“Sold” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. Kaizar says:

    100% of the time when a superheroine is manhandled, she’s manhandled by a man. Why can’t we ever get videos where the superheroine is manhandled by women. I mean there plenty of muscular woman in the fetish industry, that have also done superheroine videos, i.e. Brandi Mae & Megan Avalon & Goddess Rapture, just to name a few.

    • Imagineer says:

      Since you want those who commission superheroine videos to alter their future projects to meet your criteria, can you clarify your criteria?

      Is it okay for there to be a male character as long as he doesn’t manhandle the superheroine?
      Or must the video not have any male characters at all?

      • Kaizar says:

        I’m just saying in any superheroine peril videos in general. Not any one particular studio. People like to see something that hasn’t been done a million times. Like when they completely sidelined the romantic sub-plot in Black Panther, it was soo refreshing not to deal with a romantic sub plot that has been done to death in Hollywood movies. I also like to see future Hollywood movies & TV Shows not have any romantic love interest at all.

        So its really all the industries from Hollywood to Adult films. But at least Hollywood has started to step up to shake up formulas, despite all the old people on internet & social media complaining when Hollywood does soemthing different.

        • Imagineer says:

          Try to stay focused.
          “Why can’t we ever get videos where the superheroine is manhandled by women.” We can and we have, but you did not like these because they also had men manhandling the superheroine.
          In a future video where the superheroine is manhandled by a woman, should there be no men at all, or can men appear as long as they don’t manhandle the superheroine?
          What else do you want a video to have, or not have?

          • Darkwrath016 says:

            “Try to stay focus”…..hahhahaha

          • Kaizar says:

            I’ve never seen an superheroine fetish video were the villainess lifts the superheroine over her head nor breaks the superheroine’s back on her knee, nor “bearhug & lift” or even just bearhug for that matter. And the list goes on & on.

            I understand the skinny actresses can’t do it, but there are plenty of muscular actresses like Brandi Mae & Megan Avalon & Venus (from http://www.landofvenus.com ) & Goddess Rapture & etc.

            Also that muscular african-American woman from http://www.ultimate surrender.com

            But people are afraid of change, which is why they voted for Donald Trump, because he promise to do all of George W. Bush’s policies all over again with investigating voter fraud and de-regulation and trickle down econimics and etc.
            The only 2 candidates running on a platform of change were Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders with such new policies for America as universal free healthcare and free colleges and trickle up econimics and taxing rich people more then 40% of their income in taxes. (Really 99% of Bernie Sanders policies were just Hillary Clinton’s policies under a jewish man; Bernie Sanders).

          • Imagineer says:

            When I order the cheesecake, it’s not because I’m afraid of the tiramisu.
            But I’ll try to stay focused.

            Bearhug & lift:
            Several other physically dominating moves, too. Granted, no overhead lift (just on the shoulders) or backbreaker-on-the-knee (just on the shoulders).
            Did you not see these? Is there something about them that you dislike?

            Please continue the list, don’t just say it goes on & on. People need help understanding what appeals to you.

          • Kaizar says:

            I said muscular women not fat women. Huxley has a fat stomach with body fat and flabby arms. No abs & no biceps, and can’t lift an entire person over her head. Plus muscular women have curves, but fat women are just shaped like pears and apples. I’m talking about fit & tone bodies, not flabby bodies. Plus it would be nice to see a heroine or villainess who is strong actually look strong, especially if their a superheroine who gets overpowered by villainess because such & such reason, like removing wonder woman’s belt are taking out some kryptonite to weaken supergirl.

          • Imagineer says:

            I understand now.
            Good luck with the vinegar.

  2. HonestFish says:

    I enjoyed this video alot. While the initial fighting and heroine’s acting were on par, the latter half where she is chained up and in the mask was on the next level. Haven’t seen anything like it in this genre as far as the mask and sex club setup goes. Goldie’s acting and the camera/lighting and peril setup were perfect. SPOILER: at the end she’s chained up while multiple villains have their way with her. wonderous woman is overwhelmed by the pleasure and has to be carried out at the end by the villains who kidnapped her, all while they’re whispering in her ear that they’ve finally found a buyer. It really gave a sense of the dire peril that the heroine was in. The entire defeating conclusion we saw was only the intro for something much worse. It was great stuff. I’m not a huge fan of sexual peril but I love it when it’s done like this.

