Sale from Alex Bettinger — All Sites (Heroine Movies Exclusive!)

Check out a new sale from Alex Bettinger, which is exclusive to readers of Heroine Movies!

Sale from Alex Bettinger -- All Sites (Heroine Movies Exclusive!)

Hey everyone! Starting NOW, and all through the weekend, I am holding a BUY-ONE-GET-ONE-FREE sale for readers of! That’s right, buy ANY video from ANY of my sites, and you get any other video you want FREE!

No Paypal this time; in order to take advantage of the sale, you just buy a video the normal way, and then email me from the email address you used when you made the purchase. Tell me in the email whatever video you want as your free one, and I’ll send it to you right away! Easy peasy.

Applies to ALL of our sites:

Email me at VideoByDallas ((at)) Hotmail ((dot)) com

Check through our back catalogues, because we have TONS of videos! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks everyone! In the meantime I’m working very hard to get the next shoot going! Shouldn’t be much longer now! The more videos you buy, the faster the new ones come out! 🙂


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  1. Jack Puncher says:

    If there is to be a reduction in XCW episodes then an idea I have seen elsewhere may, if Alex thought it worth introducing, help maintain interest and also help the creative side by providing inspiration for the action in episodes. A site carrying stories and art work focusing on heroine peril ran a series of polls. One listed a number of heroines and asked viewers to vote on which ones they would like to see punished. Another listed a range of possible punishments and perils. So those with the skills to produce art work and stories could see there was an interest in, say, Batgirl being over whelmed by superior numbers, stripped, subjected to electric cattle prod abuse, racked, and being gangbanged by the evil doers. Writers and artists could then use these ideas as a basis to which their skills added value.

    I see problems if a poll was conducted to name performers. After all each woman is unique and brings her own specialness to her heroine role. And participants in discussions on “Heroine Movies” are able to throw names of possible performers into the ring for Alex to consider.

    But polls could be conducted to inspire possible action in bouts. In one Alex could list a range of standard wrestling moves which it would be possible to choreograph into the action. Examples could be:- arm bar, wrist lock, sleeper hold, DDT, clothes line etc. Participants could vote for as many as they like. No down votes. Only up votes so results are not distorted. An item with 30 up votes cancelled by 30 down votes looks like it inspires no interest but in fact inspires quite a lot of conflicting interest. There should be a facility to add comments to pick up on moves not listed and for comments on why a move would be voted down if that option were available.

    There could be a poll on heel action. Examples could be:- sneak attack, double teaming, chair shot to the head, chair shot to the tits, etc.

    There could be a poll on more “adult” wrestling moves. Examples could be:- pussy punch, pussy stomp, claw to tit, claw to pussy, nipple twist, etc.

    There could be a poll on what should be included in ravishing the loser. Examples could be:-oral only, penetration, use of dildo, use of strap on, size of dildo (medium or painfully huge and monstrous) etc.

    Whilst the main action would of course be driven by any custom sponsor or Alex’s story line the results of the polls could inspire moves to complete the bout in a very watchable way. This should result in bouts appealing to a range of viewers and I for one would find it very cool if something I had voted for in a poll appeared in a bout. Naturally just because something comes top of the poll does not mean it has to appear in a bout. Alex’s creative drive will rule.

    If polls were conducted on some sort of on going basis between episodes it could maintain interest and wet viewers appetites in anticipation of what is to come. They could help the creative process by providing a menu of actions that should make the episodes very watchable for those who voted.

  2. Jack Puncher says:

    Like Supramax and others I have been going thru Withdrawal Pains from XCW and IEW. I need my regular fix of sexy gorgeous face wrestler heroines battling distress and adversity from sexy gorgeous evil heel wrestlers with their evil heel playbooks in XCW and evil male heels with their heel playbooks in IEW.

    A strong aspect of XCW for me is the storylines within which the action plays out. I look forward to a number of episodes focusing on a few players where in some way the action can be said to be connected. For instance at present we are presumably in a sequence featuring Jessica Ryan, Charlotte Stokley and Ella Darling which is also involving Christina Carter’s Dominator character bidding for the XCW Champion of the World title.

    This approach does require a certain momentum in episode frequency so interest is not lost in the story. If episodes become too infrequent I fear interest could be lost with a resulting decrease in sales. I fully understand that Alex needs episodes to be commercially viable and he seems to follow a business model where custom sponsorship and sales from current episodes finance the production of future episodes. The danger is the more infrequent episodes become the more sales could fall. A chicken and egg situation.

    I do not want to be negative but put in a plea that if Alex decides to call a halt he does not allow things to just fizzle out with greater and greater gaps between episodes but instead seeks to rule things off with a real humdinger episode. Go out with a bang.

    Naturally I do hope for the opposite and sales support a more regular episode production. I took it as really good news when towards the end of last year Alex advised his asperation was to get to where he was producing two episodes a month (one XCW and the other on alternative months IEW and Superheroine World). I, and I think many others, would support him in bringing that asperation to fruition.

  3. Supramax says:

    What’s up Alex???????

    • Alex Bettinger says:

      Still workin on it! Got customs to shoot! New stuff coming next month! Sorry, I can only shoot as often as sales permit.

  4. Kaizar says:

    I hope you”ll also hire some voluptuous actresses too, like; Candy Charms, Daphne Rosen & Mz. Berlin.

  5. viv32 says:

    any preview on what you’re shooting alex? any news?

  6. ali says:

    What happened to Paris Kennedy?

  7. Alex Bettinger says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the sale! I think I’ve now sent everyone their free vids, but if I missed you shoot me an email.

