Sale from Punished Heroines

Punished Heroines / The Rye is having a sale — most videos are available for $25.95.

Check out the sale at SHG-Media

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  1. JBC says:

    For anyone still deciding on vid(s) to get for this sale, a couple vids that haven’t been mentioned yet: UnEnthusiastic Participation 1 and 2 (Amber McAlester at her best. Outside of nudity, they pretty much have everything you could ask for) and the Paris Kennedy mega packs (Lesser production value but Paris looks incredible and the 100 minute run time for each gives you arguably your best bang for your buck in the entire genre). Just my two cents!

  2. Eric says:

    Hi There,

    What is the movie title that the banner was taken from?



    • bbsucks says:

      I don’t think it’s out yet. Rye typically does sales like this leading up to a new release. The banner’s/images in the post are usually from that upcoming release.

  3. Mr.Bleh says:

    Hey Rye!,

    Thank you for putting some of your stuff out there on sale.
    Great opportunity to get multiple videos at a discounted rate.
    …the only problem now….which ones to choose……;)

  4. Sugarcoater says:

    In reading some posts from another thread and recalling your Superheroine Disgrace series, I had an idea to add to an Alexis Monroe as Supergirl video. What about having something in a confined area, either a prison or a similar such complex. Supergirl needs to acquire information from someone about something–whatever premise works for the occasion. But at some point, Supergirl accidentally walks into a room that depowers anyone. It’s specifically designed for suppressing villains’ powers, but a cocky Supergirl dismisses the warden’s comments when he begins to tell her that she needs to be careful. “I’m Supergirl! Do you really think anyone here poses a threat to me? Don’t you read the papers?” That cocky comment shuts the warden up and he lets her simply walk into the room.
    The villains, who suspect Supergirl may also have had her powers suppressed, soon find out she is indeed without her powers. She is taken down slowly, as the villains want to enjoy this. Supergirl shouts at the camera for help, but the warden isn’t making much of a move. There could even be a conversation with the warden and a guard. “Aren’t you going to help her?!” “Why? She said she could take care of herself. And let’s be honest, are you telling me you don’t want to see what these guys do to Supergirl?”

    You could have a few sequences of Supergirl being taken, but at some point how about a good two- to three-minute montage of Supergirl being taken by multiple guys at once, by a number of different guys, in multiple positions. Her costume in each sequence is more disheveled, becoming loose on her from all the tugging and stretching. You could have the sequences involve less and less of her costume, until it’s just the unisuit and the boots. (Okay, it’s just the removal of the miniskirt and cape, but still…)
    The montage would be a few seconds of action, showing a whole bunch of various ways the prisoners take Supergirl: on all fours, stood up, from behind, in front, both in front and behind simultaneously, on the ground, against a wall, restrained, tied up by her cape, gagged by her belt, etc. Having an action sequence showing that is a two- to three- minute fast-paced collection–along with the more prolonged sequences–would be something to see.
    And if at all possible, maybe towards the end have Supergirl actually get into it and talk dirty. Have her riding on some guy, giving an enthusiastic hand job, or something along those lines. The idea is that she finally gives in to her carnal desires. (For fans who don’t like this, maybe offer two versions?).

    The final shot would be of Supergirl limping out of the complex, holding her cape and miniskirt, with the bottom of her unisuit torn and dangling.

    • mjk says:

      Great story idea. I’d pay to see that with Alexis as Supergirl.

    • saxman314 says:

      Is there not a contact email to submit custom requests?

      • Sugarcoater says:

        I don’t know, but I was also curious to see if anyone else was interested in such a premise. Can’t hurt to throw out ideas.

      • Imagineer says:

        There is. On the website,, click the menu icon, click Customs, and there’s an email address, which is the same email address he’s used for many years.

        But some people prefer the bully pulpit.

        • Sugarcoater says:

          Didn’t think throwing out a story idea on a thread by a producer constitutes bullying. Are we that sensitive to a fan sharing an idea? Where else should I post a story idea for Rye and fans of Alexis? Is one comment on a message board seriously “bullying”? I’m genuinely shocked someone would be that quick to use that term for a mere post.

          • Imagineer says:

            It doesn’t.
            We’re not.
            Here’s fine, but you’re surely aware that your dirty-talk suggestion is a broken record at this point; you might try lampshading it to err on the side of entertainment vs annoyance.
            No, it’s not.
            I’m genuinely shocked you’re not familiar with the term.


            Note it takes an old meaning of bully, which was an expression of enthusiasm.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            Totally understand that the talking dirty bit is my thing, but that’s all of one brief phrase in a description of a video that might be of interest to fans in this forum. Others also post ideas for producers. If I don’t like the gist of it, I just don’t read it.
            As for the bully pulpit, I knew what it was but I moved too quickly in seeing the word “bully” (perhaps due to comments I had been reading in relation to the whole anthem issue) and I responded accordingly. My apologies; I usually do a better job of reading responses. That said, I don’t see a rare post about a possible video (I would say one every few months is about all I post here) constitutes anything close to what is defined by a bully pulpit (though this is indeed a terrific platform in general). This and one other site are the only two places to share ideas. Otherwise, anytime anyone suggested an idea here they would be using the bully pulpit. But that is perhaps a semantics argument.

