“Scarlet Witch Hostage” from Sleepy Superheroines

Sleepy Superheroines presents Scarlet Witch Hostage, starring Misty Lovelace.

Trickster is out for revenge against the Vision who put his brother in prison. He decides to hit him where it hurts by kidnapping his wife, Scarlet Witch, and making her his plaything. He kidnaps her in her apartment by using chloroform and transports her to his lair leaving a ransom for the Vision to release his brother. Can Scarlet Witch escape or will the Vision come through? The video contains 3 chloroform KOs, rope bondage, butt spankings, over the shoulder carries, cradle carry.

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  1. thewhiteslaver says:

    Perfect costume. Age of Ultron producers did not get one this spectacular. With all that budget, they ignore the details; people with brains can only do so much to help Marvel filmmakers.This is so close to the Scarlet Witch archetype. Well done.

    This is something I would totally like for myself if it had more molestation than just spankings, although those are great. Talking groping of boobs, buns, pussy and thighs but especially puss, boobs and buns, while conscious and unconscious, while fully costumed, partially costumed and essentially nude [identifying costume pieces are cool to keep on]. Eventually the makers of other stuff will catch on that your methods provide the best enjoyment when paired with the above.

  2. MassEffectman says:

    Will there be any facedown scenes?

    • Dr Sleepy - Sleepy Superheroines says:

      Thanks MassEffectman. Can you explain to me what a facedown scene is (besides the obvious of the heroine being facedown)? What are you looking for in this particular scenario? I’m curious because I’ve seen this requested by fans to other producers.

      • MassEffectman says:

        You’re welcome. Well what I mean is that when a heroine is going unconscious, I would like see them lying down with their faces cover with their hair. Also, the face completely down not to be seen by sides. Also, are planning to do a Wonder Woman video? That will be so GREAT. 🙂

  3. Jeff says:

    If I’ve not said it before I will say it again, even if I have. I LOVE THIS ACTRESS I LOVE THIS COSTUME !!

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