“Public Disgrace III” from TheRyeFilms

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Public Disgrace 3 (TheRyeFilms.com custom Order)

Amber Mcalester stars in her very first Public Disgrace! Wonderous Girl arrives to save what appears to be a helpless man and ends up in a waking nightmare of public humiliation. Wonderous Girl is utterly destroyed while the entire world is invited to watch and even request what perils she endures!

This movie includes Beatdowns, Belly hits, Bearhug, low blows, sim sex, groping, forced orgasms, KOs, Chloroform, Choking, Bondage, and more!

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28 Responses

  1. Ztc says:

    It’s a decent film

  2. shfyd says:

    I am a major Amber fan so went out and got this the moment I knew it was released.

    Amber again plays the perfect defeated heroine. He moans and cries of agony are exquisite. She looks great both unconscious and awake.

    The video is all about humiliation. Wonderous Girl is lured into a trap and choloroformed by the villain, who is live streaming everything. He then proceeds to take online requests on what to do with the heroine. Wonderous Girl then gets groped, beaten up, stimulated, strung up, beaten up some more, violated, forced to come by simulated intercourse.

    As indicated above, Amber is spectacular at taking the pain and the humiliation. There is no nudity however.

  3. Sugarcoater says:

    Any initial reviews? Just hoping to hear some reactions to this video.

  4. fabio says:

    Any word on the release of Eye of the beholder part 2?

  5. Rye says:

    Public Disgrace III is live on SHG. 🙂

    • coolkd says:


    • heroine lover says:


      • SHG Media says:

        HI, if you are having an issue with payment method’s you need to contact us directly. unfortunately posting here does not give us enough information to correct the issue for you. Please use our contact page at the web site.

    • Hug lover says:

      Rye can we please have Kacey preston back in a new heroine movie she was so dam sexy and amazing in the wonder woman outfit we miss her T_T

  6. Rye says:

    Working as fast as I can. Don’t want to give a release date but this weekend is within the realm of possibility.

    • Bahamut says:

      Hopefully this weekend?

    • Ztc says:

      TBH I think it’s better when you make the posts on release day lime an hour before its up then release the film after it up. That would be the best or just do cryptic posts with a pic or two to tease it and build hype like video game or smart phone “leaks”

  7. Alucard says:

    Any ETA on release Rye?

  8. Coolkid 24 says:

    Release date?

  9. sam says:

    when when so i can buy please today!

  10. Coolkid 24 says:

    Yes break her back in that bear hug!

  11. Valour says:

    I really hope there will be a gangbang scene for Public Disgrace video series. LOL

  12. Mid2018 says:

    Amber is so sexy again in these tights. I love to see how vulnerable these legs are. The only wish I have is that I wanna see theses boots get slowly taken away by the villains. I wanna see her feet’s and toes in the shiny pantyhose.

  13. Gary says:

    Great outfit, great model. She looks really hot, especially when restrained with ropes, and fondled.

  14. JobbersRock says:

    Looks awesome. Of course, anything with Amber in it usually is. Looking forward to this one.

  15. NOWSAWYER says:

    I always buy this kind of clip, wonderwoman or supergirl.
    But one day I would like you to use Gal Gadot’s wonderwoman costume, is it possible in the future?

    • Valour says:

      That’s an interesting thought… though there might be copyright issues I think. lol

    • STIFI says:

      Don’t really understand why, gals costume looks like brad pitts costume in Troy.

  16. HorseWithNoName says:

    Looks very nice 🙂

  17. rover says:

    Soon means like this afternoon, right? 🙂 Great looking video.

  18. dkm says:


  19. JBC says:

    Amber <3. Can't wait for this one!