“Prisoner: 042” Starring Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper stars in Prisoner: 042 – Directed by Lucia from (Hard Time)

The Infamous Dr. Mayhem has finally been captured! Or rather, suspiciously turned himself in for imprisonment and depowerment. His longtime nemesis, the beautiful and powerful Starwave (Dillion Harper) arrives to oversee the procedure only to realize she has walked into a trap by the warden of the prison itself. The brutish villain Mercy steps in to do the warden’s dirty work and unleashes his wrath upon Starwave, who finds herself a victim of the power draining Nega-Ray meant for Dr. Mayhem. Will Starwave fight her way to freedom? Or, will she find herself at the mercy of a prison full of her old enemies?

-Choke lifts
-F/M combat,
-Belly punching,
-Brief Shocking,
-Powered ray-weapon,
-Forced orgasm,
-Brief crushing,
-Simulated sex.

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43 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    Are there any plans about a second part ? The end of the movie shows that there could be one πŸ˜‰

    • bbsucks says:

      For some reason, I kind of doubt there will be a second part. I feel like it’d be hard to write, as it’d probably end up being a pretty straightforward manhandling with very little back and forth. Not sure what else could happen. But I don’t know. Maybe the person who came up with this has something up their sleeve.

      I would LOVE to see that, though, even if it was just a series of creative villain types having their way with the powerless heroine. I guess if fun was had with what the villains superpowers are, there could still be some room for creativity in that.

      But yes. I’m also curious to hear if there are any plans.

      • Andy says:

        Yes i agree with you… Its complicated to script it. But it would be fantastic if they can do it πŸ˜€

    • Lucia says:

      There will be a second part, yes. It is being edited now and will (hopefully!) be out before the end of the month.

  2. heroine lover says:

    is there a front bearhug in this?

  3. Gigafiend says:

    Dillon looks good as a blonde

  4. Observer says:

    Glad to see her back loved her in some of the older videos mainly the alpha girl video. Hope to see her in much more

  5. Ranger87 says:

    Don’t know if Lucia monitors this thread, but I genuinely hope he plans to do a continuation, as the ending teases (spoilers).

    A sequel is just begging for her to be used by the rest of the inmates. And Dillion has been always been one of my personal favorites.

    • Lucia says:

      There is a continuation, and it is being edited as I type this! Expect it to be out before months end. I will say it has a different feel to it though, as it picks up with Starwave already depowered and in dire straights from the previous video. As such, it has more of a focus on the concussive results of her situation than an evenly matched battle.

  6. Drzod says:

    Dillion was great here on every level. Definitely excited for the continuation.

  7. Wessel says:

    What a lovely return from Dillion! I was hoping for her to come back! Her acting has always been on point!

  8. darklord says:

    Is there no other way to purchase this? Paypal, credit card, etc?

    • Steve says:

      Hi Darklord, as I mentioned in your below post…

      If you don’t see an instant payment method, contact SHG media via their contact page. Although there are many reasons an instant payment method may not be offered, in some cases it is an error which can be corrected by simply contacting them.

  9. Mr.Bleh says:

    Man, that Dillion Harper is such a little cutie! Always good to see her attempting to administer justice.

  10. Endofallthings says:

    Is it just me or has there been a real jump in production quality here – lighting, framing and FX all seem a load better…I am starting to get very interested in these guys as custom producers…

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      Thought so too. It definately has a GIGA feel to it from the overall production quality, and I mean this as a compliment.

    • Lucia says:

      Thrilled that you enjoyed it! Not every video will have effects in them, as… good lord the editing time… but I have a vested interest in seeing how much of the super power and super science elements I can reasonably pull into videos. Very excited to see what can be done with future videos.

  11. Sugarcoater says:

    Picture 14 is awesome!! Need to see more such abuse in superheroine videos.

  12. LordSnot says:

    Dillion Harper is downright gorgeous. Thanks for slapping her fine bod back in a heroine outfit and bringing the peril!

  13. Valik says:

    I can never understand why models who are porn actresses rarely go even topless in a fetish video. All I can think of is that it’s a monetary issue for the producer but come on. Why hire a porn star to simply do simulated sex scenes

    • fbsol says:

      To add on, it also could be the producer/custom asking for a non-nude film with a porn star as Dillion has gone topless for rye’s Amazing girl vs the mob.

    • larry says:

      I agree! I understand it may be a custom thing but my thinking and I may be alone in this is why would a villain who is getting the chance at revenge not want to see her naked? haha! Just saying! You’ve waited on this chance forever but nah I will just leave her clothes on! Lol! But as I said if it’s a custom to each his own and it’s their money so I rspect that!!

