“Paradox Reaction” from The Battle for Earth

The Battle for Earth has released a new video called Paradox Reaction starring Mia Malkova.

Contains: Coerced fucking in multiple positions, a forced orgasm is recorded and used for blackmail, fingering, chloro

Synopsis: Life as a superheroine has prevented Sunder from having much of a love life. She finally tries online dating and nervously has coffee with a guy for the first time. Without divulging her secret identity, things start on a rocky note but quickly progress to a comfortable level. As Sunder is distracted by attraction, her date reveals his true colors. After dropping a roofie in her coffee and finishing her off with chloro, Sunder wakes much later to find her date has recorded her having a forced orgasm. He’s cleverly set the film to automatically release to multiple social networks if he doesn’t prevent the release process every 24 hours.

Sunder finds herself in a very precarious situation and realizes ultimately, she’ll have to acquiesce to the man’s requests. Unfortunately, his requests are grotesque and push Sunder to places she’s never allowed herself to explore. Furthermore, as dirty as she’s forced to get, she realizes a small part of her is enjoying the experience. If her reputation isn’t destroyed by the release of the forced orgasm video, Sunder’s shame and guilt will eat her from the inside out.

Purchase this video at SHG-Media or The Battle for Earth

14 Responses

  1. LBF522 says:

    I love Mia Malkova’s movies. I would have liked it if she was resistant at first then liked it but still this was great.

  2. Sugarcoater says:

    Can anyone say as to how much she gets into the sex part? Is she resisting or does she become enthusiastic?

    • shfyd says:

      She is always reluctant but has to give in because of the evidence he has against her. No enthusiasm

      • Sugarcoater says:

        Darn. I would love to have a situation in which the heroine, initially in denial, really lets herself go and gets into it.
        Trying to save up a bit for a custom or two, but it may be a while :/

  3. Jwong says:

    Another great TBFE release!!! These guys can’t miss, loved this video!

    Is there a Sonique or any Layla Rylan videos coming down the pipeline?

  4. SimpleQuestion says:

    Is there any inner dialogue in this?

  5. Mike E says:

    A ko scene and Mia? INSTANT purchase. She is by far my favorite. So hot.

  6. Justaskin' says:

    Question: Is this just porn without pussy or is Mia at least showing everything?

    • saxman314 says:

      The former, including sex that you don’t realize is supposed to be sex cuz it’s obviously dry humping. Still hot af, though.

  7. Unmasked05 says:

    Mia is absolutely amazing! Nothing left to say buy the video!

  8. Agent47 says:

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for a new Mia scene. Will be purchasing this immediately!

  9. Mid2018 says:

    Wow these boots just look amazing on Mia. She is always so sexy under a beating

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