“Starshot v Dominator” from NGC Championship

Starshot returns to NGC Championship to face off against The Dominator.

This weekend at NGC Championship we have Starshot returning to the ring against the mighty Dominator. Starshot knows it will be tough so has brought an insurance policy to keep things clean… The Deceptress. Erica knows all about The Dominator having suffered two crushing defeats at her hands. The Announcer is unsure of this arrangement, just what trick do the heroines have up their sleeves?

Note: This release includes a 2m45s video of Lady Victory out-takes that her fans will enjoy, and that is available for the first 48 hours after release.

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26 Responses

  1. Darkwrath016 says:

    Alright so onto the actual Championship. This may quite possible be my favorite championship match in the entire series thus far. The only reason why I’m holding off on giving it that top spot is because I don’t know if its because of the novelty of it having been released just yesterday. Also, I’m fairly biased to anything in which Starshot is in it so that’s also something to take into account. That said, this was an amazing episode of the championship. Honestly, if you’ve never brought a championship match before (and why wouldn’t you anyway) then this is the one to get. Why do I think this is awesome

    1) Starshot: Can we skip with the formalities and just state for a fact that this actress is the best seller of peril in the business right now. Her expressions, her varied cries of pain, her body reactions are superb and on full display here. But it’s not just her cries of pain and expression that really sell the peril though that is a HUGE thing because I can count on one hand actresses who are as good as this girl on just those two factors alone. This actress knows how to do the small things right that really sell the peril of the situation. Like that slight high pitch cry she gave when the Dominator unceremoniously tossed her to the ground after putting her in a bear hug to go deal with Erica. Or when she suffered a body slam and she tried to lift her head up a couple inches but then collapsed. Or when she held the small of her back after suffering a sharpshooter and body slam.

    2) The camaraderie between Starshot and Erica. These two are so great together and should star in more films as a duo. It was especially nice when in their lose ending, the two held each others hand as they endured the walk of shame.

    3) Moments in this match it felt like actual wrestling: Starshot takes a lot of punishment in this and looks great receiving it. However, it is the type of punishment that Starshot receives that made this one good. She suffers from a Sharpshooter, a chock slam (Erica suffers one too but doesn’t sell it as well as Starshot), arm lock, body slam, another chock-slam, bear hug and a couple others. And not once did her performance in selling peril or the individual moves falter.

    4) The interactions between all four characters in this one from Erica, Starshot, the Dominator and the Announcer: These four were great interacting and talking with each other. Actually, it’s usually the announcer that shines brightly when it comes to funny and witty dialogue. This time however, I found that all three women were better than the announcer in this one. My favorite interaction would have to be when the Dominator has Starshot in a bearhug, Starshot is struggling and the Dominator turns and asks Erica what she’s looking at. Erica responds “Absolutely nothing!” with as much venom and viciousness in her words. That was great.

    5) Starshot: Yeah I know I have a point about Starshot already but I need to make another one about this awesome actress. Man does she look hot knocked out and laid flat on her back on the canvas. And she suffers numerous knockouts in this one too. And what really makes it great is how her body position during these knockouts are all varied but feels natural. That last part is important because I’ve seen quite a number of actress who sell the knockout pose poorly. Sure they look sexy on the floor but then there’s something just unnatural in the way the their body would be positioned on the floor. Starshot excels at selling the knockout pose and looks amazingly sexy while doing so. Oh and the way she was pinned in her lose ending. HOTTEST. PIN. EVER!!

    There’s a couple other great things I could say about this but then this would be a really REALLY long post. Honestly I can’t recommend this championship match enough and especially if you’re a fan of Starshot and you like an actress who can sell peril really well.

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks again for the review of the Match itself!

    • Decibel says:

      What is a “knockout pose”? How does one “sell it poorly”? They all do it rather poorly, have you ever seen someone get knocked out? Their body becomes stiff 9/10 times, and they fall over like a tree, they don’t gracefully lump to the ground in a sexy way. Watch Holly Holm head kicking Ronda Rousey, her legs locked up and she fell straight to the ground, also you can’t sell something when there’s no legit looking contact, the camera shakes so much in these NGC videos that you can’t tell what’s actually happening, I remember bringing this up about NGC videos a year ago, and its still so incredibly bad in 2017, the camera shakes uncontrollably, why is that? I’ll tell you why, because their actors can’t “sell” the peril like you claim they can, its a cover-up for for bad acting. I know most users come to this website to fill a narrative for their fetish porn and praise everything no matter how awfully shot it is, this website even specifically states “no constructive criticism that might hurt the directors feelings”, and it encourages dog piling of people the community deems a heretic who give differing views.

