“Starshot v Hotshot” from NGC Championship

It’s ‘The Battle Of The Shots’ as Starshot and Hotshot go head to head in a classic pin or submission encounter. Perhaps in another dimension they might have been friends, but in the championship ring it’s every woman for herself! No quarter is given as these two heroine babes take their frustrations out on each other to the delight of the Announcer. Both combatants are yet to win a battle in the Championship but that is now certain to change. Who do you want to win? Vote now on the website. Poll closes on Wednesday for a Friday release.



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To go with ‘Starshot v Hotshot’ we are also releasing unseen video of Infinity Girl from last year’s ‘Settling Scores’. The blonde bombshell is on fire in this one and any fan will enjoy what we’ve prepared… including a sneak preview of a release coming this month starring Infinity Girl and Spectrum. This gift will be deleted on Sunday so get your copy of ‘Starshot v Hotshot’ as soon as you can.

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38 Responses

  1. Bobster says:

    Next time we get a one sided beat down in ring can we get the Heel to do some fake pins on the girl she’s beating up? Like break up the pin without the girl kicking out for more punishment before finally finishing her off? And maybe day something like “I’m not done with you yet” or “you’re not getting out of this so easy” and laugh about it?

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      This has actually happened before though. Check out Virtue v Miss Suppression championship match where Miss Suppression either two or three times knocked Virtue to the ground, pinned her and before the count of three pulled her off the mat to continue punishment.

      • Bobster says:

        Nice dude, didn’t know I’ve downloaded most of the one sided matches but must’ve missed that one. Would still like to see it again. Or an Iron woman match thats totally one sided and the heroine gets pinned a ton of times. I think another guy mention this idea already on another video thread but I have to say I agree with this idea too!

        • Next Global Crisis says:

          Lucy Zillion v Harbinger has Lucy getting pinned A LOT. Maybe you’ve got that one?

          • Bobster says:

            Hey, thanks for getting back. No I don’t have that one. Not a big fan of Zillions outfit, wayyy too covered up for me. Would like something like that with any of the more scantily clad heroines on the receiving end though. I may stop check this recommendation out going to look for preview pics now.

          • Jeff says:

            You really should check it out! She may be more covered than the other heroines but she really is a knockout, so to speak. And I must say so is Harbinger. if anything their acting pretty awesome in my opinion. I really loved the way Harbinger moved in Season 3 episode 7 or 8 I believe

          • Dr Mabuse says:

            Yeah, if you like to see a heroine really put through the ringer, Harbinger v Lucy Z is a must-have. I’m not a fan of Lucy’s outfit either, although my problem is more with the color (looks like a sports club uniform) than with the coverage or fit (the fit is *very good*). Harbinger is great as well, her look and her moves.

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    Sigh. I haven’t stopped re-watching this since it came out. Starshot is such an amazing woman and such a beautiful heroine to watch. I pray to the gods that we see much more of her in 2018. There can never be too much Starshot.

  3. Beast says:

    If every episode from now on is starring with Starshot i wont complaint. Loved the video. Loved the girls. Loved the member gift with the stunning infinity girl. Loved starshot long hair.

  4. Deckard says:

    On a much lighter note, I’m a huge fan of Hotshot’s hair. Its stunning to look at. I hope she doesn’t do like Wonderstrike and cuts it shorter.

  5. Darkwrath016 says:

    Let’s start this review off with Starshot. It’s one thing to see pictures of her and say, “oh my god! She’s gorgeous”. Quite another to see her in a video. And quite another thing to see her in a video of high quality and little grain. I was totally captivated by her throughout the video. Naturally of course anyone who’s enjoyed Starshot’s previous work will find a lot to like here as well as she hasn’t lost a step in her selling ability of peril. Like I’ve said before, besides making the right noises in pain (oh wow that sounded a bit lewd) it’s the little things she does right. The holding her stomach in pain. The staggering shuffle as she recovers from a knee to the face. The dazed and disoriented look as Hotshot has her way with her throwing her off the ropes. The absolutely AMAZING facial expressions. It’s those combination of things that make her the best in the genre. Hands down. But perhaps the one thing I really enjoyed most from her outing is how much her acting has improved. As great as she has been in the past I always found the delivery of her lines a bit…forced at times. Well not today (or whenever this was shot). She really came through on the acting front all throughout the video. Showed a good range of emotions from annoyance, to disappointed to fierce intensity when fighting. Brings out the personality of Starshot which I hope to see more of.

