“One Last Chance” from Sensually Savage Productions

Message from Saya: “”I just put up TWO new clips with Sinn Sage, Tracy Jordan, and Drake at Sensually Savage Productions — If you’re a fan of sleeper holds, neck snaps, and carries, then you’re gonna love this two-part clip!


Two short (and SWEET) sleeper hold / interrogation clips…featuring Sinn Sage, Tracy Jordan, and Drake!

In these two back to back interrogation scenes, the stunning (and lingerie-clad) Tracy Jordan and Sinn Sage deliver amazing performances while being terrorized by the evil Drake! Each scene follows the same pattern: a beautiful (and KO’ed) spy, captured and tied to a chair, is woken up by a tall and powerful stranger. He asks questions and the captured damsel bravely refuses the information he requires. He attacks with a sleeper hold, tightening his grip as his captive struggles, eyes rolling, sputtering, until she finally fades into darkness. Frustrated, the interrogator wakes her up again and gives her a final chance to give up everything she knows. He unties her as she looks around, confused. The spy is then trapped in another deadly sleeper. She drools and clutches at his arms, legs kicking, refusing to talk. It’s an epic process, and the beautiful prey does everything she can to escape…but the pressure around her carotid arteries is too much. She fades, yet again.

The interrogator calls his superiors and receives a final order. He nods and takes the beauty’s head into his hands. A quick snap of the neck causes his victim’s eyes to open wide as she groans. Her eyes flutter shut as she convulses, leaving the interrogator with a final task: placing his limp captive over his shoulder and carrying her out of the room as the camera fades to black.


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