“Bat Vixen: Last Laugh” from Secret Heroine Films

Ashley Lane stars as Bat Vixen in an upcoming video from Secret Identity Films.

Updated with new/correct information

Now available! Starring Ashley Lane.

Against Night-Bats wishes, Bat Vixen decides to go against the Jokster. Even though she is a skilled fighter, she underestimates him and his sidekick Carley. Its two against one! The infamous villains show her no mercy. They break, beat and humiliate her with a bearhug, painful wedgies, and forced orgasm. All while filming it so they can show Night-Bat what a bad girl she has been!

2vs1 Beatdown
Forced O
Sim Sex
Humiliating photos
Costume Destruction


Mr. Hero

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13 Responses

  1. Tarkin says:

    is there frontside nudity?

  2. Senor Descartes says:

    Instant purchase. Great little video– Ashley sells the peril like a champ as always, and is it just me, or does nobody do the ballgag better? She’s incredible.

  3. Peter says:

    @Mr Hero
    Just want to say …..AMAZING video!
    Loved Ashley as Bat Vixen. WOW, her acting has gotten so good!
    That costume looks oh so sexy on her.

    What I really liked about this video was that Bat Vixen put up
    a great fight before being overwhelmed. And with the Joker bearhug,
    Harley intervening, the wedgie, the chloro, and then the picture
    moment with her out cold,…INCREDIBLE!! Nothing was overdone
    or dragged out. Batvixen’s downfall was so perfectly carried out.

    Amazing work and I hope we get to see BatVixen in more adventures.

  4. gyang333 says:

    Looks like it’s been released on SHG!

  5. Alucard says:

    Any eta on release mr hero?

  6. shevek says:

    I love Ashley Lane! Will get this one. Gotta wonder about the inconsistency in titling though with this company: 1) Is it Bat Vixen or Night Vixen? and 2) And I’ve seen the company itself called Secret Heroine, Secret Identity and even Secret Girl Films, not to mention it’s on C4S under Cosplay Cuties. Nonetheless, I enjoy especially their solo superheroine videos (with the likes of Ashley, and Amy Fantasy) which really, uh, get me going 🙂

    • Mr. Hero says:

      Lol Dont wonder about it too much. The character name confusion is me just being a dummy. Thats what I get when Im editing 4 customs with very little sleep. Its Night Vixen. Im getting that all changed. Thanks for the heads up. SHF vs SIF doesnt mean much either. In the past it has depended on whether or not I worked with a particular producer. Most people know me by both. Dont think Ive ever been Secret Girl films though? C4S is cosplay cuties because when I started it, I was mostly focusing on solos in cosplay, then decided to repost old SHIP films that Ive done. Make sense? Maybe now Im confused lol

  7. Peter says:

    Ashley is simply stunning. Makes my heart melt….
    Great actress, perfect body and the perfect superheroine.

    Love the fact there is a plot here with multiple villains waiting
    to spring their trap on her.

    Take my money now!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ashley Lane is one of the only fetish models working in these higher production value superheroine videos (SIF, SHL, Rye, TBFE, etc.) that has no problems with bondage and gags. Love that about her.

  9. Doc Holiday says:

    Ashley looks fantastic, instant buy as well.

  10. rover says:

    Love her too. Instabuy.

  11. gyang333 says:

    Yes! Love Ashley Lane and love batgirl-style SHIP videos! THis is a definite buy for me. Thanks to whoever funded this one 🙂