    The fight chorography was pretty good and what you’d expect from an NGC video. Great variety of moves including a modified stunner that Hotshot received that I was pretty impressed with. The one move that surprised me that I found really enticing and my favorite of the match was when Hotshot and Starshot locked arms and Hotshot slowly but surely drove Starshot back into the corner even as Starshot tried her hardest to push back. I guess it’s something about seeing Starshot being dominated strength wise by the young rookie heroine in Hotshot that I found appealing.

    What about Hotshot? Well here’s the thing. I have virtually ZERO interest in catsuit attire. I’ve watched many of my favorite heroines don the skin tight costume and my interest in them craters to subterranean levels. See reviews below for Hotshot because I can’t be objective here.

    Anyway that’s the good. Now for the bad. Well not so much bad but just a tad off I should say. For one its short. 10 minutes is probably good for a heroine v villainess bout but in a heroine v heroine battle it’s selling it short. Not enough time to really savor any particular standout moment. Another thing? Hotshot. I by no means intend to criticize her here but during large segments of the fighting—not all the time but a noticeable amount—Hotshot grunts when attacking overpowered Starshot cries of pain. Actually, the same thing happened in Spectrum v Deceptress last month. Spectrum’s attacking grunts completely overpowered Erica’s cries which made me initially think that Erica didn’t act/sell peril all that well. It was only after my fourth or so run through of that battle did I realize and hear what was happening and the same thing happened in this championship match. Here’s the thing. I appreciate that level of enthusiasm. It actually makes a lot of the attacks seem realistic at times and works well in heroine v villain(ess) bouts. However in heroine v heroine battles both heroines are not only sharing the spotlight but are complimenting each other as well. Therefore the level of intensity for attacking grunts needs to be toned all the way down relative to the actress receiving the attack. It could also just be the enclosed circular nature of the room too. I hear the faint sounds of an echo at times.

    Another thing that was a tad bit off was the use of Hotshot’s ‘power’ which results in a miniature slow motion moments. They were cool and all and would be great when she squares off against a villain but what these slow-motion moments did was distort Starshot cries of pain thus taking away from the peril that she was suffering. But you know, these are just a couple more reason why Starshot needs her own solo adventures (note the plural). Something along the lines of Déjà vu part 2, or A game of two halves where she’s not sharing the spotlight with anyone, suffers tons of peril but wins in the end.

    Truth be told though, if you asked me to rate this I would probably give it an 8/10 and Starshot’s performance would be a 10/10. There were just things that were in here that threw me off a bit but still plenty of action that will be on replay for a while. So if anyone is a fan of Starshot (and who isn’t) then I seriously suggest picking this up regardless of what dissenting opinions I wrote earlier which have more to do with the overall arc of the championship. You won’t be disappointed with her. And to repeat. Starshot looks absolutely lovely and gorgeous and drop dead beautiful with her hair down like that.

    Also. Tough Justice is back! Whoa! I was wondering what became of that. And also: The Heroine’s Network launches! Double whoa!! I hope these heroines kick major ass in this video. Don’t get me wrong. I like peril as much as the next guy but it’ll be a nice change of pace to see the heroine’s not just win but be dominant. At least that’s what I hope the Heroine’s Network is.

    And Jesus Christ Spectrum. You talked for like 10 seconds and you completely enthralled me. WTF!

    • Deckard says:

      I really enjoyed your post. I don’t agree with everything but that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the read.
      I do have to add to you also my desire to see Hotshot in her own adventures. I’m sure the NGC people have something interesting planned up for her. And like you said, i do hop it involves quite a few peril situations for the newly arrived heroine.

  6. Next Global Crisis says:

    Ok I will tackle a few of the comments here. Hotshot isn’t punched enough in this video… I can promise you that I’m not actually writing the scripts thinking “What might really annoy a couple of people in the future who haven’t even seen this girl yet and who I’m not even aware of?” Because that would make me a time traveller. I don’t want to destroy any mystique for you, but this video was shot on the same day as the previous one, so how she can be prettier in one and not the other I guess can only be fatigue.

    How can Hotshot beat the ‘veteran’ Starshot?… I don’t know what qualifies a veteran, but Starshot has only been around 1 year longer. We’ve also introduced new characters who are actually very strong, they don’t all start at the same level. Also, this Is democratic, the heroine who wins was voted on. This was not a custom. If you want a Hotshot gets destroyed in the ring video then you can get in contact about a custom and I can see what is possible, otherwise maybe it will happen in the future anyway or maybe not.

    Inconsistencies… INEVITABLE. None of these actors are tied to contracts and none of them see me frequently enough to give any consideration in their day to day lives. 50% of all story videos were not what I intended on paper because I could not get the person I needed on the day I needed them. I try to keep it as tight as I can, there are bound to be loose ends though as people become unavailable whose character is in the midst of a main story line.

