UPDATED! “She-Ra: Princess De-Powered” from Secret Heroine Films

UPDATED – now available! She Ra: Princess De-Powered is now available from Secret Heroine Films.

Starring Amy Fantasy as She-Ra. On the distant planet Etheria lives the mighty She-Ra. Protector and champion. Few can match her power. Until the newly empowered Skeletor comes looking for her. An ancient tentacle god has given Skeletor more power that he knows what to do with. He surprises She-Ra in the middle of the forest, taunting and humiliating her. Teleporting in/out to grope her ass before she can attack. He disarms her of the enchanted sword, which weakens her greatly. Skeletor is able to do whatever he wants to her, as long as he gets her ready for the tentacle god. He chains her up and starts whipping. Her costume gets rips off, piece by piece. By the end she is naked and defeated, too weak to fight off the slimy tentacles that will penetrate her body.

-Mr Hero

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