“Spectrum v Sister Fate” from NGC Championship

Oh dear. Spectrum is lured once again to the Championship ring by the dastardly Announcer, and as usual she expects to win with her incredible powers. Her opponent is Sister Fate, a woman who has laid waste to opponents in and out of the ring for the past year, something Spectrum seems unaware of.

This will be a ‘Perfect 3’ battle, where the winner will need to score a KO, pin, and submission to get the victory. Things are made harder for Spectrum when she is limited to just 2 powers of her choice. Misunderstanding Sister Fate’s abilities, she makes poor choices, and we are left with a simple heroine v villain battle.

And it is simple if your name is Sister Fate. What follows is a complete and utter squash match with Spectrum being brought down several pegs and made to feel entirely inferior to the villain. One-sided simply doesn’t do this battle justice as a description and the hapless heroine soon learns what Super-Bluebird and others did the hard way, that Sister Fate is a villain that nobody seems able to counter when at full power. Watch the annihilation this Friday!



Member Gift:

The member gift for this release is from 2012’s ‘A Thorn In The Side’, where we found some very nice takes of Bluebird posing in both her first and second costumes for our camera. You can get hold of this found footage if you purchase ‘Spectrum v Sister Fate’ before Sunday evening.

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18 Responses

  1. Mid2018 says:

    Can those who purchased this video comment on the debooting sequence?

  2. Rob Hinx says:

    This is the first video featuring Spectrum that I’ve bought. I must admit that I thought some were facial expressions during the beat down were a bit wide of the mark; it’s almost as though she’s portraying horror rather than pain. Having said that, her sobs towards the end, when Sister Fate is really putting the hurt on her were spot on, she sold that beautifully.
    I like the way she cried out ‘Please let go’ in a similar to Bluebird in Broken Wings II. That figure of eight hold (apologies I don’t know if that’s the right name) is becoming Sister Fate’s signature end move.
    I enjoyed the interplay between Sister Fate and the announcer too. It’s looks like there’s some hostility from Sister Fate towards him. Then again maybe Sister Fate is just hostile to everyone.
    I’ll definitely be watching this again.

  3. Andy says:

    Spectrum is such a babe

  4. Deckard says:

    I’d love to see Sister Fate destroy Hotshot on the ring.

    • Mr.Bleh says:

      Yeah!…but make it a real back-and-forth, with both heroines “on the ropes”, so to speak, alternatively. Lots of bearhugs (please), with the point of the match being that one has to successfully hog tie the other….oh yeah, I’d buy that one!

      • Deckard says:

        Me, i’d rather that it would be Sister Fate giving Hotshot a one sided beatdown with lots of punches to the face. Hotshot has a lovely long hair and i think face punches are great to capitalise on the beauty that is to see hair flowing about from a reaction from being punched hard.
        I’m not particaully a fan of prolongued wrestling action like bearhugs and all other wrestling fight stuff. They can be great to look at moderation but most fight sites, and this is no exception, i’m affraid to say, overextend those sequences. While at the same time they underpresent fist-fighting. I guess they are just showing what most of the market wants to see, and it could also represent the makers of this videos own personal preferences as well. I guess i’m in a minority.

  5. Darkwrath016 says:

    On one hand, I am SUPER stoked for the return of Spectrum, my all time favorite heroine/actress combination. This actress in my opinion is just amazing to watch on screen. I love watching her portrayal of the mighty heroine Spectrum. She’s the best. This also looks to be an epic one sided beatdown and humiliation which I’m all in for. On the other hand, I can’t bear watching my beloved heroine slide further into jobber territory with an upcoming record of 0 wins and 3 losses. There wasn’t even a poll so one can assume that this was such a beat down that there was no alternative way it could have gone for Spectrum but in her defeat. Can’t even console myself with what could have been for the heroine…….sigh.

    (I’ve got complicated feelings for Spectrum if anyone was confused by the dichotomy there. I like seeing her in peril above all other heroines but I also like seeing her win in the end. Haven’t seen her win in quite sometime.)

    • Deckard says:

      Funny enough, i prefer to see my favorite heroines lose a fight in the Championship arena.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        99% of the time, it’s the case that I prefer watching heroines lose. Spectrum’s a little different. Between NGC’s story arch, the way they’ve written Spectrum and the actress’s portrayal of her, I’ve come to care way more about Spectrum as a character than I do as a heroine in peril. Unfortunately, that’s having unintended and frankly ironic consequences.

        • Deckard says:

          I read you, friend. I really understand you.
          Its just that for me female heroes, including super heroines like in NGC, i always prefer to see a female hero to eirher lose a unballanced fight in her disfavour or to see her lose a fight or even at the recipient of a one sided beatdown. For some reason, i connect and sympathise kmore with female heroes if they are the recipient of prolongued punishments in a fight. And always if they have long hair, as i love to see the hair flowing around as reaction to a strong punch or kick to the face. I think it’s a very aluring imagery.

  6. Mid2018 says:

    Are both of Spectrum’s boots debooted?

  7. bigphilly says:

    Can this be released on Friday please, looks awesome cannot wait!

  8. Spectrumfan says:

    YES! The mighty Spectrum debooted! Just look at that lovely nylon covered foot!

    • Deckard says:

      I noticed that foot fetish, namely debooting fetish, is quite prevalent among fem fight fans.
      Me, it’s seeing long hair (especialy blonde, light brown or red) flowing about as reaction from the impact of a strong punch/punches/kicks to the face.

  9. bbsucks says:

    Ha! Not leaving this one up to a vote? It’s almost like you know exactly how that would end up, already.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Yes, but there are precedents for example the first Erica v Dominator, which was a total squash a bit like this one, also Bluebird v KO Queen, which was a total squash a bit like this one.

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