“Ninja Girl” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. cami says:

    looks awesome

    0:32: Bane would be proud.

    I hope she does not die, the villain would be wasting a perfect sex slave if he killed her.

  2. Señor Descartes says:

    Ashley Lane + Psylocke costume = instant purhcase

  3. shfyd says:

    Bought this video after reading the reviews here and was not disappointed.

    Never watched Ashley before and was pleasantly surprised. She can act. Plays the cocky heroine really well. Plays the defeated heroine even better. Her moans and cries of pain seem very real.

    Thanks very much TBFE another stellar procduction

  4. Bob the Builder says:

    I really like her new look. The make up and her hair really changed the way she looks in this film compared to other films. The outfit is also stellar, and I hope to see this new look more often.

  5. nate the great says:

    I love Ashley Lane. She’s probably my favorite ever superheroine ever.

  6. dkm says:

    LOVE IT. Love the death ending and the peril. Nice work.

  7. drvibrator says:

    i love it, but please… don’t fcking kill her

  8. Bert says:

    I don’t think Ashley Lane gets enough credit. She’s one of the best actresses in our little genre. When a performer can be convincing, both while dominant and while in peril, and deliver lines in a really believable way, it just adds so much to the experience. Ashley does all that while also being really fit, truly beautiful and sexy as hell. This vid contains a lot of content that I generally avoid, but I bought it anyway because of Ashley. I have zero regrets. Great video, guys.

  9. tangl says:

    The trailer looks really good, but heroine death is not something I’m into. But as long as the scene leaves enough ambiguity for me to interpret it as the heroine being just unconscious, it’s usually good enough for me. So, my question is, is there any room in any of the endings for the viewer to interpret the heroine as being only unconscious?

    • rover says:

      Well that’s getting creative, haha. I don’t really like R-rated heroine peril because it generally forgoes the ‘heroine’ part; and I’m also not into death scenes, but…. Ashley is ridiculous.

  10. Darkwrath016 says:

    The minute I got the email to purchase this video was the minute I went and did so and I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed this video. This is the probably the first R rated film in a couple years that I’ve liked. The film itself is divided into three parts roughly. There’s the set up (more on that to come), the battle which features the beatdown peril, and the R rated stuff which features the forced sex scene (by the way: why do people not use the word ‘rape’ in place of forced sex or forced orgasm. I mean, we’re here watching a woman get beatdown and stripped and for some reason we shy at the word ‘rape’? Like that’s the line we decide not to cross?)

    Anyway, the beatdown portion had some really nice sequences to it. It’s not as complicated as some TBFE films before it but that to me was a strength of the film. It wasn’t too fast so you really get to savor some of Ashley’s great reactions and it features some really good stuff. Things like bearhug, hair pulling, punches, low blows, kicks to the heroine back a lot of stomach punches that Ashley has amazing reactions to. And speaking of her reactions. Ashley Lane is great. She sells peril great. She’s got some of the best facial expressions and a good range of vocal expressions too. Also, as many of you can tell, there’s costume destruction in this. It’s more or less along the lines of Scorpio only that there’s full nudity in this one. It’s actually costume destruction, kicking the heroine while she’s down followed by more costume destruction and it was amazing to watch. Ashley sold all of that extremely well. And one other thing: Ashley is hot guys! Like really hot. And sexy. And attractive. And has a GREAT ass. Wow does she have a great ass. That costume really REALLY accentuated her curves and her butt.

    The R rated section I found really good as well. It starts out with an extensive fondling of Ninja Girl’s body. Generally speaking that’s not really my thing and this didn’t convince me otherwise but there was something about the way the thief repositioned an unconscious Ninja Girl so that’s she a rag doll that I found really hot. Then there’s the actual ‘force sex’ scene that I thought was really good as well. And trust me folks. It really was forced. There was no enjoying this thing on the part of Ninja Girl and Ashley sold that portion of it really well. Ninja Girl weakly tries to push off the thief but because she’s weak from the previous beating she can’t. What little is left of her costume is then stripped off fully and the thief has his way with her. For me, it’s the best R rated performance since Belle in BlueSwan. (Yeah. Blueswan from 2014 is the standard I judge ALL R-rated films against and all have fallen short. Except this one.)

    Bonus metric: Internal dialogue. I’m not one for internal dialogue. Most of the times its cringe worthy and when it’s not nail scratching bad other times its just annoying. This has some of the best internal dialogue in the genre and not because of Ninja Girl’s exact words but rather because of the tone in which Ashley delivered them. When she was on the receiving end of a beat down, she could really hear the distress in her voice.

    Perhaps the best things about this video is the first four or so minutes that is completely devoted to building the character Ninja Girl. I’m going to harp on this a bit because I’ve purchased many videos over the past couple years. I’ve seen many videos completely skip this part in one way or the other. Some go straight to the fighting. Others go straight to the peril. There’s no set up at all. After the opening credits role, one minute in you’re into the fighting. Five minutes in you’re right in the thick of the peril. It’s honestly quite jarring at times. Here’s the thing: I think the set up portion of a SHIP film is extremely important. I NEED something to contrast the humiliating beat down that occurs to the heroine. I NEED to see the heroine win initially. I NEED to see her confident. I NEED to see her calm and relaxed as she lays it into some random villain. It makes the downfall that much sweeter. That much more satisfying. Otherwise a part of me feels as though you’re beating up some random girl and that’s not anywhere close to being hot. So the great thing about this video is the set up. Ashley Lane did a masterful job acting out the part of a confident Ninja Girl. She did an excellent job being dominant when she was fighting. The dialogue was also really well done. Give her one or two more films and she’ll give Layla a run for her money in the acting department. She was that good. And because she was that good in the beginning, and the script allowed for some character development, it made the peril to come all the more satisfying.

    To conclude: I highly recommend this video. Scorpio not included, its been a LONG time since I’ve enjoyed a R rated film and I really enjoyed this one. Ashley was great and gave one of the best performances I’ve seen. Certainly the best performance thus far in 2018. Hope some more people order customs with her (maybe I will. Hmmmm?)

    Bonus bonus metric: Three death endings guys. Three! She’s chocked out in the first one. Neck snaped in the second one. Head crushed in the third one. The best one was the neck snap as she looks wide eyed into the distance, on the ground, utterly defeated.

    • bill says:

      Is there any inner dialogue during the sex or forced orgasm? Thanks!

    • TheDarkOne says:

      This really is the best review ever. You and I have very similar opinions on SHiP and I too want more build up. If only we could get a film like this that had hardcore, I would cry with joy.

    • Doc Holiday says:

      Great review… and yes… i also think the setup / buildup is so important.

    • Nixon says:

      Excellent review and I fully concur about both Ashley’s looks and talent.

  11. Drzod says:

    Wow! Great trailer! Got to get this now.

  12. georyang says:

    Bought it! Looks very good!

  13. Mel says:

    Yes! Ashley with no pantyhose!

  14. Guy says:


  15. John says:

    Looks interesting and nice! Quick question – description says neck break and then skull crushing. Does she gets her neck broken first and then skull crushed or the other way?