“Starlet: Watery Grave” from Secret Heroine Films

Apparently taking inspiration from a famous scene in a superhero film from a generation ago, Secret Heroine Films has released a new video called Scarlet: Watery Grave. Check out the trailer for more…


New from Secret Heroine Films. Starring Ashley Lane as Starlet.

After bombs go off in the city, mighty super heroine Starlet goes after the man responsible, Luther. But he has been waiting for her. Armed with a cyborg who shoots red sun energy and a radioactive green crystal, Luther does whatever he wants to Starlet in her weakened state. Including spanking, a humiliating wedgy and throwing her in a pool with her weakness chained around her neck.

Please NOTE: This is a compiled video featuring the three shorter videos of SH Beatdown 11, 12 and 13. Watery Grave does not include any new footage that was in the three beatdowns.

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3 Responses

  1. Rover says:

    Probably my personal favorite girl in this genre. I’m not hugely into the explicit side of this genre, but I hope we get to see her in more movies regardless!

  2. cratchit says:

    Could someone please help me understand what is the difference (if any) between Secret Heroine Films and Secret Identity Films? They have separate web pages on SHG-Media. But the recently released video Starlet-Watery Grave (released by SHF) is apparently a composite of three shorter films released by SIF. What gives?

    • gyang333 says:

      The operator of both sites explained it to me once: SIF are customs, and SHF are ones he funds. Maybe the initial clips were funded as a custom?