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Sale from The Rye and Punished Heroines

The Rye and Punished Heroines sale (25.95 most titles!)

Preview pictures are for movies in the editing queue 😉

Check out the sale at SHG-Media

12 Responses

  1. MrBobo says:

    Any more sneak peeks of Supergirl?

  2. Heroinefane says:

    Rye, any estimate on when the Jill Kassidy video will be out?

  3. FrencRoll92 says:

    I’m dying to know who that actress is in the second set of pictures!

  4. Heroinefane says:

    Any guesses on when you guys think this will be released?

  5. Ben R says:

    The new videos look like another solid effort and a definite consideration when they come out.
    Speaking of upcoming releases I was wondering if you had anything with Alexis Monroe or Mia Malkova as Supergirl coming out. I miss those two. Thanks take care.

  6. Mid2018 says:

    Lovely actress. I love the ultragirl costume but the shiny pantyhose that Gigi usually wears is missing here… :'(

  7. Viper says:

    Who is the actress?

  8. Heroinefane says:

    Looks like Jill Kassidy!

  9. Stan says:

    Can’t wait for the new imperia video! I also love the use of new actresses. I hope she’s good!