      If you want to see how its actually done by professionals that are trying to make it look real, look no further than “Epic Chick Fight” on Youtube with Jessie Graff, or the Slug Street Scrappers series, you will see the difference between “selling” and pretending like you know what how to choreograph a fight. I get what you’re trying to do, butter up the director and all, but its the reason these NGC videos went from fantastic to atrocious over the last 3 “seasons”, when you tell a person what they’re doing is great when its not, they never change, and it never improves.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        Mmmm. I wasn’t quite sure whether or not I was going to respond to your post Decibel. I was already sucked into one controversy on another post and added quite a bit of fuel to that fire that kept that going. Last thing I want is for HeroineMovies to go ahead and ban me for stirring the pot one too many times. Alas, I can’t help myself so here I go (forgive the long post)

        First of all it’s not fair to compare NGC (or any other producer in this genre) to an actual fight series like UFC. I mean the two of them exist in completely different galaxies where the laws of physics are a bit different between them. SHIP films are built on the concept of exaggeration whereas UFC fighting is well….actual fighting involving actual contact, involving real life reaction. Even multi-million dollar movies on the big screen aren’t like UFC. If you’re looking for real life reaction like you would see in a UFC fight where the body locks up and falls straight to the ground then there’s not much anyone in the genre can do to help you on that score. At least not to my knowledge. As for me, I like my heroines falling to the ground in a sexy way. Makes them look vulnerable and adds a lot of appeal to their defeat. That’s just my thing though I’ll give you that many actresses, including in NGC, exaggerate the knockout pose so much that it looks rather awkward. And you can have these ladies fight like that in Epic Chick Fight but then I won’t get to see any of their beautiful reaction to the strikes that they are suffering which is one of the primary reasons why I purchase these videos in the first place.

        Shaky camera. This seems to be a specific issue that affects certain people. Either you hate it or you don’t mind it. I really didn’t care either way to be honest until I saw Broken Wings Part 1 staring Bluebird. That film had no shaky camera and there was one series of moves where it probably would have done well with it involved. You’re probably right that shaky camera hides bad fight choreography and selling but as stated before, this is a fetish built on exaggeration and requires a fair bit of imagination on ones part. If you can’t ‘fill’ in the blanks for yourself, make yourself believe that those blows actually connected, then there’s not really much to see here anyway. And you want to talk about shaky camera!? Go watch any live action movie not named The Matrix, John Wick, Atomic Blonde, or Kingsman and come back to me. God are fight scenes in most movies awful. Specifically, go watch Star Trek into Darkness.

        As for selling actual fight moves. Understand that NGC hires professional actress (at least that’s my understanding anyway). Many of them have probably never been in a fight and many of them probably won’t be in a fight even if it was acted out on TV or a movie so naturally a lot of their actions will look a bit awkward. I suppose NGC and other producers could hire professional stunt women to make the fights look a little bit more real but then (and there’s no way to say this delicately so I’m just going to say it anyway), the heroines probably wouldn’t look as sexy as they are now. Now, if you’re solely focused on fighting then that won’t be a problem but I like seeing beautiful super heroines get their asses handed to them after talking a tough game.

        The thing is though, all of your criticisms are probably correct but I wonder if you’re not observing these films with too fine of a magnifying glass. I mean, if we really start observing these things too closely, then the entire thing falls apart. These videos are a type of fantasy. Something in which I imagine many of us trick our brains into understanding automatically and as such are willing to overlook certain aspects.

        Also, I actually find it rather interesting in regards to you evolution on NGC production quality which as you claim, degraded over time. I’m actually the exact opposite. I didn’t really like their stuff in the beginning save for the bluebird videos. It actually got so bad that after buying a particular video back in 2011 or so (I forgot which one it was) and ended up hated said video, I boycotted NGC and swore never to buy another video from them again. Then that changed in 2014-2015 somewhere with season 3 and now they’ve become my favorite producer. Not all of their stuff works for me. I didn’t like Broken Wings though I’m not quite certain why that’s the case. Probably not enough peril. Probably not good enough fight sequence. Short of something being atrociously bad, i tend not to say negative things about a producers specific video. For one, this is a fetish so what may not work for me will work for someone else (as the comments in the Broken Wings video proved). If I do post a negative review I tend to wait a couple day or a week before doing so but recently I’ve abandoned the practice all together.

    • JohnG says:

      Agree that the variety of KO poses by Starshot makes her a top performer. Opening the mouth more would make it perfect.