    • LaylaFan says:

      Sexual peril has really improved recently. While earlier vids took the simple( and now somewhat bland) defeat and sex scenario simply for the sake of it, videos like these really set the circumstance and build up for the final act.

      • Laylalover says:

        Support Layla to make such content she is now loosing her figure attractiveness…

        So she must come in some erotic scene…

        • Laylafan says:

          Her figure is still as good as ever, in my opinion. I would however, love to see her in an erotic scene without nudity/sex etc such as colossus and scorpia again. If you read my comment below, you’ll find a script based on the same idea

  3. rex says:

    Looks awesome so much peril and i like that her belt is her source of power like it should be

  4. Black_Out says:

    Certainly one of my all time favorites in the genre. Would of been a damn near perfect nail on the head for me if the costume would of been given more attention. A minor critique though in the scheme of things as this video was by far one of the hottest and better laid out presentations that I’ve come across. The only way I think it might be topped is to repeat the sentiment from Donny B. Yes, please, line up Christina Carter and TBFE crew and I think you might have a formula for one must have in this genre for quite a lot of fans.

    Still though, major props to ending the year with such a fantastic video and kudos to all involved.

  5. dkm says:

    I have this list of girls I’d love to see in a TBFE film. Goldie was near the top. Never thought I’d see it happen but I am so glad it did 🙂 I have hope we’ll see some of the other girls soon. I love the TBFE crew but would love to see new and different faces like Goldie.

  6. Heroineburgh says:

    Wow, Goldie Blair – what a good get! Amazingly voluptuous as always, and sexy British accent. Haven’t thought about her in quite a while, but apparently she is very active making her own clips on C4S and actively soliciting customs. She’s also back doing videos as her signature superheroine persona, Britannia. So this is all some welcome news. We’ll be sure to follow her more closely in the future. Good job, TBFE!

  7. Ted says:

    The greatest part of this is the gang of rapists at the end. It’s an actual gang of people. This is hinted at in other videos, but never actually seen. You actually see it in this one. TBFE finally, actually, did it. The best ever. I’m in love with Goldie.

  8. LaylaFan says:

    Loved this one, and a huge thanks to whoever commisioned it. The actress balances perfectly between being the cocky and arrogant heroine to being reduced to a mewling, submissive plaything by the end. This contrast(which tbfe always nails), adds so much more to the eroticness. The premise is raunchyb as well, which is something other vids fail to deliver.