    Working hard on getting the next shoot underway!

    (Oh, and yes, to those who asked below, both Randy and Paris are retired from performing.)

  8. ali says:

    Why does not Paris Kennedy appear at the moment?

  9. Fabio says:

    I’d love to take advantage of this sale but I need some help making a decision. I’m mainly into pussy beatings and belly blows, and I prefer super heroine content or spandex in general. If anyone had any suggestions for videos let me know please!

  10. Kaizar says:

    For your B.L.O.W. videos will you also use Andrea Rosu to play a wrestler, since you already dis before in XCW?
    Also will you also get other actress’s like Andrea Rosu, like Brandi Mae?
    It would be great to see Brandi Mae as the ultimate villain wrestler in B.L.O.W. and alsk in superheroine videos (sometimes as the villainess, sometimes as the Heroine).

  11. Ztc says:

    Any news on impervia 3 ?

  12. Darkwrath016 says:

    As someone who likes Sinn Sage does anyone wish to share a few recommendations of their favorite videos with her in it being demolished?

    • LordSnot says:

      Sinn did two videos at superheroine world as Blue Power Guardian that were damn great. Wish she had done more as that character. There is an older vid she did for double trouble called DT839-01 Sinn No More that i recommend as well. She is great in that. Sinn sells peril better than most the girls out there.

    • Alex Bettinger says:

      Yeah, the two Power Guardian vids are good for Sinn, as is the “Bra and Panty” wrestling match with Sinn and Vicki Chase against Christie Stevens and Annie Cruz. My personal favorite is XCW 29, where Sinn is attacked before her match with Christie and is left totally dazed and helpless, so that Christie can easily brutalize her before pinning her. Also the Loser Leaves Town Ladder match, of course–even though Sinn barely manages to win that one.

  13. Mike J says:

    Is this a one-time thing, or can you buy two and get two free?

  14. shehi alshehi says:

    if new boxing videos will uploaded it will be good

  15. dkm says:

    I really recommend Beaten by the Billionaire if no one has seen it. Misty is gorgeous while taking abuse and I’d love to see her again in a future SHW film.

    • Kaizar says:

      I’m more into the girl-on-girl and girl-on-dick-girl. What would be your suggestion for his lesbian content/videos?

      • Alex Bettinger says:

        A lot of really hot lesbian content in the recent “Anjelika” video… I also really enjoyed shooting Charlotte and Ela and Reya in a hotel suite for XCW 51. And Ela and Reya in SHW 39 is super hot too.

        • Kaizar says:

          Will you ever hore other ebony actresses like Moriah Mills or Brittney White or Diamond Jackson or whoever?

          • Alex Bettinger says:

            I’d love to- just have a few storylines and customs to finish up first. If someone commissions such a video then definitely!

          • Kaizar says:

            You should do some tall woman vs. Short woman videos. Theres all sorts of scenarios you can come up with for both Superheroine & Wrestling videos. With the tall actress(es) being around 6 feet tall or so, and the short actress(es) being like 4 feet X inches. There are tall (amazon) actresses as Leigh Darby, Nicolette Shea, Ava Koxxx, Alison Tyler & Goddess Rapture and for short actresses; I think “Dillon Harper” falls into this category/height. You can also do stuff like several short actress attacking and gangbanging one tall actress. You can even have a short female superheroine vs. 3 tall villainesses and overpower them but later during the brawl her powers get dampened by something which then makes her powerless against these clearly taller/stronger women who then strap-on gangbang the superheroine after a great beating first (including bearhugs and and back breaking and choke lefting and so fort).

          • Jack Puncher says:

            I do like the idea of a good handicap battle when our brave heroine (be she a face wrestler or a super powered heroine) must face seemingly insurmountable odds. Facing a number of opponents who are bigger and stronger then her means we can anticipate she will have to endure much punishment and a good beating even if in the end she is somehow victorious. When I say stronger I am not into overly muscular women so would prefer them to be simply taller then our heroine and for the extra power to be part of the imagined fantasy.

            I would however rather in the end our heroine fails and is defeated so she can face a good violation and ravishment from over sized strap ons which are driven deep and hard into her . A desired fate for all heroines.

            Widening the conversation to IEW I have wondered if Alex could make use of some super heavy weight males. Seeing our heroine trying unsuccessfully to endure against a 450lb plus male wrestler (hopefully more then one in a handicap situation) could be very watchable. Inevitably it would likely be a squash match but I have seen material from a site where the female jobber manages to retain her mobility and battle sufficiently to look good against a number of big guys who not only have a weight and power advantage but also use the tactics associated with heels. I remember one such battle against three heavy weights where they could all be in the ring and attack her at the same time (the stipulation was she would virtuously wrestle within the rules and the guys were able to wrestle no holds barred) where she bravely endured and won because the guys having so much fun punishing her forgot that to win they had to make her submit. So when the time limit expired our heroine lying in the ring beaten and exhausted and nursing bruised ribs from all the power and splash moves was declared the winner. As she managed to say virtue had won.

          • Kaizar says:

            Ava Koxxx is the tallest I know; at 6 foot 3 inches. Instead of 450 lb. guys, how about bringing back Andrea Rosu, as well as adding Goddess Rapture (she’s tall & also strong as Andrea Rosu) and Brandi Mae?

          • Kaizar says:

            Also for short actresses; a few names come to mine: Penny Pax, Faye Reagan & Dillon Harper. I’m pretty sure their all less then 5 foot tall.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Great recommendation. I really liked that film too and Misty is indeed gorgeous. It’s a shame that was her one and only film in the genre (I think). I would love to see her return.

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