UPDATED! “She-Ra: Princess De-Powered” from Secret Heroine Films

UPDATED – now available! She Ra: Princess De-Powered is now available from Secret Heroine Films.


Starring Amy Fantasy as She-Ra. On the distant planet Etheria lives the mighty She-Ra. Protector and champion. Few can match her power. Until the newly empowered Skeletor comes looking for her. An ancient tentacle god has given Skeletor more power that he knows what to do with. He surprises She-Ra in the middle of the forest, taunting and humiliating her. Teleporting in/out to grope her ass before she can attack. He disarms her of the enchanted sword, which weakens her greatly. Skeletor is able to do whatever he wants to her, as long as he gets her ready for the tentacle god. He chains her up and starts whipping. Her costume gets rips off, piece by piece. By the end she is naked and defeated, too weak to fight off the slimy tentacles that will penetrate her body.

-Mr Hero

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109 Responses

  1. John says:

    I’ve just bought this video and I think it’s great. It’s got a sort of ‘Japanese Giga’ feel to it (The camera work includes a lot of shots up She-Ra short skirt for a start. And it’s got tentacles in it.) The costume is very good. (Pristine white mini skirt, pantyhose, gold go-go boots and fake armour.) And Amy Fantasy, the girl playing She-Ra is gorgeous, with natural unaugmented breasts, chunky thighs and a big wide ass. (This isn’t a criticism by the way… if only all girls looked like that.) A lot of actresses doing these videos are noticeably self conscious about coming out with comic book like dialogue and playing such outlandish cartoon characters. Not Amy Fantasy I’m glad to say, she takes it all very serious, she inhabits the part, as far as she’s concerned she is She-Ra. She does an awful lot of screaming and squealing, which is good, and is delightful to watch as she jiggles about whilst being striped naked by Skeletor (Again nice costume, and a good delivery by the actor, shading off into Heath Ledger’s Joker every now and again. Visually the fact that you can see his real teeth behind the front set of the skull mask actually works… as it creates the impression Skeletor is such a monster he has two sets of teeth… like the alien.) I think a guy called Mr. Hero directed this, so well done to him. Maybe he should consider doing more tentacle rape videos? As, unlike the Japanese, he’s not hamstrung by having to pixel out all the erogenous zones so aficionados of that sort of slimy fun will naturally gravitate towards his superior uncensored videos. In the meantime I will have to watch out for more Amy Fantasy videos.

  2. Ztc says:

    Any possibility of a sequel where the actress as superia in earths finest is involved with Amy and the tentacle

  3. 666 says:

    more of amy fantasy… with the sexy costume. maybe like american icon or another bikini superheroine. great job i really enjoyed it!

  4. Jason says:

    She has an amazingly beautiful face and boobs

  5. Spandex says:

    This looks amazing!!! The actress has a perfect figure for the leotard and pantyhose, the skirt is a huge bonus 🙂
    I’m curious if there’s any spanks or whipping with the costume still on?

    • AmyFantasy says:

      There’s loads of whipping with the cosplay on. It eventually gets whipped off! And thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!!!

      • big bear lover says:

        loved your bearhug part it was sexy it would be more sexy if both arms were trapped and rib crushing sound effects were added but a great video!!!1

  6. Gnarf69 says:

    love this video,

    Amy Fantasy is a sex goddess.

    anyone knows were to find more vids with the girl.

  7. Coolkid 24 says:

    Really like the bearhug parts hope to see more of it in other flims !

  8. Dan Stevens says:

    Loved the combat and bear hugging scenes loved the film!

  9. Dave Wolk says:

    Nobodies answered my chloro scene question lol do you see any aftermath unconscious shots or does it just cut away?

  10. Jwong says:

    I really liked this video. My favorite parts were the combat scenes in the forrest. I really liked the upskirt shots and she-ra on the ground with her skirt out of position. I would defintely purchase a she-ra sequel

    • AmyFantasy says:

      Those were my favorite parts too! It was so nice to work outside! And hopefully we will make a sequel!

  11. Henry says:

    Any passout scene except the chloro one? Any unconscious shots?

  12. Reacherfan says:

    Looks fantastic! Is there a scene where she struggles to reach her sword but it’s just beyond her reach?

    • AmyFantasy says:

      Yes there are! There are also a scene where it gets stuck in the ground and I struggle to pull it out and can’t, this scene has some good up skirt shots!

