“Overconfidence” and “Drone Strike” from TheRyeFilms

Overconfidence, starring Lana Rhoades, is now available, as is another recently released belly-punching video titled Drone Strike, starring Coco.

Overconfidence starring Lana Rhoades

A new and overconfident Superheroine decides to end Kristohph’s career all by herself to establish a position in the league of heroines. Unfortunately for Sapphire the impossibly powerful Monster of Dr. Skullion shows up and drains her powers leaving Sapphire helpless. Kristoph takes full advantage of the young heroine’s new predicament by letting an old rival she sent to jail take advantage of her! Sapphire is groped and beaten senseless by the brute and eventually let down from her restraints. She tries to mount an offense but without her super powers she is humiliated. Saphhire is finished off with a crushing bearhug before her foe cashes the ultimate check. The rookie is passed back to Kristoph for seconds and the disorientated heroine can only moan in protest as Kristoph has his way with her.

This movie includes Groping, Simulated Sex, forced orgasms, Belly and face punching, slaps, AoH bondage, KO, Bearhug and more!

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Drone Strike starring Coco – (A TheRyeFilms.com Custom Order)

Kara Lee infiltrates Skullion labs after getting hired on as his receptionist. Unknown to her she is being watched by his nephew who has control of Skullions superheroine bashing drone. He decides to give it a test drive and overwhelms the young heroine with super powered punches to her stomach. Kara has never been hit this hard before and is given no time to recover as the drone is commanded to continue punishing her belly. Kara is no longer able to stand from the attacks on her belly and solar plexus and is carried off OTS. Now bound, Kara wakes up to a barrage of belly punches that would have obliterated a forged titanium wall. She tries to reason with the Drone but her pleas are ignored as Skullions Nephew increases her punishment! Superior Girl begs for mercy but her stomach is shown none. Superior Girl wakes up on cross as Skullions Nephew and friend decide to take things further by programming the Drone to become sexual! Kara’s clothes are ripped open and she can do nothing to stop it. Kara’s eyes widen in horror as the Drone begins to explore her bound body focusing on her chest and crotch. Kara helplessly moans over and over as the Drone rubs her to orgasm and continues her punishment sending blow after blow to her unprotected mid section.

This film contains TONS of sexy belly smashing punishment that slowly wears down SuperiorGirl into submission. Forced orgasm by hand rubbing crotch, KO’s, OTS, bondage, and more!

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63 Responses

  1. Hug lover says:

    Lana Rhoades was so hot being squeezed in that bear hug with that outfit

  2. Ztc says:

    So now we know Michael is back any chance for enthusiastic participation 3 with Lana or Aubrey. Preferably Lana seeing as you can do it while it’s during the time he bought with her

  3. Darkwrath016 says:

    I’ll just state that Lana Rhoades is extremely beautiful particularly in this video.

  4. Valour says:

    I have purchased the movie. My honest and genuine comment?

    A surprise indeed. It wasn’t as what I had expected.

    Lana Rhodes sold the pain really well in this movie, and she did a great job selling her perils and rape scenes here. That is why I am longing now for more Lana in the future parts of the movie (if there is a sequel). And I think this movie should have one or two.

    Reason is because I think Lana could sell more pain and pleasure. This movie could have lengthened the fuck scenes and peril scenes by ten or fifteen more minutes. I hoped to see more bearhugs, low blows and fuck positions. But this film did more of a touch-and-go. Probably due to the time constraints and I understand that, that is why I think Overconfidence 2 should be next with Lana getting smashed and ravaged by Skullion’s monsters instead of just the bloke who fucked her brains out this time.

    This movie is great, just gotta make it longerrrrr. That’s all.

    Some Ideas and Suggestions for Lana:

    1. The Harvest 3 – Lana as Alpha Girl getting her ass kicked all over the place by a monster and then fucked from behind at the end of the film.

    2. Overconfidence 2 – Lana as Sapphire getting gang-banged by 2 Skullion’s monsters after her defeat in the first sequel.