      • saxman314 says:

        Yeah, it actually kind of breaks immersion for me, especially if the villain is going to molest or otherwise sexually assault the heroine. Like… come on. Of COURSE he’s gonna expose her.

        I feel the same way about all the scenes where they get the heroine bent over or crawling, giving a gorgeous view of her ass, and the response is always to try to destroy their sex organs, rather than the much more normal– and hotter, to my taste– approach of slapping dat ass.

        But… each niche needs to be catered to, and with custom videos, it’s always gonna be the person who orders who gets to say what goes into each scene. I’ve got no problem with that!

    • Rover says:

      I’ve been ambivalent at the influx of porn stars and porn scripts in recent videos. I don’t visit this site or buy this genre for porn. Porn is a dime-a-dozen. A flick with intentional SHiP elements on the other hand is pretty rare. I bought this and enjoyed it for what it is. Nice bear-hug, OK display of power / de-powerment. More films should use special effects. I love when the heroines have visible powers.

    • Steve says:

      I was feeling the opposite and found it refreshing that even though the actress would do nudity that the creators chose not to include it. I can never understand why so many of these video have nudity (using porn starts or not). Non-nude is a genre in and of itself which is / can be just as successful as the nudity videos (ie. 1984, Skyfire, ect, ect.). I much prefer non nude videos and thank the creators of this one. Watched it, liked it. Hope there are more to come like it! Thanks for the hard work!

      • Redmanx says:

        Superheroine genre movies can be excellent, sexy and hot without sex and even without nudity, if the plot, actresses/actors are good enough, though if we’re all honest, we’re not really looking for Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep quality or high drama here. Some of the best actresses in this genre rarely even go topless, some, like Amber McAlester never, and others seem to draw the line at topless. Then theres the likes of Adrianna Chechik and Alexis Monroe, porn movie stars who have set new standards in dramatic abilities in the Superheroine genre while also selling their characters fight scenes, defeats, humiliations and degradations with great aplomb, which I love to see, after all, its what Superheroines are for! All I ask from producers is a good, interesting plot, a sexy, hot, talented actress in the lead role and bad girl role, and good hench men/women. Any sex, nudity and degradation is a bonus, albeit a very welcome one! And, too offset the often quite high purchase cost, why not include a set of photographs or stills that can only be seen by buying the movie?

    • Lucia says:

      You guys are pretty much right on the money about the how and why on this. Nudity is a pretty 50-50 divide for a lot of fans, so some videos will have it while others will not. I can say, if you wanted to see more of Dillion’s beautiful skin- the sequel coming out later this month will give you exactly that. Everyone wins!

  14. bbsucks says:

    I loved the premise of this one. Kind of surprised I haven’t seen the scenario more often. Really hoping the “to be continued” happens. From the second the movie started and the various prisoners were shown looking menacing in their cells, I was kind of hoping it’d go in that direction.

  15. Darklord says:

    How do I purchase without mailing money to a P.O. box? Lol.

    Hello 1985.

    • steve says:

      @Darklord, If you don’t see an instant payment method, contact SHG media via their contact page. Although there are many reasons an instant payment method may not be offered, in some cases it is an error which can be corrected by simply contacting them.

  16. Decendingskulls says:

    Bane is like the WW of heroine fetish villains. He appears in every other production now. I get that he’s cool looking but like, damn. Enough with the Bane already people. Maybe i’m alone on this.

    BUT on the flip-side here, we do get an original character heroine! And I am ALL FOR THAT.

    A n y w a y s

    Dillon Harper is brilliant and this looks amazing. The costumes, set, effects… everything looks so incredible.

    • saxman314 says:

      It’s not that he’s cool looking… it’s that he’s menacing, has a physical presence and his whole raison d’etre is dominance. He’s tailor made for the kink. Just like Wonder Woman is, for the flip side, incidentally. I don’t get tired of her, as she’s one of the main reasons I realized I was into BDSM. Variety is the spice of life, and I do enjoy cool new villains and hot original heroines, but the Bane and WW archetypes are old favorites. In a way, they represent the core of the kink for me, and as people vote with their wallets, and we see them over and over, I bet others share my preference to some degree.

  17. E.T.C says:

    That CGI looks cool af

  18. evilyan says:

    I love Dillion Harper, love depowerment and sim sex in my heroine videos, and I’m really a fan of the fancy new effects! Immediate buy for me, hoping for more like this πŸ˜€

  19. HorseWithNoName says:

    Fun vid. Lots of stuff to like. Original really. And, no, she does not get topless. You wish πŸ™‚