“SPIDEY SLAVE – Spider Girl becomes Catwoman’s Sex Slave” from Anastasia Pierce

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1 month ago

It would be nice to see the Spider character as a villainess putting the heroine in her web and so fort.

It would also be awesome to see someone as short as Dillon Harper VS. someone as tall as Ava Koxxx.

Also, what about muscular female heroine and/or villainess. Someone like Brandi Mae and Aleesha Young would be perfect.

2 months ago

Is “parody” an industry jargon for disguised pornography?

DarkStar avatar
2 months ago
Reply to  Deckard

No. Parody is more a legal way of making a video which features characters that are otherwise licensed by other companies. You can’t legally make a Wonder Woman movie, but you can make a parody of Wonder Woman.

Jeff avatar
3 months ago

Im glad ms Pierce brought back her Spider Girl character. I dont believe I have seen Penelope Kay before so I am interested in getting these new videos and seeing how they go.