      • Reacherfan says:

        Thank you! I love scenes where the heroine struggles to reach her precious cell phone or weapon but it’s just out of her fingers or toes reach, so I’ll have to check out the reaching scene in this one!

  13. Dave Wolk says:

    Is the chloro scene done with her in full costume? Any aftermath unconscious shots?

  14. mrxstacy says:

    wow! what a tremendously erotic movie! kudos to mr. hero and most especially amy fantasy, who displayed uncanny sexuality and acting chops. so many great elements to this film. i have often wished more producers would give us outdoor superheroine fight scenes with the girl in sexy attire. yes, i know the technical difficulties and legal restrictions, but look how well this film turned out! local ordinances be damned! shooting outdoors gives opportunities for better lighting, roomier action sequences (e.g. pursuits thru forest, ala. japanese giga films.), even sexier shots like the upskirt shots in this movie. also i like how the sun shining thru tree branches casts shadows on her costume and how dirt and dust starts showing on tights and dresses. the costume itself was so revealing. i love that high waisted unitard amy wore under the skirt. i am not a pantyhose guy, but i thought they were ripped off beautifully during the course of the film. the slight ripping during the bearhug was sooo hot. amy fantasy wears pantyhose so well. dare i say she’s got a great ass and a fat, juicy, “va jay jay”. i mean, within the first few minutes i was already smitten with amy fantasy. shes got great presence as a superheroine and moves and reacts the way you’d expect a heroine would. i want to see her in at least 2 more she-la films and at least one valor film. imho, she’s the best actor in the s.h.i.p. genre.

    lest i forget to thank mr. hero: firstly, great story! i believe the eroticism in this genre depends much on a good story and how well the director and actors can tell it. thank you, mr. hero, for hatching this really perverse fantasy of a haughty heroine being fed (figuratively) to a tentacled beast. the props people deserve much praise. the skeletor outfit and the “master” prop were so devious! even the derelict warhammer and shield that she-ra scavenges was a nice touch.

    i cannot wait for the sequel. i have a story suggestion: a pregnant she-ra is rescued by a guard working for the rebels. she and he escape the prison into the forest and retreat into a cave where she-ra gives birth. she is grateful to the guard and they make love. skeletor finds them in the cave. he kills the rebel and brings her and the spawn back to captivity. because of his fused monster and human dna, the spawn grows to full size humanoid monster in a matter of weeks, who becomes the host for the master. she-ra breaks her bonds and escapes thru the prison with the monster in pursuit. final battle ensues. master has the upper hand, not only because she-ra is worn out from pursuit, giving birth, and depowerment, but also a surprise twist as her child monster instinctually resists the master’s influence and commits suicide. she-ra goes to comfort the mortally wounded monster whose tentacles ravish her as they draw sustenance from her milk and sexual juices. but it is to no avail and the monster dies. she-ra gets carried on a stretcher off the field while her voice narrates a descriptiom of her pain and loss, captivity, debasement, and ravishment. torn pantyhose, cum dripping and crusted from orifices, dirt, sweat, bruises, torn costume, arms and legs hanging listlessly while she is sprawled on the grass.

    • Mr.Bleh says:

      She also did an Eclipse movie. She could do another of those any time she wants to! Great review mrxstacy.

    • AmyFantasy says:

      Woah! Thank you so much for the amazing review! So much detail, I love it! Your writing skills are impressive too, you should write for these studios!

  15. Ztc says:

    Also would be interesting if there was a video as a sequel showing a montage of everything happening until true evil comes out and she has to fight it…. With more tentacle stuff

  16. ilovesinnsage says:

    does the heroine dies on this video and if she does how does she dies?

  17. Aldous says:

    Please God let the boots stay on….

  18. Steve says:

    What an incredible superheroins peril film! The acting was terrific, the costumes amazing, and the setting and camera work incredible! When I saw this one advertised, I was so hoping for a tremendous peril film with the wondrous She-Ra…I was definitely not disappointed! Fantastic job to all involved and to Amy, I really hope we see you again soon in another She-Ra adventure, this time going up against a vicious villainess! Again, great job!!

  19. FHL says:

    WOW! Now that’s a SuperHeroine Movie. Stunning lead actress. Great peril. Makes it a must-buy.

  20. Drzod says:

    This is without a doubt the best release from Secret Heroine Films. Beautifully shot and well acted.

  21. Fantasizer says:

    Maybe you could do one with Adora too…!

