“Night of the Demon” from Secret Heroine Films

Night of the Demon is a new video from Secret Heroine Films. Check out more information below.

Zephyr is a mighty heroine. Champion of the people and pure of soul. That is exactly why the demon Azazel has escaped hell to lure her to him. At first it seems that she has the upper hand, but he is just toying with her. He soon discovers that he is able to suck out the energy that powers her. Nearly draining her dry, he leaves her with two options. Verbally give in and become his slave, or let her BODY do the talking…..

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17 Responses

  1. Salax Pravus says:

    The only thing that would have made this 100% perfect (for me) would have been some audio and visual special effects to highlight the “energy drain”. But otherwise, a damn fine piece of work.

  2. Greatness says:

    She is a pretty thing. This one cries out for full nudity. Sadly it’s not there. I’d have gotten it if it was in it. She’s almost worth buying it anything.

  3. Ztc says:

    Anyone know the actress’ name

  4. Karl says:

    Nice, I was looking forward to more from this actress.

  5. saxman314 says:

    TIg ole biddies!

  6. Ztc says:

    Definitely a must buy

  7. frank zito says:

    Hot model 🙂 Anyone know if this has a death ending?

  8. Jeff says:

    A fantastic actress and definitely one I would love to see more of, though preferably with a female opponent next time

  9. LordSnot says:

    Snotty likes!

  10. Rover says:

    Thumbs up.

  11. mrxstacy says:

    that trailer was great! love the part where the demon rubs his wet fingers. her reactions look right on point. when can we expect this? also, are there any more valor films coming? i like dani g, and considering the torture she endured in the last film, i would like to know how valor has coped with all that happened.

    • Mr. Hero says:

      Night of the Demon will be released this weekend.

      Sadly Dani G has basically retired from this genre.

      • mrxstacy says:

        thanks for the update.

        too bad dani g. quit the superheroine biz. if i might hazard a suggestion, i hope another actress can don the star-spangled bikini sometime soon.