            I will politely disagree with your assessment of my post as being a form of using a bully pulpit but simply a desire to share a vision of a possible video with others who also like the superheroine peril genre, and I will agree with you that I am indeed a bit repetitive on the dirty talking thing. Fair enough? And my apologies for extending this off topic.

          • saxman314 says:

            @sugarcoater It’s not such an abhorrent thing to post your suggestions. It’s a small community here, though, and even if you only post something like that once every several months, it can come off as repetitive. I’m sure you’ve noticed the same names here over the years, and I think I remember seeing yours as far back as the late 90s on some sketches? So… it’s like… we all know what your kinks are lol. At this point, it’s just my opinion, but when I see a suggestion that’s basically a whole plot, it seems to me it should just be a custom request, rather than framed as a suggestion, which seems disingenuous. That’s the only thing that bugs me, and it doesn’t bug me much. Just enough to be a little snarky haha.

            Maybe you can start a patreon or gofundme with some of your plots and see if other folks want to contribute to financing customs?

          • Imagineer says:

            Own the bully pulpit, man. Your suggestions are unlike anyone else’s, articulate and specific, mini spec scripts. You know what you want to see, and you want to make it easy for a producer to see upvotes and positive comments on something specific they can run with. Use what you have. Own it.
            This is not a great format for workshopping ideas, but it works for finding people who want to do that. Consider taking it a step further; maybe start a public domain SHIP script in Google Docs and see what people pitch in.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            A fair suggestion, but I’m not that tech savvy nor do I have that much time (but if work does lighten up, I wouldn’t mind doing something along the lines of a fan site. I did one of those Yahoo club sites a while back, and it had a little traction). I appreciate the idea, and thank you for taking the time to respond.

  5. Deej says:

    Recommendation for older vids?? Ones with limited previews?

    • fbsol says:

      all good picks, would also suggest for
      interesting story:ultra girl, frame of mind 2, phantasms
      Struggle/beat down: Villains united UK 1 and 2
      struggle/beat down/simsex: Lexxfiles, Super Addict

    • Mr.Bleh says:

      ALL of the Skyfire videos are killer. That girl was an absolute babe. Shame we never see her anymore.

  6. Ripper1 says:

    biggest question how long will this specific sale / deal be held for – it doesnt even mention that on the website ? ? ?

  7. Redmanx says:

    The girl in the pic is Alexis Monro, but which movie is it, I don’t recognise it.

  8. Ztc says:

    Quick question what is the minimum for a custom with Alexis and even if it doesn’t release do you get a copy anyway for yourself?

  9. HorseWithNoName says:

    As per usual with every sales annouced, the preview pics for the new vid look amazing 🙂 Hope this one comes out before Christmas 🙂

  10. Tarkin1980 says:

    Great News but hard decession. I can only afford one. But which shall it be?
    Spectre Aftermath or The Hands of Man?
    I like strong heroines who give the villains a hard fight. So this would be Hands of man. On the otherhand is good acting a very important issue too and i like all Coco-Movies i have seen so far. So Spectre is attractive to me. But i’m not sure if there is a god story and fight behind all those Sex-Scenes.

    And on the other hand i’m eighter not sure if the acting-skills in Hands of man can fullfill my expectations. I have read some comments where the actress is compared with Gigi and Gigis performance is… let’s say OK, but doesn’t reach what i would like to see.

    So what should i choose???

    • Redmanx says:

      Adrianna Chechic in Hands of Man is superb, displaying acting skills Meryl Streep would be proud of, and shes so hot she sizzles!

      • Unmasked05 says:

        Coco was great in Spectre Aftermath but have to 100% with Redmanx Hands of Man was phenomenal! If you can only get 1 I would go with Hands of Man but honestly if possible get both. These two movies are both in my top 5 of the year so far!

    • bogie says:

      I just bought Hands of Man. Let me assure you, as others have done, that Adrianna Chechic’s acting is a good as it gets in this genre. Highly recommended.

  11. Imagineer says:

    She forgot to feed the cat before her in-home massage therapy session again. When will these superheroines learn?

  12. Ztc says:

    Also it seems in the second pic the left side hand and forearm is onyxia

  13. Ztc says:

    How long is it for because I’m using a travel bolt on on my phone contract in turkey and staying with family so can’t use their WiFi for this.

  14. Sugarcoater says:

    Alexis as WW! Yes!
    Any chance of her as SG too…?

  15. Ztc says:

    So who is that in Pics

  16. Slapmutsky says:

    Holy crap. Those pictures alone.