  22. Ztc says:

    Amazing job hope to see you in future videos

  23. tim says:

    amy…AMAZING work!!! thanks so much for this one and i hope there will be more in the future!

  24. Jimbob says:

    Is there any inner dialogue or sex/forced orgasm in this?
    Thanks in advance!

  25. Django says:

    There’s no way I can pass this one up. Thanks SHF!

  26. Mike says:

    Any KO’s in this?

  27. Unmasked05 says:

    Now this was an amazing production and kudos to Amy for a phenomenal performance! I love that we got a heroine not normally used in these SHIP videos. I am still holding out hope that 1 day I can see a great Queen of Swords SHIP video with a great unmasking. Anyway congratulations to the team that created this video it was great!

    • AmyFantasy says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!!!

    • Jack Puncher says:

      Amy did a great job in this film and I would agree with Unmasked05 she would look good in a Queen of Swords film. I have always had a soft spot for the Queen.

      Whilst she generally easily outwitted the soldiers and made them look foolish there were some episodes where they did capture her. But did not take advantage of the situation. I envisage something along the following lines:-

      On capture the soldiers forcibly strip the struggling Queen to ensure she is carrying no concealed weapons. The soldiers really enjoy themselves doing this. Apart from her mask which at this stage she is allowed to retain the Queen is completely naked.

      The soldiers then restrain her AOH with her legs spread wide, very wide, apart. The whips are then brought into play working her body all over but concentrating on the tits and pussy. All the soldiers take turns so the arms wielding the whips are always fresh. Maybe more then one soldier at any one time.

      When the Queen is hanging limp from this punishment she is repositioned so the soldiers can ravage her which they do with a will taking full advantage of the opportunity. They intend to show her that everything she has is theirs and that they are in control.

      After they have finished they intend dragging her exhausted naked body behind their horses into town so the Queen can be unmasked in the town square before the population she tried to protect. Total humiliation on top of the punishment and ravaging she has already endured.

      However as the soldiers take a nap to recover from ravaging her the Queen is able to slip out of her bonds and escape.

      But she has to attend a social function that night and to not do so would draw attention to her. So we finish with the Queen in her best apparel trying to look relaxed and elegant at the function with senior military and the town government. With her body very stiff and sensitive, especially her tits and pussy, from her ordeal this is another very challenging situation that will require all her heroism.

  28. Amy Fantasy says:

    Hey guys! I’m super exited to hear your feedback on the film! We are trying a few new things and I hope you all enjoy it so I can get another chance to star again in future projects!
    If you guys like what you see and what to obtain extra content from the movie shoot or just want to see more of me you can get it on my Patreon!
    I have loads of sexy selfies, videos, behind the scenes and my private Snapchat on there!
    Take a peek!

    All the extra content from the She-Ra film can be obtained with just a $10 pledge it all goes towards helping me out with creating future cosplays and photoshoots.

    Thank you all so much!

    -Amy Fantasy

  29. Jeff says:

    I see the alien egg opening bit! But the one thing I don’t quite understand is what is coming from her mouth in one of the screen caps and the trailer. I believe it is a choking action but I’m just not sure what the white substance is supposed to be ? Otherwise great trailer and look forward to release

  30. Slapmutsky says:

    Goddamn it I can’t wait. That looks so amazing

  31. Mr. Hero says:

    Here is a full trailer for the video. The video will be for sale later today. Vidcaps will be uploaded too!


    • HorseWithNoName says:

      Great video, all around. Thank you, Amy Fatasy and thank you, Mr. Hero. Very inventive stuff. I think we are fast approaching the level at which Giga was some years ago. And yes, there is tentacle porn and it is very well done 🙂

    • Ztc says:

      Getting it when I get home from work

  32. Coolkid 24 says:

    She-ra in a tight bearhug with both arms trapped

  33. Rowdy says:

    Wow!!! She-ra and that costume are smoking hot. Would love to see more especially with a villainess!!

  34. Ztc says:

    You look amazing can’t wait for the full trailer and video

  35. AmyFantasy says:

    Amy Fantasy here!
    I’m SO exited for this movie, I think you will love it. We had allot of fun shooting this and I really enjoyed building the armor for this costume. If you guys don’t know me, you can follow me on IG and Facebook and see what I’m all about! @AmyFantasy ❤️
    I’m also a CosplayDeviant model if anyone here is familiar with their website, im a full time cosplayer and I just recently started getting into acting.
    I really hope you guys enjoy this so I can make more appearances in future films!