    3. Amazing Nightmare 2 – Lana as Wonderous Girl describing how she was defeated, humiliated and fucked by the villains in her sleep.

    4. Creature’s Desire 2 – Ohhh… yes! And you know what they did to Superior Girl Alexis the last round? Perhaps this time, Lana’s next in line to be Imperia going through this tormenting moments with the villainous perverts…? lol

    Alright, choose your pick and expound on the story for those who are thinking hard of a customs, here are my ideas. And looking forward to reviewing more great films! 🙂 Adios!

  5. Gary says:

    Bare legs, pantyhose. Both have their fans.

    The problem is not the lack of variety, it’s the lack of variety in regards to each specific producer. You get producer A that has 99% of his Heroines with pantyhose, not good. Then you get producer B that has 99% of his Heroines with bare legs, also not good.

    Each producer should cater to both groups, have a more even split. 50/50, 60/40, 70/30. Definitely not 99/1. With 99/1 you’re alienating a huge segment of people.

    In addition, pantyhose are not tights, tights are not pantyhose. Cheerleaders legs look sexy because they’re wearing sheer suntan pantyhose, not thick opaque tights. It’s akin to a girl wearing a T-shirt and a wet T-shirt, the sheerness makes the girl in the wet T-shirt look sexy.

    A Heroine can look very sexy with bare legs, and she can look very sexy in pantyhose. Have both, it would not only sate both groups but would likely be much more lucrative.

    • Imagineer says:

      If it was much more lucrative and of interest to them they’d be doing it already.

      • Gary says:

        In regards to lucrative, how do you know it will be, or won’t be, you don’t know until you try, that’s why I said likely. I’m simply suggesting they give it a try, the outcome could be beneficial.

        Primary objective is to sell movies, as many as possible. They definitely have an interest in that.

        • sugarcoater says:

          I think part of it is that many of these videos are commissions. Furthermore, I would think that the producers already know based on sales. Of course, the problem is that there are so many dynamics that it would be hard to measure one aspect of the video. For example, there might be the pantyhose you want in the video, but because you don’t like the model or costume, you don’t buy it. One might then assume the sale didn’t happen because of the pantyhose.

          • Gary says:

            True there are a ton of variables, which would make it near impossible to know which is more popular. The only way to know which is more popular would be to shoot each scene twice and then release a bare leg version and a pantyhose version and take a gander at which movie rakes in the most cash.

            That said, I really wasn’t saying one’s more popular than the other. I was saying having both, casting a wider net would bring in more customers. New people.

            As an example, if they never included bondage, it would be good to start doing so in some movies, so people who liked the bondage element would have something to choose.

          • saxman314 says:

            They’re superheroine in sexual peril videos. Or at least they were. Now they’re superheroine getting punched in the stomach and crotch for a half hour videos. In either case, bondage would be a normal, reasonable part of the S/M dynamic. The pantyhose bullshit is some random unrelated niche that doesn’t matter at all to the core kinks. Who gives a shit.

          • Gary says:

            Obviously many.

            The looks, powers, and costume of the Heroine is the foundation of the kink. These are Heroine in peril movies. Not randomly dressed girl in peril movies. What she looks like what she’s wearing is important, why do you think there are usually comments pertaining to the costume. What she wears or doesn’t wear is significant.

            I agree the same thing over and over again for 30 minutes can become trite. Appearances can also become overused, exactly why I suggested producers offer more variety with the outfits.

          • saxman314 says:

            Nah. The foundation of the kink is the exaggerated power dynamic and flipping it on its head. Costumes can hopefully be hot, but these are heroine in peril movies, not randomly costumed girl in peril movies. That’s why there’s good crossover with cop peril, teacher peril, etc. on all the old sites that first catered to the kink. Even the modern producers continually bombard us with girls dress in shorts and a t-shirt, a cat suit or a wrestling outfit and try to pass it off as SHIP. It’s obviously not SHIP, but it sells enough to be worth marketing to SHIP kinksters.

