“Public Disgrace 4” from TheRyeFilms

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  1. anonymous says:

    I’d like to see the Heroine win much more often!

  2. supergirlfan says:

    Anybody know where to get this high quality suipergirl costume? Seen it several times now and especially like the long floating cape 🙂

  3. Drive masterson says:

    How many minutes is it?

    • mrxstacy says:

      it’s 44 mins. iirc. worth every minute. i wish more films would incorporate storylines of psychological terror and horror and embarrassment.

  4. rover says:

    Fantastic actress. Emotes super well and understands the context of the scene really well. I think she does a better job than most of the girls that get all of the attention here!

  5. Honest Fish says:

    This was fantastic. Lexi is a really great actress and plays both the dominant heroine and the overpowered one to perfection. I really liked how each fight got progressively harder and how much time was dedicated to establishing Supergirl as cocky and superpowered. A lot of videos tend to skip over that part and go straight to the peril, but seeing the heroine really dominate in the beginning makes the peril even better imo(ie. redwing, asami 2, and recently ninja girl).

    I get why some people aren’t into voiceovers, but to me it’s like the thought bubbles in comics and getting to hear what the heroine is thinking as she is overpowered is great. Kudos to Rye for a great production and to Lexi for a great performance. This is definitely going into my favorites folder.

  6. Superduper says:

    Oh my fuck that was good!

  7. Charles says:

    thank you for re-gaining my interest in this genre. by far THE BEST film in a long time.

  8. Mr.Bleh says:

    Yummy! Always great to see Lexi Belle as Supergirl again…maybe next time she can bound in kryptonite rope for a while.

  9. Sawyer says:

    When we can see the Wonderwoman custome from Gadot?

  10. Lee Carl says:

    I thought this movie was great! Lexi Belle is criminally under-used in this genre. Her reactions are utterly fantastic, and the way she kept turning to see how the crowd was reacting to her peril was amazing.

    On top of that, she actually seems pretty physically adept at fight choreography, which can be really difficult for some adult film actresses.

    Having battles with 3 different villains was a great touch, with each one getting progressively more powerful. And it was really great to see this overly cocky version of SG get overwhelmed.

    I will definitely be getting any further Lexi vids that Rye puts out.

  11. Ztc says:

    Seems like 2018 is gonna be rye’s year for having the best superheroine content

  12. PowerGitlFanboy says:

    Not really a fan of the super heroine being overly provocative, but this by far was the best Supergirl ever. Lexi Belle just looks the part. Great video! Enjoyed every minute!

  13. Darkwrath016 says:

    This is the best R rated film of 2018 so far. Sorry Ninja Girl but you’ve been supplanted. I honestly can’t recommend this film enough because this was nothing short of amazing really. Here’s my thing: The American R-rated scene isn’t really my sandbox, NGC is my favorite producer and the last Rye film I truly enjoyed was Villain United 2. So when I say this was a superb film, you can take that to the bank. And while you’re at it, you should buy this video. Maybe even buy it twice so that Lexi can return because this film was such a smash hit in my opinion.

    Before I give a review, here’s a brief rundown of this film. There are three fights in this film. The first one supergirl more less demolishes a villain named Slade for 80% of the time which sets the film and Supergirl up nicely. It is here we get introduced to this really provocative supergirl who enjoys the fan’s attention and likes to tease. The second fight is against a mechanical machine called Cyrus. In this fight supergirl is dominated for about 70% of it but does manage to win in the end using her laser eyes. The third fight is against creature called Dragan which has basically all of the R rated stuff, has supergirl being demolished for 100% of the time and has supergirl is raped in the end.

    Let’s start off with the actress and star of show, Lexi Belle. Wow. Just wow. She was outstanding. She had some of the best reactions to physical peril that I’ve seen in an R-rated film. She had some amazing reaction to the R-rated stuff too (which I’ll get to later). She sold just about everything to perfection and there was quite a bit of variety for her to sell too. She was slapped, punched, kicked, bearhugged, kneed, punched in the stomach, molested, slapped some more, molested a ton more, knocked down on the floor, choked and raped. I don’t recall a moment during her selling of the peril where I said “well that was weird”. She was that good and that consistent for a 45 minutes film. For that reason alone, with the variety of peril she suffered and her amazing selling ability, makes this one of the best films of 2018 and should be a part of everyone’s collection. But that’s only half of what makes Lexi so good. The other half is her portrayal of supergirl in general. This supergirl is the ultimate definition of a tease. Before she’s fighting, while she’s fighting, after she’s fighting, Supergirl hikes her skirt up showing off just about everything and moves her hips really provocatively. She is just a really sexual character in this one without being explicitly sexual and Lexi portrays that beautifully and brilliantly. Supergirl is also really over confident in her abilities and Lexi shows this both in her facial expressions, her body language and her dialogue making this one of the great portrayal of supergirl I’ve ever seen. But the best moment in Lexi’s acting comes during the second fight. After the two have exchanged words, Lexi’s assumes a fighting stance similar to what you’ll see in Jeet Kune Do practitioner and it made her look FUCKING INCREDIBLE! I was rewinding and pausing and rewinding and pausing because that moment was just too much for me. When you get to it in part 1, just pause the video at 8:35 and bask in the awesomeness that is Lexi for a moment.