    Also, feel free to ask me any questions I love to make new friends

    • Jeff says:

      Hello me Amy and thank you very much for your brief introduction, glad to hear you had a fun time shooting this one. It looks very interesting indeed and you do wear the costume beautifully. She-Ra is a character I’ve only recently come to know and quite unsure of my feelings for her at the moment but glad to see more and more of her. I am interested in seeing this one when I am able to and hope everyone loves your performance. Once again thank you and hope you have a great week

    • saxman314 says:

      So cool that you actually made the costume yourself. There are a few actress/models in this genre who are genuinely into it, but not many. It makes a real difference. Very much looking forward to this vid!

      • AmyFantasy says:

        Yes I’ve been cosplaying for almost 10 years now, I love making costumes and props, it’s so fun! Every cosplay costume has a story, a journey and I always let something newwhen I make it.

  36. shevek says:

    Should be great…seems like Amy Fantasy is THE rising star of SHIP in the past year or so, and her central location in Portland near a lot of the best studios certainly doesn’t hurt her rise. She just seems very enthusiastic and into what she’s doing, very naturally sexy. Looking forward to this one!

    • AmyFantasy says:

      I’m glad you think I’m sexy! Woooo goals accomplished!

      • shevek says:

        Yes indeed. I’ve liked Eclipse, Bitch Squad, your WW/SG/GITS vids. Would love to see you work more with the talent in your area: Alex David, Ashley Lane, Belle Fatale, Krisa Kouture, even Stella Rae if she occasionally returns on camera. Solo is always nice, but the chemistry between two or more actresses is fascinating. Well..however you choose to do it, it’s great that you’re doing it.

  37. Darkwrath016 says:

    Long have I awaited a heroine whose costume is a skirt and was not super girl. Really looking forward to this one though. Nice change of attire from the typical leotard outfit that is currently saturating the genre.

  38. Steve says:

    Ahhhh! At LAST!! The “mighty” She-Ra helpless in live action!! I have waited SO long for this! Would love to see a sequel, this one having her go against the Sorceress! In any event, anxiously awaiting the release of this one!

  39. JohnG says:

    Please give us KO’s in this potential masterpiece!

  40. Fantasizer says:

    Oh yes!! What a PLEASANT surprise! The main thing about She-Ra is a tantalizingly short skirt. That seems to be re-created very well here. So do tease us with it 🙂 Hope there will be a ko too…

  41. Decendingskulls says:

    Get her Skeletor!

  42. bear lover says:

    hope to see she-ra in a bearhug!

  43. Knight92 says:

    Oh man…Can’t wait to get this! She-Ra is such a gorgeous and powerful heroine, and one of my favorites.

  44. HorseWithNoName says:

    While the trailer shows not much, the premise sounds very interesting.

  45. Wrecker says:

    We’ve probably all been wanting this since childhood, we just didn’t know it until now. Let’s hope for a follow-up with a lovely actress dressed as Teela (spelling?) from He-Man in a similar situation.

    • solitary unraveling says:

      Comic Strips made She-La Princess of Honor: Return of Hardak back in 2011. It’s still up on their clips for sale store. And looking at the page I see a few more Masters of the Universe related ones.

      • shevek says:

        There’s been others. For example XXXtremecomiXXX did a She-Ra vid with Loni Legend. And Randy Moore produced She-Ra Enslaved, Parts 1 & 2 for her site featuring herself as Evilynn and Cherie Deville as She-Ra. It’s great, but you won’t find it anymore because Randy took down her C4S site. I have it, though. This is one sexy character that I’m surprised Anastasia Pierce or Christina Carter didn’t get around to yet. Can’t wait to see Amy Fantasy’s take on it!

  46. Evilhigh80 says:

    She looks like that one cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean. Similar face and body. Maybe it’s her stage name. Hmmm.

    And speaking of which there’s one She-Ra cosplay done by an Angie Starr. Hers is a two piece variation of the She-Ra character. I’d like for a commissioned video request centered around her version someday.

    • AmyFantasy says:

      OMG I love both of these mentioned beautiful women! Thank you, such an honor
      You can find me on most social media under AmyFantasy

      • Evilhigh80 says:

        Awesome! You should do She-Ra again but in the two-piece version. And the really short skirt.
        I look forward to seeing more from you!

  47. Bruce Kent says:

    This looks great!

  48. Rover says: