“Spellbound: Zatanna vs Mary Jane” from Anastasia Pierce

Anastasia Pierce and Ludella Hahn star in a new video called Spellbound: Zatanna vs Mary Jane

"Spellbound: Zatanna vs Mary Jane" from Anastasia Pierce

a Super Heroine Magic Control and Girl Girl Freeze Parody


The Full Adventure – HD 1280 MP4 – https://clips4sale.com/5196/16279922
The Full Adventure – HD 1920 MP4 – https://clips4sale.com/5196/16280862
The Full Adventure- HD WMV – https://clips4sale.com/5196/16280744

Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna and Ludella Hahn as Mary Jane

Synopsis: Zatanna has just arrived on her summer retreat and already she can sense that she was followed by someone.

Mary Jane (Spider Man girlfriend) is the one after Zatanna this time. She is there to confront her and to stop her from continuing doing evil. But Zatanna does not want to be interrupted during her summer vacation. So to stop Mary Jane, she will use her magic control to turn her into her personal puppet!

Zatanna will take full advantage of the mesmerized super heroine, by humiliting her, making her dance and strip, black mail her and even unmask her… Mary Jane is completely helpless!

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna, Ludella Hahn as Mary Jane, SpiderGirl, Trap, Erotic Magic, Magic Control, Freeze, Stripping, girl-girl, Doll Fetish, Puppet, Blackmail, Mesmerize, Pantyhose Fetish, Authentic super heroine legendary costumes, Spanking, Brainwashed, SHIP, Super Villain, Fantasy, Nylon, Mind Control, Humiliation, Parody, Weak, Helpless, Peril, De-masking, Super-Heroine in Distress. DOOM, NO Escape

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  1. ODILE says:

    This issue seems to be fun and well done. I’m a fan of Ludellha and Anastasia, there are beautiful women. I only buy a superheroine movie when there is an unmasking scene, and there is one in this one, so that is ok for me. I’m gonna buy this issue very soon.