“Ready Player Won: Game 4” from Sensually Savage Productions

Sensually Savage Productions has released a new video called Ready Player Won: Game 4.


Sumiko and Eden star in this sexy and violent video game custom battle!!!

A new player enters the game: and this time it’s the beautiful Sumiko, dressed in a sexy thong bikini and ready to do battle! She chooses her first opponent, who materializes in front of her. It’s none other than COCO, wearing a black thong bikini, black gloves, and a mask. A cocky Sumiko starts the game, but Coco’s a high-level character, and it shows almost immediately. She dodges Sumiko’s blows and proceeds to completely destroy the Asian beauty with knockouts, cunt destructions, belly blows, and MUCH more. Round after round, Sumiko tries to gain the upper hand (and does for a few seconds here and there), but Coco overpowers and humiliates her! At one point, Sumiko’s pussy is so badly battered that she has to pause the game in order to recover, grabbing her crotch and groaning for an what seems like an eternity…but she never manages to regain her strength until a VERY lucky kick at the end sends Coco flying! Sumiko finally presses her advantage, destroying Coco’s cunt, belly, and face with multiple strikes and finally SPEED-BAGGING her pussy until Coco can’t take anymore and falls to a hilarious “finisher”. Finally triumphant, Sumiko grabs the control and makes Coco vanish as she prepares for her next game…

Included: sexy angles, multiple knockouts, trash talking, face punching, sound FX, belly punching, crotch pain, cuntbusting, cunt kicks, cunt punts, grabbing of the crotch., cunt claw, uppercut knockout, neck snap finishers, victory poses, bare feet, instant replays, sleeper hold knockout, crotch kick, groaning in pain, convulsing, face down ass up position, foot neck snap, reverse headlock neck snap, knees to the face, bearhug, headbutts, cunt speedbag finisher, mask removal and special FX!

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5 Responses

  1. Agent E-45 says:

    Just wondering, do the videos from Sensually Savage have sound effects for the blows? I am a fan of comic-style effects but with these previews just having music play through them I don’t know whether sound effects are used. I am a purchaser immediately if you have sound effects!!

  2. Dante says:

    sumiko vs eden for part 5

  3. Kyndle Nance says:

    I ❤️ Sumiko

  4. rangerian says:

    Solid quality production. Excellent value for money. I’m not a fan of the steep ‘up the crotch’ framing. But otherwise, fantastic camerawork and lighting.


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