“Power Sister’s Ambush” from The Superhero Project

Power Sister’s Ambush is a recently released video from The Superhero Project. Check out a trailer and more information below.

Plot: Pink Pixie have planned bombs around the city and demanded 300 millions, the city send their best crime fighting duos, sister Kara and Kera (Played by Katarzyna) to apprehend Pink Pixie, the duo located the bomb, and confronted Pink Pixie, when the duo arrived to confront Pink Pixie, a nasty surprise is waiting for the crime fighting duos. Pink Pixie uses mind control on Kera, the younger sister, and unbeknown to Kara, Pink Pixie also bring out a nasty surprise – Chloroform, she uses it on Kara and Kara promptly go down. Waking up to the abuses dished out by her own sister. Desperate, Kara is forced to fight her own sister in order to get to Pink Pixie.

Would Pink Pixie defeat the sisters? Or Can the sisters escape?


FF Beatdown
Stomach blow
Mind Control
Gloves Removal
Unmasking (all)
Boots Removal
Video Humiliation

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