    I’m just trying to be entertaining and make fun superheroine fight films. I’m not trying to annoy you or wreck your weekend. Individuals have VERY individual wants, but particularly in this instance, how can I cater to a very specific want when I’m filming with a new girl no one has even seen yet? Like I always say, if you are desperate to see a particular thing then email me with your custom idea, otherwise, don’t worry too much because there will be something else next week you might enjoy more.

    Thanks to those who enjoyed it and made comments too.

    • Rizo says:

      Keep doing you

    • Deckard says:


      Before i start my digress, i’d like to make a shorter good natured observation on the concept of veteran. Satrshot being aroundfor a year already makes he r a veteran. Reminds me of the RAF pilots during the Battle Of Britain, if you had been in more than 3 sorties and survived you were a veteran. Compared to Hotshot, Starhot certainly constitutes a veteran. Those are my two pences on the matter, be I right or wrong.

      My dear NGC, the topics you addressed above are about some things i have posted in my coments so i feel like i should do a bit of counter-coment of my own. Of course I merely speak for myself alone, so i make a fool of myself all of my own.

      I’m not worried about inconsistencies caused by reality. Those for me are the least concern. I truly sympathise. I have to. When things are dependen ton the availability of the actresses, who have their own lifes and carrers the end result has always to accomodate reality. I’m aware of that and i think it’s unkind to “bitch” about that.

      The inconsistency i did mentioned is more to do with narrative logic, if i might call it such. I’m aware that Hotshot is supposed to be a natural powered superhero, she is strong from the get go. That’s fine. But as a newbie, she should be inexperienced, i think. Meaning, even if she is stronger than many of the veterans, the veterans have experience on their side and that should count.

      I’m not opposed to the notion that Hotshot could win even if a newbie against a veteran. A veteran can have hubris in regard to a newbie and suffer for it. But i think, in my opinion, that a good way to turn that into a narrative is to have the strong but unskiled newbie, in this case Hotshot suffer a beatdown from the veteran, but because she is so strong she can absorved the punishment and even use that to make a surprise last second second win-type assault on the unsuspecting veteran and win the fight with a well placed “fatal” strike.

      Unless i’m mistaken, it looks to me the intention of Hotshot is to for her to be both a Lighting Bruiser and a Glass Cannon without any grass on her. A Steel Cannon if you will. I think this makes her way too overpowered. I can accept more easily an overpowered villain because this helps drama. But a very powerful heroine, one right from the start, robs the drama of the peril she would face, and again, rods of any tension or drama. Its my personal belief that heroines should, evne in win scenarios, he the ones who suffer more punishment in a fight, so the win feels earned and from effort and smarts. So far all of Hotshot’s fights her victory came easy and her defeat could have been a victory if not for the Gods Of Script.

      Now, i’m sure my post above reads like an harsh criticism. If it comes across like that i profusely appologise. It is not intented to be like that but to be a constructive criticism and if it doesn’t read like that it’s because i failed to convey my ideas into writting.

      The truth is, if i didn’t cared i would had give myself the trouble to post and try to offer my ideas on the subject, for all they are worth.

      But i’m going to end this post with a positive and not just about this video in particular but to all of the NGC videos i have seen. The praise i have to give to all of them is the overall filmquality. I can for certain the NGC videos are the best well shot and framed videos of the entire Fem Fight genre that cna be seen on the Net. The framming in particular is of professional quality, the kind seen in studio movies. Never onc ei have seen a bad set up or a bad framing, quite the opposite, all shots are clear, and right to the point and to make maximum visual clarity. If i had to guess, the NGC team must be film students, and if they aren’t, them they are inspired amateurs who have the same aestetic and visual narrative instinct of the professionals. I applaude you, sirs.

      As always, thank you for reading and I’m sorry if i cam too harsh, not my intention at all. I am a fan, after all. All the best for you and keep up the good work.

  7. Deckard says:

    While the fight was not completely to what i would had prefered, i do have to say, Hotshot looks even prettier than she was in her first video, which is saying a lot. I really love her long hair.
    The other girl is also quite a looker as well. There’s no shortage of good looks in this videos… only punches!

  8. Dr Mabuse says:

    Friday at last, and this week’s release does NOT disappoint. Personally, I thought there was enough punching and appreciate the variety of combat moves. I particularly enjoy the clinch holds in these fights, with the opponents leaning into each other and testing their strength. We get to see the heroines struggle and clinches raise the tension in the fight, as either one could potentially come out ahead.

