“Return of the Femmes” from Kick Ass Femmes

Kick Ass Femmes has released a new video! Check out a trailer and more information about Return of the Femmes below.

An Evil, but hot, Scientist has hatched a devilish plan… all she needs is Diva to turn up in her alter ego, Black FemmeCat, and all hell will break loose. The Evil, but hot, Scientist has perfected a machine to steal her enemies powers but the risks are huge… Can she lure Black FemmeCat to her underground Lab, can the Evil, but hot, Scientist withstand the inevitable beatdown of a lifetime and can she steal her powers and become the all-powerful female warrior she dreams of? Black FemmeCat is at her acrobatic, powerful and lethal best – who can possibly survive her kicks, flips, fists and lethal gymnastic domination? and if the roles are reversed can Black FemmeCat survive her own brutality? BONUS! FREE 153 STILLS PHOTOSET

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6 Responses

  1. pigma1 says:

    Great video! hope to see more F vs F action from you guys. love the catsuits!

  2. Moonshake says:

    I want more! 🙂 Please dont take so long to release another kickass video

  3. Tormentor says:

    There is some death in it?

  4. rangerian says:

    High quality. A number of well executed low blows but the reactions are very poor.

  5. Hawk of Endymion says:

    After about a year since the last femmes videp, I was super excited to pick this up right away. And it did not disappoint!

  6. Ryan says:

    I really enjoyed this one