“Public Humiliation” from Secret Heroine Films

Secret Heroine Films presents Public Humiliation starring Pamela Vorhees.

Public Humiliation starring Pamela Voorhees as Super Girl.

Super Girl has always been a champion for the people. In the public’s eye, she can do no wrong! But someone sinister wants to change that! An ultra powerful villain called the Vindicator, tricks SG into coming to him. They go toe to toe and seem to be nearly equal in strength. During the fight, he keeps trying to make her touch an X that is drawn on the floor but she keeps avoiding it. Somehow he loosens her skirt causing it to fall around her ankles and tripping her. She falls on the X that is linked to a bio-mech pod that sucks the powers right out of her. Turning Super Girl into a human. Now that she is powerless, the Vindicator chains her up and starts ripping off piece after piece of her costume until she is butt naked. All while she is being filmed on a live feed. With every piece of her costume, thousands of new people start watching. By the time he is done with her, Super Girl is publicly humiliated in the worst possible ways for the whole world to see!

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