“Prey” from Hidden Vault Entertainment

“Prey” Heroine Arena’s last video now available!

Former special operative LIEUTENANT SONYA WEBB infiltrates a warehouse she suspects is one of the central hubs of the notorious GEORGE VAN HOLT. Once inside, she encounters trouble. But Van Holt soon discovers how Lt. Webb earned her reputation as being one of the toughest military assets around. But everyone breaks sooner or later…

CONTAINS: AOH with torture including punches & jumper cable electrocution, handcuffs behind the back, girl power, taser, belly punches, gut kicks, choking, bear hug, low blows, steel pipe blows, Black Widow-style finishing move, OTS carry

Get it at https://www.heroinearena.com/prey

NOTE: Heroine Arena will be closing on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2018, which coincides with the end of Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. If you still haven’t seen any of our previous episodes then I highly recommend purchasing them now. Also, for a limited time we will offer, for a premium price, private customs. For details go to our website and click on the “Private Customs” tab. On a personal note, this isn’t necessarily a goodbye. I may occasionally contribute a comment on here or post on other forums. In any case, I would like to say, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support! Along the way, I learned a lot from you, and this experience has helped me develop significantly as a producer and filmmaker. You have been nothing less than awesome, and I truly appreciate how passionate you all are about this genre! – Finn

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  1. John Doe says:

    This video looks terrific & I’d like to purchase it. Is it still possible to do so, or too late? Today is Sept. 15.

  2. Finn says:

    Greetings to all! This will be my final announcement here regarding the closure of Heroine Arena, which is 3 days from today (Monday, September 3, 2018). Again, we will still offer private customs after we close, but only for a limited time. Visit the site and click “Private Customs” for details. Thanks!

    • Megan_Guzman says:

      Sorry if you’ve already answered this….but why are you closing up shop? Your work is awesome?? =(

      • Finn says:

        Well there is a bit of an overhead. And with such a small market it’s not sustainable, let alone lucrative enough to make it worth the effort, unfortunately. I know that fans like you do appreciate our work, and that makes it truly gratifying. But in the end it’s a business, and the numbers ultimately determined this decision. We do walk away from this, though, with some valuable experiences and great relationships. Thank you!

  3. Bob says:

    This is such a step up from HVE’s previous videos that it makes Finn’s retreat from the arena is especially sad. A terrific job and, given the ending, a horrific tease!

    • Finn says:

      Thank you very much, Bob! Wow that’s like something one would read from a critic on Rotten Tomatoes haha. Much appreciated!

  4. SlawDiesel says:

    I could’ve used another hour of this babe being punched in the stomach

  5. ximi says:

    Looks great with all elements I like, but I am hesitant since it is so short…

  6. MAV says:

    Bought it and enjoyed it! It is a short clip and packs a lot of elements that people will like I’m sure: M/F fighting with good reactions, a brief handcuff arms behind scene with some face blows, an AOH electro scene (my favorite; especially since she’s awakened with some water to the face), a brief escape, and then an upper spreadeagle belly and face punching scene. “Mikaela” looks great, especially once she’s stripped of her shirt to a tube top which shows her fit upper body. My only complaint is that the movie wasn’t longer :p Thanks Finn and wish you the best in whatever you do now!

    • Finn says:

      Hi Mav, thank you very much for purchasing, watching and reviewing so quickly! And an awesome review at that! Yeah, trust me, I would have loved to have stretched the running time to at least 15+ min. But this is the most we could get out of the 1-day shoot, especially with that type of lighting you loved, which takes longer than usual to set up. Thanks again, and same to you!

  7. DR says:

    Mikaela looks HOT! …and she sweats too. Not too many movies show sweat. Love the trailer. An immediate buy for me. Can’t wait for it to become available.

    • Finn says:

      Well, it was only because it was hot in the studio that day. Glad it makes a difference to you though lol. I haven’t sent HM the full release announcement packet yet but you can go to our site and buy it now. It’s live.

  8. MAV says:

    Hot defiant heroine in a sleeveless and belly-revealing outfit with AOH torture? I’m in like Finn! 😉 Love the lighting also!

  9. absstar says:

    Sorry to hear you are leaving. video you make are awesome!
    But this video “Prey”, does it have plenty of belly punching? Close ups scenes, ect.???

  10. Finn says:

    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be including a hard date in tomorrow’s ad to let you know when Heroine Arena will be closing. I wish we could have done more and continue on, but the business simply hasn’t been sustainable for us. We’re also moving on to bigger endeavors. But in the meantime, we will be offering private customs, likely for a limited time. However, please note that since these videos will not be sold to the public we will only do this for a premium. If you’re interested in learning more then click the “Private Customs” tab on our website for details. To everyone else, I just want to say THANK YOU for all your support!

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