“Pristine” from TheRyeFilms

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  1. Ztc says:

    Any chance of a timeframe for barehanded

  2. ztc says:

    great movie

  3. Observer316 says:

    I would love to see this character again especially if some villain were to throw her into a slime pit ala the 80s supergirl film

  4. Peter says:

    Pristine is Tremendous !!

    First of all, the video and edits were perfectly placed giving us so many great views.

    And I love this character Pristine. Her costume is PERFECTION. So tight and hugging. Love the scarfs making her look heroic but still showing the assets. And her reactions and expressions are so sexy in distress. Perhaps in her next encounter, she battles the monster Saharra and gets bearhugged into unconsciousness??

  5. Ultimate says:

    Any future plans on having her as Wonder Woman ?

    • Erice Masterson says:

      I think Lexi as Wonder girl would be great I bought her last video and found very enjoyable and worth the price.lexi in nylons would be so hot!!!!.I find her beauty irresistible.

  6. Lee Carl says:

    Loved this one. We definitely need more Lexi Belle. And this costume. Ideally Lexi Belle in this costume, lol. The costume looks amazing, and Lexi’s reactions are on point. Using the “shoulder scarves”, for lack of a better term, really allows her to still have the flowing look of a heroine, without losing the beautiful sight of her lovely behind.

    It was nice to see this actor play a new villain. And he’s just as creepy as can be. And Lexi’s facial and physical responses as the sludge poisons her further is absolutely great. She looks stunning, sells peril, and l I will never understand why she’s been so under-used in this genre for such a long time. And despite how long she’s been in the industry, she can still pull off the “young and innocent” act. And the fact that this costume actually allows us to see her chest is a HUGE bonus.

    I don’t know if Rye will do it on his own, or if someone else will need to order it as a custom, but I want a continuation of this. I like everything we got in this vid, i just more of it.

    I hope this sells really well so more Lexi Belle shoots can be justified. She’s so great. Great vid, Rye!

    • Señor Descartes says:

      Lexi has gotten better and better over the years. Dying to see her go up against a sadistic villainess at some point…

    • Fan of Villainy says:

      If this is the one and only Lee Carl, then major props for giving us what is still the greatest Batgirl in Peril flick ever made with Dark Maiden. Seriously one of the hottest flicks ever produced in the genre, and Ashley Lane gagged and struggling was a gift from the gods. RESPECT.

      • Lee Carl says:

        Lol, yeah, that’s me. Thanks for the props! I stopped producing due to family issues that arose, and the financial costs that accompanied them. Truth be told, if a producer has a full-time day job, then also tries to do this on the side, it’s rough. Hoping to get back into it, in the next year or two, but there are no guarantees. The whole reason I started was just to make videos i wanted to see, and try to at least break even in the process. But very few people realize the work that goes into these videos. From planning, to booking, to costuming, to shooting, to editing…and shoots almost never go completely as planned. So I have the upmost respect for Rye, and also for Lucia who’s recently been knocking stuff out of the park. These videos are a TON of work.

        It’s good to know I have a few fans out there, despite only producing a few videos. I have loads of stories I’d still like to tell. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to tell them . 😉

        • Doug Hall says:

          Would love to see you back in the field at some point you had some really great films would love to see a follow up to the one you did with Gigi a few years back

        • capefan says:

          Hey Lee Carl,
          yeah I follow up with the others comments, it would be nice to see you back in the game.
          I got one question: when you released Dark Maiden, I asked you for a scene, where you can see Ashley in just cape and boots and you said that this was already shot. Maybe you release it as a bonus “deleted scenes” to Dark Maiden the trap? Just an idea, best 🙂

  7. Mid2018 says:

    I love this concept so much. This is like literally taking away the purity of the heroine. I love watching her lose her power as her costume lose its power. It almost reminds me of the Virtue encounter with Filth from one of the NCG episodes. More of these please!!!

  8. Rover says:

    Love Lexi’s acting. Please keep her on speed dial.

  9. LordSnot says:

    More like Sexi Belle!

  10. eddy91 says:

    Really unique script! The sludge was truly something new & refreshing to me. Thanks for thinking up such a great movie…and for including Lexi of course!

  11. Bobsigster says:

    Thank you! I would like to take credit for picking out Lexi, but that was all Rye.