Punished Heroines Offers Custom Videos with Lana Rhodes

Punished Heroines is offering custom movies with Lana Rhodes for $1,200.

If you are interested please email punishedheroines@gmail.com with your story idea. There are only two spots available and filming begins in 10 days so do not hesitate!

Your story will be directed and edited by The Rye so rest assure that all the intricacies and nuances you are looking for will be captured.

Customs also available with Adriana Chechik, and Alexis Monroe at the same price point.

Visit TheRyeFilms.com
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10 Responses

  1. Nixon says:

    She is a BEAUTY without question. Lean with curves in all the right places.
    At the moment, I’m having a difficult time envisioning her suffering through a wide range of degrading physical and sexual peril.
    But I’m enjoying trying. immensely.

  2. Peter says:

    This girl is STUNNING…has Wondergirl written all over her and would look incredible in a bearhug or getting her energy drained until she is unconscious !

  3. Mell says:

    If i had the disposable income, i’d love to see a Sheena-type jungle heroine vid. I always wonder why there are none out there, but i guess the demand among my fellow fans of this genre isn’t there.

  4. kained says:

    A Rye version of Super Sam’s Nightmare!
    Someone with the cash make it happen šŸ˜‰

  5. Evilhigh80 says:

    Finally a girl that isn’t tatted up or pierced. Perfect for Vampirella!

  6. Bruce Kent says:

    I’d vote for Wonder Woman or Wonder girl…. She just has that look!

  7. Sugarcoater says:

    Ms. Marvel is definitely an under-represented character in this genre, and this model looks quite good for such a role.

  8. ray says:

    yes ms marvel she be great as her

  9. starman says:

    she needs to be a wonder woman or Ms Marvel