            To most people hose or no hose is a non-issue. To the producers, the few who care one way or the other cancel each other out, which is why they don’t seem to cater too much to either camp. Also, because outside of the zentai and hosery fetishists who come by the SHIP thing tangentially, nobody gets into making SHIP videos because of their undying fascination with pantyhose. Or feet. Or crotch punches, which aren’t even really a thing outside of their own kink. IMO the best SHIP vids are the ones that focus on SHIP and its S/M/domination roots and ignore the rest.

          • Gary says:

            I get what you’re saying, to you and some others peril is the main appeal. Could be Cheerleaders, Schoolgirls, etc. As long as they’re in peril you’re there.

            To me and some others the Heroine is the main appeal, i.e. the foundation.

            In truth, conjoined they’re the foundation, you really can’t have one without the other and call them Heroine in peril movies.

          • saxman314 says:

            No, it’s not the peril for me. It’s the power exchange. The woman needs to have the power at the outset, or believe she does. The superheroine thing is the height of the switch dynamic. Certain costumes definitely add to the kink, but the accessories are a very minor detail. I don’t care if my Wonder Woman fantasy wears the star earrings, pantyhose, or a golden eagle on her bustier.

          • Gary says:

            Regarding power, I’ve always found it extremely hot when a group of much weaker characters join forces and overwhelm a much more powerful Heroine.

            Long ago, watched a movie where a Hooters girl delivers some food.(Yeah I know Hooters doesn’t deliver.) She knocks upon arrival which causes the door to slightly open. A voice calls out telling her the money’s on the table, so she enters grabs the cash and puts the food on the nearby table.

            Before she can exit, from an adjacent hallway the occupants appear, three little people. The doors immediately slammed shut, she’s surrounded and assailed.

            Her getting brought down, ravaged and ravished by a group of individuals that clearly needed each other to accomplish their goal was extremely hot, and of course it didn’t hurt that she was very cute, great body, long blonde hair, had that girl-next-door look.

            Be great if there was more movies similar to that. She really put up a good fight. Was a long arduous battle she slowly lost. Didn’t speed up until they got the hand-cuffs on her.

          • Mike3 says:

            Same here Gary. Do you remember which movie that was?

          • Gary says:

            Took a look at it around 2010. With only two of the little people having done her, it ended abruptly, so I figured there’d be a part 2 the poster might post. When I went back to the site the following day it said, video has been removed.

            I’ve been trying to find it again ever since. Don’t recall it having a title at the beginning and the video ended apparently before the movie actually ended, so no credits.

            Always wondered if the third guy got to get her, she was so hot, great legs.

            If anyone else has seen it, any info would be great.

          • Mike3 says:

            Ah man. Ok thanks for sharing. I’ve always been into seeing heroines being defeated by (seemingly) weaker characters, especially ones that are much smaller than the heroine. She wouldn’t even have to be defeated, just as long as they cause her to struggle to where she realizes they are way more problematic than she expected.

            Oh well, here’s hoping that someone can share some helpful info about that movie!

        • Imagineer says:

          These producers didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. They see all the feedback you see, and more feedback you don’t. They’ve given things a try. Giving things a try is expensive. They know more about their business than you do.

          And pantyhose isn’t like bondage or AOH — you can’t just skip ahead a bit. it’s a polarizing issue.

          • Gary says:

            “it’s a polarizing issue” Exactly, thank you for bolstering my point. Satisfying both sides was my suggestion.

            There’s Heroine in peril producers who offer movies that consist of mainly bare legged Heroines, and Heroine in peril producers who offer movies that consist of mainly pantyhose clad Heroines. Tapping into both markets is astute.

            Btw, your first paragraph is nonsensical. You’re erroneously saying only one side of the equation, buys movies, false.

            False, as denoted by the aforementioned producers.

          • Imagineer says:

            Sorry you can’t understand straightforward statements. Or words, apparently. Try a dictionary. And try not to contradict yourself in the future. For now, enjoy your delusion of argumentative triumph.