    Starshot’s my fav, of course, and it’s spectacular to see her again. As others have noted, she’s absolutely stunning in defeat, and I enjoy her obvious frustration with her poor start in the Championship. He may be a first-class creep, but I have to sympathize with the Announcer when he tells her “I enjoy seeing you struggle.”

    It’s only Hotshot’s second appearance, but liking her a lot so far as well. First off, she’s hot, and the outfit suits her sleek, no-nonsense character. Second, her personality fits her name to a T. Between her constant trash-talking and her apparent readiness to chase after Starshot for a rematch after her lose ending, she comes across as the classic cocky newcomer.

    Will we get to see Hotshot in a non-Championship video any time soon? I’d love to see what she can do outside the confines of a ring match. Also, she seems like the kind of young, talented neophyte heroine who will get in over her head. Now that I think about it, that’s kind of what Starshot was like not too long ago.

    The members gift was especially welcome to me this week, since I’m a huge Infinity Girl fan and her appearances are too infrequent (IMO). On top of the extra IG material, however, is a teaser for her next appearance (teamed with Spectrum) that I am over the moon about. I can’t wait for the previews of this video! In fact, the only thing that keeps me from demanding that NGC change their production schedule and release it next is that the actual next release will be a return appearance from Comet Girl. And it looks like there’s a little costume roulette in store for her!

    • Deckard says:

      ” […] she [Hotshot] seems like the kind of young, talented neophyte heroine who will get in over her head.”

      That’s what I’m hoping as well. And with some luck, finally we get a video where she is punched a lot by the veteran villains.

  9. Deckard says:

    Even on a rainy day a day with a new Hotshot NGC video is like a sunny spring day. She has become my new fave NGC character.

    This is, of course, my own personal opinion about the video. To wit:

    The good stuff:
    – Hotshot is back.
    – Production values are really good, as always.
    . Hotshot is back.
    – Starshot is pretty good too.
    – Hotshot is back.

    My nitpicks:
    – Video is too short – but isn’t that true to all good things?

    – There’s still a great paupacity of punchings and face hits. I’m aware the whole point of this NGC Championships are fights based on pro-wrestling, but there’s too much saving on the punches. More
    (much more) would be better.

    – I think the wrong girl won. Thankfully we have the alternative ending to set things right.

    – Hotshot doesn’t get enough punches and kicks. My own preferences aside, i think Hotshot as the rookie of the show should had much more trouble in her fights against the other girls who are veterans. Even in win scenarios, Hotshot should, by far, be the one in the most trouble, getting most of the punches and kicks andbe the one failing to hit the adversary as well.

    My point is, if Hotshot keeps having this ballanced fights against veretans or even dominating them as she has done so far, she could be in danger of becoming a Mary Sue, and that would be a shame for such a captivating character. Let her get some brutal defeats before she wins her spurs.

    That’s my two cents, anyway. Thanks for reading.

    • Besugo says:

      Hotshot doesn’t take punches? Again? Another wasted episode for me. Thanks for the info.

      • Deckard says:

        She takes some punches, but not much enough to even register in the fight. I do think this lacking of punches on Hotshot has been the greatest missed opportunities of her videos.

        • Darkwrath016 says:

          I mean it depends on what you consider “some punches” and what you consider “register”. I guess if you’re looking for a video full of punches, like last month’s championship match, then yeah sure. Its woefully short in that regard. But last month was a boxing match. This month is a regular fight. There’s quite a bit of variety in the action here. Also, Hotshot got her share of punches in the beginning. And anyway, I think you Hotshot fans got the best move in the match which was Starshot’s modified stunner to Hotshot resulting in the latter lying flat on her back. Had that happened to Starshot boy would I have been extremely happy.

          • Deckard says:

            I pray for a fight with Hotshot full of punches like a boxing match or the likes of it. I beleive she is long overdue on a fight match like that, and hopefuly where she is the recepient of a lot of punches.
            Until then, fights like this one, while entertaining, seems to be lost on her.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      You know what Deckard. I completely understand where you are coming from with your last three paragraphs. I’m going to go about it a different way though but I think we end up saying roughly the same thing. I find the championship is kind of turning into a strange parody. Speaking from a strictly storyline basis, like you said, Hotshot should have had way more trouble against Starshot because she’s a rookie and Starshot is a junior heroine at this point. Naturally I also feel as though the wrong girl won precisely because Starshot is more experienced. The championship records of these girls is also becoming a problem. Starshot is now 0-3, Lady Victory 0-6, Spectrum 0-2 (against 2 heroines mind you so naturally there’s at least one loss on the way against a villainess). Like aren’t these girls supposed to be really good fighters. Why are they and a couple others winless? And one might say well the championship is its own thing, in its own dimension/parallel universe which is fine. But then NGC muddied the waters when in a promotional picture for the recent video A Game of Two Halves it asked something along the lines of “can Wonderstrike maintain her winning streak?” What winning streak? As far as the main story is concerned, Wonderstrike’s lost all three (and now four) battles she’s faced! The only winning streak there is, is her championship one (which I’m actively cheering for by the way). How can that have any relevance to the main story line? How can someone who lost all their battles be top heroine?