    I had a similar idea for a custom with Layla, but with the sex and other r rated explicit stuff being implied rather than on screen. It’s certainly on par with the likes of colossus and scorpia. Here’s a premise. Hoping the commisioner of sold takes idea from this in the future-
    After several attempts at tracking down a notorious drug baron, Wonder Woman has finally caught a break by locating his headquarters. She takes out his entire gang before confronting the leader, who’s immediately awestruck by Diana’s luscious, hourglass figure.
    However, by very dumb luck, the leader manages to electrecute ww and knock her out. The henchmen wake up, and finding the unconcious WW, ask the leader to allow them to fuck her, but the boss has other plans.
    Turns out, the mafia is also involved in several strip and gentlemen clubs, and is constantly in need of supplying these clubs with fresh girls.
    Ww, who has by now woken up, hears the boss’ plans for her and openly mocks the boss. She easily breaks free but stops when the boss tells her that should any harm come to him, his men will kills the girls he keeps The man smiles at her cocky attitude, and decides on a bargain with WW.
    Wonder Woman must compete in an illegal, inter-gender underground wrestling competition organised by the mafia for their assosciates. The bargain is that if WW wins, the boss frees all the girls and lets WW go, and shuts down his shop for good. If WW loses, her ass is his: she would be employed in one of his ‘gentlemen’ clubs and would be his ‘property’ forever.
    An increasingly overconfident wonder woman haughtily accepts the challenge and is led to the ring. To her great surprise, the boss even gives her the magic belt back.
    On being led to the ring, WW engages in a somewhat provocative entrance for the audience,( no actual audience, just sounds of people shouting) actually enjoying the attention. she settles into the corner and awaits her opponent
    Mr Humiliator strides in, a large man in just wrestling pants and shoes. He barely gives any attention to his opponent and casually walks in to his corner.
    Through voiceover, we learn Ww’s disdain for her opponent and promising to kick his ass and shut down this perverted freakshow for good. ‘No mercy you sick fuck’ she mutters as the bell rings
    The fight begins
    Ww initially gets a few hits in, and her skill is quite superb, but wonders why she’s not doing as much damage as she used to. She soon realises that the belt the boss gave her was a fake, and she’s fighting Mr humiliator based on just skill.
    To make a long story short, Ww is savagely beaten, backbroken, cunt busted, head smashed put in various submission holds Soon enough, the humiliator has lived to his name, and reduced her to a sobbing, snivelling mess( Layla has the acting chops to pull this off) . The commentators will give live commentary describing the whole scene.
    Wonder Woman eventually falls to her knees, begging Mr Humilator for mercy. At the audience’s behest humiliator orders her to strip and dance for him, right there, in the ring, or he’ll fuck her. Happy to be free of the beating, Ww engages the audience in a degrading, slutty dance of sexual debauchry, with the commentators remarking at her showing her ‘real self’
    When the dance is over, Humiliator fucks ww anyway( only heavily implied, off screen)
    The next shot is of sn invitation card inviting the members of the mafia to the newly opened wonder club( it will have a photo of ww in lingerie on it)
    WW is seen performing for the guests around a pole, dollar notes in her lingerie . The boss describes in detail how he turned the arrogant heroine into an obedient slut.

    • LaylaFan says:

      I should add I’ve written to allen about this. Hoping to hear back from him.

      • Luis says:

        This story is excellent but Layla doesn’t do sexual scenes

        • LaylaFan says:

          As I said, all the sexual scenes(which is only 1)would be implied and done off screen. Ad for the other elements, they would be no more revealing than, say Scorpia or colossus. Thanks for the comment btw!

  9. BBBB says:

    Her facial expressions and voice and body are all perfect. Her acting and defiance were perfect. This is the number one video on SHG in my opinion, ever. I loved it more than i care to write here.

    • redmanx says:

      Goldies range of vocal sounds when she was getting punched, kicked, fxxcked etc were very realistic compared to those of other actresses in this genre where a few mild screams and oohs and aahs delivered in an even pitch are the limits of their ranges, but here you can hear the heroines pain and distress as she is pounded. Goldies physical reactions are great too as she staggers and lurches from one blow to the next. The sex elements were very well conceived and played out and again Goldie delivers a great performance. I liked this and its great to see Goldie, a legend of the adult movie genre, looking as hot as ever. well done TBFE!

      • Josh says:

        Yeah, This film and Goldie were phenomenal. Her reactions and facial expressions were perfect
        Anyone who says that the mask was not a good element of the final scene, but i disagree. Her body fit perfectly with it. I could have enjoyed it with or without mask. Actually, i would have loved to have seen both versions. I would love to ask if there will be a sequel. But if TBFE says yes, i will be too preoccupied with when and If they say no, I will be shattered and wonder how that would be possible. So I really don’t want an answer either way. I’m just coping with how awesome this one was. Traumatized.

  10. Rover says:

    Was surprised to see this crossover. And like the other comments, I was surprised to see how well she handled the role. No campiness. Great stuff.

  11. MAV says:

    Buxom Goldie has always looked and acted great, but the TBFE guys always make them look better with their cameras, lighting, etc. Hope they work with more of these models who we have seen in less elaborate setups.

  12. DonnyB says:

    I can’t believe how great Goldie looked in this. Her expressions were spot on. The peril and fighting were on point. This was a shock to see out of nowhere. TBFE really knocked it out of the park. Now, can you please get Christina Carter on your schedule and put her through the ringer in her WW outfit. Really guys, you KILLED IT.


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