      Dominator did some excellent selling herself on this one. She could improve by following Starshot’s lead along with the above advice. Well done NGC.

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    I was going to provide a review of this recent championship match (which was AMAZING by the way) but instead I’m going to talk about something else entirely. I’m going to talk about Fail Safe Sisters 3 knock-out city? Why? Well because this week’s member’s package had a lovely out take of Lady Victory in this week’s email to members regarding this Starshot championship match. We were treated to a few behind the scene moments featuring her and because of that I was prompted to purchase the episode (I blame you guys NGC for making me do this).

    First. The actress who plays Lady Victory is just too lovely. There are few actresses in this genre who I could just listen to talk and act all day without selling much peril. These are Diva, Layla, Spectrum and I’m happy to now add Lady Victory to that list. She had some amazing lines in this one that she delivered so well that I kept on rewinding just to hear them. Two lines in particular come to mind. First when she says “you’re making the rules as we go along” and then when she says “Two nothing, I believe”. God! She was so lovely. So awesome. I can see why so many people (myself now) adored her. I was late to the party having only come to enjoy her videos in championship matches released last year but I’m glad that I’ve purchased this one. Please come back to NGC Lady Victory. We need you in our lives once more.

    Acting skills of Lady Victory aside, the video itself was actually pretty good. Lady Victory starts out strong getting the upper hand over KO queen twice (!!) knocking out the villainess and looking every bit heroic as she does so. However, things go pretty downhill from there and Lady Victory takes quite a beating that she sells really well. I’ll admit that I wished the beatdown of Lady Victory was a little longer. Perhaps an extra two minutes or so but as I said before, the beatdown of Lady Victory was well done and highly enjoyable. Elbows to the face, knee to the face. Stomach punches. Rake to the eyes. Eventually both KO queen and Lady Victory end up knocked out together before Lady Victory is ambushed from behind leading to her eventual knockout again. And it’s always quite the site to see Lady Victory laid out flat on her back.

    **I will provide a review of this week’s championship match but honestly, if you’re a fan of Starshot–and who isn’t really–then there’s no reason not to purchase this week’s championship match**

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks so much for the review! Your words are spots on about everything! I’m sadly unable to purchase a few to see the members extras this week and the past episode but from what I’ve seen of Lady Victory Starshot Erica and The Dominator of people can then I say do eeeeet and get this video! I am definitely looking forward to picking this up when I can!

  3. Darkwrath016 says:

    Look who’s back. Look who’s back!! LOOK. WHO’S. BACK!!!!!
    It’s COMET GIRL!!


  4. Tim Caine says:

    Even if Erica is only in this getting Wrecked for 10% of the video its still an instant buy. In my opinion the 2 times that the Dominator wiped the mat with Erica are the 2 best videos in the entire NGC Championship history.

    My dream is that they make it a trilogy. I’d love to see Erica destroyed by the Dominator one more time. Especially if NGC is able to come up with even more ways for the Dominator to punish her. Nobody dominates like the Dominator and nobody looks better as a helpless jobber than Erica.

    Can it be done? Make it a trilogy? One more time? … PLEASE, OH PLEASE!

  5. Geo10 says:

    Really looking forward to the member’s extras! I love Lady V.!

  6. Besugo says:

    A low blow! In a NGC clip! That’s pretty rare. Yet looks like she don’t hold her crotch, but her thights. Anyway I still hope for a video where the Dominator is beaten up very, very badly.

    • Nailu says:

      It’s happened before. Deceptress got kicked in the crotch from behind during Deceptress Destroyed and she didn’t react like it was that painful.

      • Besugo says:

        So why even add low blows, if reactions are terrible? Don’t do it, it’s fine. I prefer a video whitout low blows than a video with low blows with awful reactions.

    • shmarbles says:

      erica got her crotch stomped on multiples times by dominator

  7. shmarbles says:

    I just want to see erika get wrecked again.

  8. JohnG says:

    It would be nice if we could, just this once, get a long and lingering ko shot of the mighty Domintor laid out, jaw agape with a mild twitch…..

  9. shmarbles says:

    This is coming out at the end of the week?

  10. Darkwrath016 says:

    Well this certainly looks amazing. Even though everything’s better with Starshot in it and she’s my second favorite heroine right now, the initial preview pictures weren’t really selling me on whether or not I’d be interested in it. That video and that picture of a pinned Starshot instantly changed my mind. Can’t wait for Friday now!

    *Seriously! That picture of Starshot being pinned should be like the official NGC championship banner, displayed prominently on the home page*

  11. Eeeek says:

    Nice! Some better boots!