      The problem though is that NGC is a victim of their own success. Like someone said before: “I came here for the girls but now I stayed for the story”. Same with me. I love the peril and I’ll continue to love the peril as NGC is the best at it but I’ve slowly become captivated by the heroine’s themselves and their struggles. I’ve become extremely interested in this universe that NGC has successfully built and I’ve come to care about the girl’s fate and actions. And as with any fan, inconsistencies begin to bother me a bit. From a story perspective anyway.

      Anyway don’t listen to me though NGC. I’m just complaining. There was a time when I wanted the heroines to lose when they were winning all the time! I wouldn’t change the structure of the championship or anything else for that matter despite how I’m beginning to feel about it these days. I’m still going to buy your stuff. I still enjoy 90% of what you guys put out. I’m still going to leave a favorable word or two (or a hundred) for things I like. I might just have to put myself through a few mental hoops to explain some of these ‘irregularities’ is all. Just wanted to share my two cents as well.

      • Deckard says:

        What you said, Darkwrath. This.

        Risking repeating myself, my only problem with Hotshot, and it just aplies to her, and only in a question of internal consistency, is that she just have her fights too easy against veterans girls. She’s always the one who gets the less punches or punishment in a fight, i feel no peril at all about her. This is what i think she is getting close to be a Mary Sue. Which i would hate to see happen to her, as i have said before, i like her pratically right on first sight right from her first video. I think in her there is great potential to be like a next Bluebird. But her easy wins in the Champtionship and that she is barely touched by the adversaries, she barely gets punched and is far less than her veteran adversaries, makes he look she came fully formed, instead of having her own character arc and progression.
        I wonder if this is merely a quirk for the Championship and when Hotshot finally makes her debut in the main NGC narrative she will have it much harder, as she should as a rookie and junior heroine.

        I do plan to buy all the videos with Hotshot. Make no mistake, for all my complains, i’m a big fan of Hotshot, i like the character a lot. I just have nitpicks about how she has been handled in the Championship, that’s all. NGC, you can have Hotshot take many punches, she wont break!

  10. Mike3 says:

    Regardless of who wins, this is an instant buy for me but I have to say that it’s mainly because of Starshot. I absolutely love watching her perform, and she is soooo sexy when she’s defeated! 🙂

  11. Wrecker says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever anguished over a decision as much as I have this one.

  12. Next Global Crisis says:

    As is often the case in Heroine v Heroine battles, the voting is quite close, so make sure you vote before the poll closes on Wednesday as your choice really will matter.

  13. Besugo says:

    Hope that Hotshot will take more than two hits this time. She needs to be part of a video where she’s beaten up hard, like the last Deja Vu video.

    • Mr.Bleh says:

      They both do. I know Starshot shows the agony of being beaten down really well.

    • Deckard says:

      I’m sorry to disappoint, but she doesn’t take all that much more than she took in her first video. It barely registers.

  14. Darkwrath016 says:

    Also, let me see if I understand NGC’s April lineup correctly. Starshot this week, Comet Girl sometime following and Spectrum sometime after that (or vice versa for the last two). You can’t do that NGC. That’s way too much awesomeness in one month.

  15. AlyAdmirer says:

    MAN, I love Starshot’s hair down look…

  16. Dr Mabuse says:

    Yes! How much good news can be packed into one post? This much:

    – Return of Starshot (with her hair down!)
    – Return of Hotshot (anxious to see what she’s capable of, in and out of the ring; will she be appearing in a non-Championship video any time soon?)
    – A Championship match between two scoreless combatants who both look like they’re willing to go all out for a win (and put each other through the ringer to do it)
    – Infinity Girl footage for the Members Gift (from a fantastic but tragically short video)
    – Sneak preview of a brand new video with IG and Spectrum (a dream team if ever there was one!)

    Any one of those is cause for celebration.

  17. Darkwrath016 says:

    Is it Friday yet! Is it Friday yet! It’s only Monday? BLAST!!!

    Honestly, I did not think it was possible for Starshot to get any more beautiful from her outing in The Decider but somehow she has managed to surpass even that stratospheric bar that she had set.