“Solaria Overcum” from The Battle for Earth

The Battle for Earth has released a new video called Solaria Overcum starring Blair Williams.


Contains: 1 on 1 creature/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, low blows, crawling, chloro, bearhugs front and rear, groping, topless, forced fuck with tentacle dick, involuntary O from sybian, cumshot, closeups and body pans

Synopsis: Solaria responds to an anonymous tip to find a helpless girl tied up and gagged. She immediately begins untying the bonds when in the background she hears what sounds like a squawk. The victim urges her to continue loosening the bonds with fear in her eyes. Unsuspecting of foul play, the untied “victim” produces a rag and chloros poor Solaria. She wakes to find herself in a locked room with a creature. The “victim’s” name is Stella and is now watching Solaria from a control room. Stella has prepared well for Solaria’s capture and defeat, and the creature is more powerful than anything Solaria has come across. With an implant it’s neck, Stella has full control of the creature should it choose not to follow her voice commands. Solaria tries to escape but the room really is locked down. Her only choice is to battle the creature. Find out if she survives…

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  1. Dark J says:

    Blair is simply amazing and the costume is perfect on her. Love all the wedgies she gets!

  2. redmanx says:

    Another great performance from Blair, she suffers so exquisitely! My one gripe, and its not even a gripe really, is that the outfit she wears is cut too high, its too revealing too soon, its like she forgot to put her tights on, lol. Blair has fabulous legs so I’d like to see her wear a little skirt too…it also would give her foe something to remove, lol. Looking forward to the sequel and more of the fabulous Blair!

    • saxman314 says:

      A skirt would be hotter, true. I remember thinking that while watching.

      • Sugarcoater says:

        I love the lack of the skirt. With it, it’s the lesser aspect of Supergirl’s outfit.
        However, if a high quality miniskirt were to be used, that could be intriguing. It’s just the current bland skirt that does nothing for me. Maybe a latex skirt or something with a shine to it would be nice to see.

  3. mrxstacy says:

    any news about the sequel? there’s a “to be continued…” ending. would like to know if solaria goes up against more brute force. i have always liked situations when the heroine combats a mindless brute and tries to reason with or appeal to the creature. reminds me of ww vs. gargantua or ww vs. zardor. the realization that the creature is impervious to her appeals makes for delectable peril.

  4. mid2018 says:

    We are getting too many Blair. It’s getting a bit tiring. Same actress, same costume.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Three in the last 12 months doesn’t seem like too much to me.
      But I am a fan of Blair as Solaria. Nonetheless, that total seems to hardly constitute too much Blair.

    • Ztc says:

      Nice parody of mine with coco but I am pretty sure Blair’s 3 is tiny compared to coco’s 15-20

  5. Valik says:

    Blair Williams is a perfect heroine. Athletic, gorgeous, amazing body and great reactions. I would love to see her in tights/pantyhose in one video however

    • Redmanx says:

      I agree, Blair is gorgeous, more “womanly” than some, but all the sexier for it as she carries herself so well. Blair can act too, and sells her beatings and defeats very convincingly, and here her descent into orgasmic fuelled madness is great to watch! Too much Blair Williams? That’s like saying theres too much air to breathe! LOL!

  6. Sugarcoater says:

    Any initial reviews by any chance?

    • saxman314 says:

      Review: This was better than most for me.

      Spoilers: Blair’s a hottie with a nice thick ass, thigh thighs and thick hips, and the outfit showed her off well. Whoever commissioned this one went for a slightly more creative tack than most, opting to do an opening scene showcasing the sex-crazed heroine being discovered by a lookie loo with an expensive camera– presumably after the events of this and the upcoming second video– before doing the bulk of the video as a flash-back as ostensibly shown on a storage device found by the lookie loo.

      From then on, she appears in a room to rescue the old damsel in distress tied to a chair, who’s not actually in distress. The scene proceeds in the typical fashion to appease the chloro fetishists, as there is no reason to actually knock the heroine out or have a damsel of any kind in the room, which we find out when she wakes up.

      As she comes to, she pontificates at the villainess over some hidden microphones or something while our villainess lets her know she’s in for a world of hurt. The heroine says smarmy and willful things and the villainess says maligning and gloating things. The heroine, at this point, discovers to her consternation that one of the doors to the room cannot be broken down or opened, and takes it for granted that the walls, floor and other entrance whence she came are equally reinforced. A safe bet, given the bad lady’s claims. By now, it’s obvious that our heroine has been trapped since she set foot in this room.

      At this time, the creature from the black lagoon is awakened. It’s green and it clicks and makes monster noises, only occasionally letting out a human grunt. The first scene with the green giant is fantastic, featuring something we truly do not get enough of: the struggling, still-fighting heroine being felt up by an overpowering opponent. He slams her against the wall and sinks his claws right into her fat ass, groping, squeezing and mauling her soft flesh as she whines and squirms. Wonderful. There’s a little more of this later when he’s got her on her back and he goes for her chest, but for the most part, they do the fighting thing, then the one-sided beating beyond the point of helplessness thing.

