

  7. Next Global Crisis says:

    This is even closer now, 2 actual votes in it. 24 hours to go.

  8. Next Global Crisis says:

    Currently the voting stands at 52% to one of the girls and 48% to the other. I won’t say who is winning but just so you know that if you want to see a certain winner or loser you really do have a say.

    • bbsucks says:

      Ha! I thought this one would be close. I was fairly conflicted when I passed my own vote. I will, however, say that I know how things are going to turn out as 100% of the votes have gone my way, so far. C’mon! You all know how you want to vote!

  9. Satellakid says:

    Boy i’m a dope, strike that comment I just made about Wonderstrike she is smoking hot! Lucy still my fav and would like to see Wonderstrike KO her.

  10. Satellakid says:

    Oh hell yeah more Lucy!! She is hands down my favorite, have to say love when she loses. Not a fan of Wonderstrike but would like to see her KO Lucy.

  11. JadeOwl says:

    I am very exited by the fact that they will be evenly matched. That’s my favorite kind of F/F fight!

  12. Next Global Crisis says:

    Very interesting so far. Extremely close vote so every one will count!

  13. LordSnot says:

    Zillion is just so damn gorgeous. Glad to see her popping up more often.

  14. Bruce Kent says:

    This is mostly to NGC, I had to think for about 12 hours before I voted…. I won’t say my vote, but i’m guessing you’ll have two outcomes anyway… šŸ™‚

  15. daredevil16 says:

    I agree with Wrecker I think they are great. Both heroines are great in their own right but I hope Lucy loses badly

  16. Wrecker says:

    I’ve gotta disagree with Mark. I like all of the new heroines and I think they’ve done pretty well in their first few appearances. They’ve all got the potential to be great if they try. Really looking forward to this release as a pretty big fan of both heroines.

  17. Jim says:

    I love Lucy!

  18. Mark says:

    Definite buy for Lucy Zillion, although not a fan of Wonderstrike if I’m honest. Not sure what it is, but I’ve struggled to warm to any of the ‘new heroines’ at NGC since Comet Girl; I think some of it is looks, although I feel it is more likely ‘selling’. Whatever, the three in question have made season four a bit of a disappointment, which is a shame following such a strong start with episode one.