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SHF Offering Custom Videos with Ashley Lane

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  1. fabio says:

    What a tease that last photo is… She looks incredible in that catsuit. I was so hoping it was a new video being released soon.

  2. Vikingo says:

    Ashley Lane in Wonder Woman outfit, Ashley as Wonderous Woman, I’m low in money in money now because I did about 3 custom videos with another web, but I could try make a custom video of Ashely as Wonderous Woman vs.The Mob or Wonderous Woman vs.Tattooed Gang.

  3. Judah says:

    Yo Tyler,

    You offet a custom with Dani G and Im there all day.

  4. gyang333 says:

    Wow! Is that last image of Ashley in that black leather outfit an upcoming release?

    • Doc Holiday says:

      Yup that leather outfit looks good, I would also like to know if it’s an upcoming release, maybe Mr. Hero might also be able to shed some light on a potential release date.

      • Mr. Hero says:

        Her in the leather outfit was just a photo shoot that I wanted to do. I still have that outfit for a custom…..wink wink nudge nudge

    • wjj says:

      I want to know too! The last picture seems fantastic!

  5. wjj says:

    will custom video be released for everyone? she is really my favorite especially her super ass, l love dagger, dark maiden, and starlet.