      There was a little bit of sub-plot about the villainess using some shocker thing to punish the beast any time the heroine seems to score a point. The bad girl seems to think the heroine should feel guilty about this, and maybe she squinted a bit about it… I don’t remember. The guilt trip was essentially ignored after the one time it was mentioned. I only bring it up because judging from Stella’s lines during this bit, it was clearly an important element to the client who commissioned the video, and clearly scripted by them. Either TBFE or the client could have done a lot more with the guilt angle, or if faced with time/budget constraints, left it out altogether.

      Anyway, at that point the gross green guy beats the heroine mercilessly, occasionally fondling her, and ticking some boxes along the way. In the interest of demonstrating their desire to sell videos, I’ll see how many boxes I can remember. We had:
      -Crotchital blunt force trauma (surprise, I know!). Check!
      -Picking up the heroine by grabbing her fallen body by the unitard, taking care to place the hand across her heroinely symbol (and breastesses) and scrunching it up while lifting. Check!
      -Extended scene whereupon a heroine who has been beaten into apparent punch-drunkenness instead acts remarkably tired, and crawls languidly across the floor, showcasing her curvaceous figure to great effect, navigating obstacles until apparently running out of steam and flopping to the floor, thereby worrying the monster that her now-immobile form is getting away and prompting further crotchital blunt force trauma in field goal format. Check!
      -Bear hugging. I don’t remember if it was front, back or both, but I do remember I didn’t have to skip ahead, so it wasn’t too long. Check!
      -Copious gropery while the heroine is out of it. Check!
      -As mentioned earlier, a little gropery while the heroine is actually still in the fight! Woohoo! Check!
      -In a nod to the old days of superheroine fetish videos (don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with feet lol), our heroine in her exquisitely high-cut outfit with the body (literally) of a porn star grows inquisitive while molested, asking “What are you doing,” and the like while entertaining the most basic unwanted physical attentions of the monster. She even does this when she wakes up while the monster is giving her the ole in-n-out, ifyaknowhatImean. Do you?
      -Sex. I mean sex. Or, more accurately rape, since she’s not a fan. Check!
      -Banging the heroine while she’s unconscious, only for her to wake up during the act and basically act like she’s still unconscious but for the whining. Check!

      The bad girl gloats throughout, mostly with Stella’s characteristic charm, though some awkward lines were… um… awkward.

      As for the overall quality of the video, we all know what to expect from TBFE by now in terms of visuals, audio, etc., which was great as usual. Blair is always fun to watch, and for me, the video was worth it for the one scene where she was forcefully groped up against the wall, since most of this genre doesn’t deal with the primal domination aspect of manhandling and molesting the heroine while she still thinks she’s a viable opponent for the villain. Most of the video did follow that format, including the sex scene: beat senseless or otherwise render defenseless, THEN get the jollies, and it did that as well as all the rest of the videos.

      The only thing I was missing was the heroine trying to escape, as promised in the blurb from TBFE. Sure, she tried to get out of the room, but she wasn’t running away… she was trying to get at the villainess. The only other time when she could conceivably have been trying to escape was when she was sloooowly crawling across the floor, though I thought while it was happening that she was just beaten senseless. In any case, I’d hoped to see a frightened heroine trying to rationalize a strategic retreat while turning her pretty ass around and running away, only to find herself trapped with a monster on her heels, and alas, that was not to be.

      All things considered, even though it’s the slow season for me and I promised myself I wouldn’t buy frivolous superheroine videos, I’m a sucker for a hot chick playing a hot heroine, and even more so for some proper male villain on heroine action. I’m glad I bought this one. Better than expected in some areas, and exactly what I bargained for in others.

      • Imagineer says:

        Crochital, breastesses, languidly, field goal format, copious gropery, literally: correct, all things considered, I give your review four stars. 🙂

      • Doc Holiday says:

        Such a scintillating review deserves mention and possibly even financial remuneration by site admin for future reviews. I want to read more please… 🙂

      • saxman314 says:

        ROFL thanks, gents. I just started to answer the question and kept going til I was done.

  7. Highonfire says:

    I love Blair Williams!!!!!! Instant buy.

  8. Valour says:

    Why didn’t the monster fuck Stella too? That would be more interesting to watch. Muahahahaha

  9. Daria says:

    What a hot preview! Phew! So I have a real soft spot for Solaria…but enough of my fantasies. This looks to have a really frightening opponent and one truly worthy of defeating a superheroine. I think this is another must-buy from TBE, one of my top favourite studios

  10. Jeff says:

    Myyyyyyy god….. this is one of the most beautiful previews, thank you!

  11. Bob says:

    Looks great. Thanks for putting out there without a wait time, hope it works for you too. On may way to purchase…

  12. Señor Descartes says:

    Holy shit.

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