          • Gary says:

            No contradiction, I said nonsensical, not incomprehensible. Forgo the deceptive diatribe and engage in your own advice, ultimately it’d be an enlightening endeavor.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            Lol, now that’s hitting some SAT words to establish one’s ethos 😉

          • Gary says:

            Ethos, or idiosyncratic idiom. Winking right back at you.

          • Imagineer says:

            Ultimately you’re not worth enlightening.

    • Mike J says:

      It’s not really up to the producer most of the time. A lot of videos are customs, so it comes down to what the person commisioning the film wants. The actress herself may have a particular preference as to what she feels more comfortable.

      It’s also not even completely about preference. It’s about the number of people with a preference where it would be a deal breaker based solely on pantyhose or no pantyhose. I doubt that number is high enough to make producers change the way they do business.

  6. Peter says:

    These costumes are epic… high cut leo’s w bare legs = PERFECTION!

  7. masterli says:

    No tights is a dealbreaker. Gotta have tights.

  8. Maxwell says:

    Cool but why no one superheroine has pantyhose?

  9. rover says:

    My favorite costume style in the genre so far. Rye has been killing it with the costumes for a while.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Love his Supergirl costume! And yes, he has indeed been doing well in his attention to detail on those costumes. TBFE too!

  10. Mike J says:

    Thanks for finally putting this film out. I remember there were preview pics for this video back when Lana’s first movie was released.

    • mrxstacy says:

      bought it. loved it. really liked where it was going, but then it ended abruptly. what gives? after kristoph has his way with her i was expecting some writhing, anguish, but it just ends. is there a sequel on the way, or do we have to wait for someone to request a custom? if there are plans for a sequel, can you please show some wetness down there? i mean, she took 2 loads in her from the big guy and kristoph. tbfe’s “hell” with coco depicted her all cum-covered, so a little drizzling slop is fine by me.

  11. Andy says:

    Damn she is hot.

  12. sam says:

    purchased all of lanas alot left to be desired poor camera angles throughout but still looking forward to the next one

  13. coolkd says:

    Lana Rhoades looks amazing in that outfit glad to see her again also loved that amazing bear hug at he end to bad her arms were not pinned but great loved the updated bone crushing sound effects keep them coming

  14. Ztc says:

    Please people get more of Lana in customs COCo is so overused now there’s been at least maybe 20 videos with her in the past year start focusing on people like Blair, Adriana, Alexis, Lana, Aubrey, Amber, Ashley lane, halsley, and the girl from blue bird and enslaved. Hey try get Gigi again as well. İt’s just a bit boring now it was exciting when she came back but it’s just annoying now

    • CocoFan says:

      I actually agree with this sentiment

      • Sugarcoater says:

        Which is ironic based on your username. But I see your point. That said, I recall how depressing it was when Coco walked away from the genre for a bit.

    • Valour says:

      Yes, I totally agree with you. I am looking forward for more of Lana, Mia and Alexis. Lana would look hot getting smashed by Huxley! Maybe Alexis could be the next in the sequel for Harvest 3 (getting fucked in the end of the clip too).

    • RenNstimpy says:

      Coco and Aubrey are the real MVP’S in the past year, Alexis and Lana definitely there too. Don’t you dare say coco is overused, she knows how to make the right noises.

    • Andy says:

      Be careful what you wish for. The movies are much better when Coco is around. I hope she is not reading your post :.(

  15. Joestar says:

    Just purchased Drone Strike. One of the best belly punching superheroine imo – even better than Japanese ones.

  16. James says:

    Any inner dialogue in overconfidence?

  17. Valour says:

    Wow. Nice! Finally! Lana Rhodes once more!
    Wonder if this movie contain any low blows…

    • Ztc says:

      It does when she is fighting the monster also it explains more of the monsters powers like the impervia and several ones after expanded on his powers.

  18. Scott says:

    Oh wow – I’ve missed Lana Rhoades! Overconfidence looks great, and fantastically enticing title as it comes to superhero peril. Could we get a female villain for the next one though? No harm in asking, right? 🙂