    Next up is the fight chorography. I thought it was good which in SHIP films is all you need when you have an amazing talent like Lexi to carry you the rest of the way with her amazing selling ability. That said, the beginning had some truly ground breaking moments where Supergirl’s first opponent was sent flying across the room, crashing into a wall and crumbling down to the floor. I was fairly impressed with that. I’ve also already stated that Lexi sold a variety physical peril brilliantly but what I left out was that there were a lot of low blows in this one. Not so much so that the film felt saturated with it but more than a handful. And for each and every one of them Lexi sold them perfectly (Lexi really was amazing guys. I cannot stress this enough). I really REALLY want to say this was the best set of reactions to a low blow ever but the actress in Wonderousgirl part 2 (from Rye back in 2010) and Bell in BlueSwan (TBFE) hold a special place in my heart. I’ll happily give her the number 3 spot though. Other than that, I thought the fights ran pretty smoothly. Lexi fought really well in this one and I was really impressed with that series of punches she delivered to the Cyrus when he was against the wall. Actually I was generally impressed with her entire fighting style throughout the film (again guys. Lexi was really great).

    As amazing as I’m making this film sound, it’s not without a couple flaws. First, inner dialogue……….. *sigh*. I’ve stated this before and I’ll state this again. I’m not really into inner dialogue only because most of the time I hear it is either nail scathingly bad or pretty good. In general there’s no in between. Unfortunately this one strayed far too close to the former. The problem is that there’s just so much inner dialogue in this film. And most of the time, when the inner dialogue occurs, it makes no sense for it to be there. Are you really going to have inner dialogue when you’ve been slapped around? Or when you’re struggling to breathe from a bearhug? Or when you’re being viciously attacked? Other times the inner dialogue sounds completely contradictory to what’s actually going on in the film. If this film had 70% less inner dialogue I probably would have let this one slide but there’s just so much in it that it can’t be ignored. Secondly, the sound of the crowd in the background. I have mixed feelings on this one. All throughout the matches, in the background there’s the sound of the crowd who is watching the public destruction of supergirl. They are either clapping, cheering, or mocking but most of the time they’re mummuring to each other and it’s constant. Eventually it does fade into background noise that I didn’t really notice it but sometimes I felt just a tad overwhelmed by it.

    I’ll cap this review off with talking about the R rated stuff which I enjoyed immensely. Discounting some of the fondling that occurs in the first two battles, all the R rated stuff occurs in the third fight. After supergirl is destroyed physically ( and it was a beating guys) the creature has his way with her. First of all understand that all of this is simulated sex so if you’re looking for actual pussy and cock then you won’t find it here. However, if you are looking for great reaction to a heroine being raped for well over 12 minutes or so then look no further than this one. You could probably break down the R rated stuff into three parts. The first part is supergirl being raped while lying on her back on the floor missionary style. That was fairly good. The second part is supergirl being flipped over where she constantly tries to crawl away but the creature keeps on pulling her back towards her until finally penetrating her and raping her doggy style. That was really good and she had a great reaction to being penetrated for the first time from behind that I will be re-watching again and again and again. The third and final part is the force oral which for me was amazing as supergirl was constantly in distress and constantly chocking on the cock being forced down on her throat. It all ends with supergirl lying on the floor, fluids staining the crotch area of her costume while everyone takes pictures of a defenseless and humiliated supergirl. Is this the best R rated scene ever? Probably. I’ll definitely place it in the top three for sure though.

    In summary I’m giving this a 9.5/10. Lexi’s performance—inner dialogue not withstanding—was a 10/10 and she needs to appear a lot more on screen. I feel as though everyone in the genre can enjoy this one too. PG13 and R rated crowd a like because this film comes in two parts for one price. The first part is more or less PG13 (with some fondling) and features all the best beatdown parts with some great reactions from Lexi. The second part has all the R rated stuff with great reactions from Lexi for people who like the whole force sex/rape scene. In short, spend the money on this and go without lunch for a couple days next week.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Now THAT is one impressive review!! Thank you Darkwrath for taking the time to write all that detail. It is very much appreciated.

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      Great review! Thanks!

    • mrxstacy says:

      wow! that review was so helpful and so comprehensive. i already had watched the film before you posted, but still, that review was so good i read every bit of it.

      i wholeheartedly agree with you at every delectable minute of this film. i really was not expecting this degree of acting from lexi belle. she had great situational material to work with. the dread and fear on which the story turns are just exquisite! her facial expressions and eye movement communicated much.

      she really knows how to flirt in a skirt. more superheroine films need to incorporate teasing elements like this. loved how her signature move was to distract and tease and feats of strength where she dares the opponent to grope her. sooo hhhooottt!

      rye also really outdid himself as a director, editor, and choreograoher. the new pacing and slow-motion effects were phenomenal for this genre. we need more of this. also, the inner dialogue was a notch above the rest of the genre.

      there is so much more to rave about but please refer to the excellent review by darkwrath. it got me as hot as the actual film. kudos to rye, lexi, and whoever ordered this custom. we need a part 3 and 4! i recommend we have supergirl take on her sex-crazed fan bois in living rooms and have them grind her into submission. maybe she retreats to her apartmebt, splays herself on her couch and nurses her sore p**sy with a bag of peas and then she gives a post-fight interview but then her fans hack her computer and track her down.

    • Nixon says:

      I’m getting the sense you were impressed with Lexi.
      Well, okay, sold. But this better be good!
      Joking aside, thanks for the very thorough review.
      Excellent stuff and much appreciated.

  14. lovepantyhose says:

    Not topless? I m missing alexis monroe so much!

  15. Sugarcoater says:

    Any reviews would be fantastic. Does she ever get into it? Any inner dialogue?

  16. Mid2018 says:

    Wow that wet pussy is so sexy!