“Psylocke vs Doctor Ether” from Anastasia Pierce

Anastasia Pierce presents a new video called Medical Experiment 4 / Psylocke vs Doctor Ether, co-starring Nyssa Nevers.

"Psylocke vs Doctor Ether" from Anastasia Pierce

Medical Experiment 4 / Psylocke vs Doctor Ether


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HD-1280 MP4 – https://www.clips4sale.com/5196/19215249

Full Episode / Super Heroine Parody Sleepy Fantasy

Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Doctor Ether and Nyssa Nevers as Psylocke

Summary: Psylocke believes that she is about to do a photoshoot for Super-Heroine Magazine Weekly . But as soon as the photoshoot starts she feels “different”, dizzy, blinded by the flashes. Something does not feel right.

But the Photographer (Doctor Ether in disguise) sits next to her and reassure her that everything is “normal”

But before she can defend herself, Psylocke will have to surrender to Doctor Ether techniques and become her newest “medical” research candidate. Limp, unaware of what just happened.

Dr Ether will change into her medical attire and start the procedures of experimentation right away. Testing her sensations and reactions. Exploring every sensitive areas of Psylocke irresistible body. Unable to ignore the attractions she feels for her, she will climb between her “patient” legs and rub her pussy against Psylocke until…

Later, she will tie her patient into a hogtie and wake her up to test more reactions. The Super Heroine is upset. Struggling, still groggy, but defiant. The Doctor is thrilled!

The Doctor will conclude by giving her patient a forced orgasm, enjoying every moment of the struggle and loving the way Psylocke is trying to resist… but it won’t be over until the Doctor stuffs her face one more time with a cloth soaked solution…

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Doctor Ether, Nyssa Nevers as Psylocke, Photo Studio , Chloroform, Limp Fetish, Authentic super heroine legendary costumes, SHIP, Magic Control, Supernatural FX, Trap, Knock out, Sleepy, Sleeping Fetish, Medical Fetish, Heart Rate, worship, licking, Girl-Girl, Sex Slave, Humiliation, Cosplay, Hogtied, Bondage, Forced Orgasm, multiple surprise attacks, Parody, Weak, Helpless, Super-heroine in distress with bondage, forced orgasm, sexual contacts and humiliation. Peril / No escape!

5 Responses

  1. dkm says:

    Wow. I haven’t seen the actress playing Psylocke before, but I’d like to see a lot more of her in this genre.

    • ME92 says:

      She’s great. As stated above her name is Nyssa Nevers, and she even has her own store on Clips4Sale so search her up there 😉

      • Jeff says:

        I agree! I have a few videos of her I believe and she is very beautiful and talented in my opinion.

  2. Kaizar says:

    A bunch of videos on Clips4Sale are in Stereoscopic 3D, and the forecast for the next 8 years (which is as far as ahead in the future as analysts can predict) says that Stereoscopic 3D will become more popular and way more profitable in both entertainment and technology (2017 to 2025).

    So will you start making videos in Stereoscopic 3D ?

    You’ll have the advantage over the other adult film makers (i.e. Christina Carter, Alex Bettinger, etc.).

    Also make it so you also have a format splitting the videos into 9 minutes 55 seconds clips for owners of the New 3DS & New 3DS XL (which has seen a 101% increase in user watching PornHub in 2017). Plus between a $ 3,000 3D HDR 4K TV and a around $1,000 3D PC, its more affordable for people to get a New 3DS XL for $200 for all their Stereoscopic 3D porn needs.

    Just to give an example in stereoscopic 3D rise in both popularity & profit: America is the least popular country in the world for Stereoscopic 3D, but Avatar saw 71% of American screenings in 3D, with Gravity being 80% and the even more recent Black Panther having 85% of its American screenings being 3D screenings.

  3. Kaizar says:

    Have you ever considered hiring Venus from landofvenus.com ?

    She has 6 pack abs and biceps and 34 D cup size breast.

    You can use her for all sorts of Superheroine/supervillainous scenarios.

    Theres also an actress who played the queen in “Eclipse Merciless Hunter” who is an even more muscular feminine looking actress you can use for scenarios in your heroine videos.

    Or about Brandi Mae?

    Or Rapture from scissorgoddess.net ?