“Pleasant Dreams Black Bat” from Sleepy Superheroines

Sleepy Superheroines has returned with a new video starring Misty Lovelace: Pleasant Dreams Black Bat, Episode 1.

Black Bat is on a mission to find a computer hard drive that will put a corrupt politician away for good. Little does she know that it’s a trap set up the fiendish Trickster. In no time, Black Bat finds herself a prisoner of the fiend. Weakened from a head KO and chloroform, can she escape the Tricksters’ clutches? This video features wall to wall knockouts of our curvy heroine. If you like your superheroines sleepy and on the wrong side of victory, then this episode is for you true believers!

Video contains multiple KO scenes.

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22 Responses

  1. F L says:

    The costumes from this producer so far have been really good hits!!
    Good to hear you will be including more physical beatdowns in the future too!

  2. Philip says:

    I’d like to see some OTS carry and the suoerheroine bound and gagged

  3. John says:

    I really wish you would bring full nudity with more than just a guy, two to three guys licking every inch of her full nude limp body

  4. JoeC. says:

    Fantastic stuff, man.

    If I may make a suggestion, I’d love to see a little more variety in the take-downs. I’m very happy to see a bat to the head KO in this one , because so far it seems like endless chloroform scenes. (The mask with sleepy gas seems so close to chloro too.)

    So, yeah, please feature more physical beat downs but not with the corny eyeball rolling and swooning. Please give us something like the bat to the head but with her dropping out cold immediately, no groans or movement. Then some gloating and fondling is in order!

    Love your models!

    • Dr Sleepy - Sleepy Superheroines says:

      Thanks for the feedback Joe C. Appreciate you taking the time to write on what you want to see more of. I will be incorporating other forms of KOs including more head KOs, electric KOs, and physical beating KOs in the future. I’m a big fan of the chloros (saw Wonder Woman/Fausta when I was young) and will continue those as well.

      • JoeC. says:

        Yes, by all means keep some chloro KO’s in there. 15 minute run time you can probably satisfy the fans of every type of KO. Electrical shock KO will rock!

        As I mentioned though, you might ask the girls to tone down the campy reactions like eye-crossing and swaying. Takes me out of the moment.

    • starsandbirdies says:

      Funny because I only buy videos with eye rolls and eye crossing without sudden falling. its crazy how different we all are. but then again the people with the money to throw at customs seem to be the ones who like drooling and thats a no for me too. our niche exists and we dont need it to get harder to find things than it already is.

      • Dr Sleepy - Sleepy Superheroines says:

        No worries on the eye rolling and crossing during chloro scenes. They will always be in my videos and is a very important part in the videos I produce. Misty in particular does an amazing job there.

  5. Mel says:

    Love the costume.

  6. ithurts909 says:

    would’ve loved it even more if the trickster left her heels on. the outfit looked so much sexier with it.

  7. Alucard says:

    Hoping to see her in more beat down peril in the future

  8. saxman314 says:

    Holy shit, she’s hot! Somebody put her in a flick where she gets naked and gets nailed!

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