UPDATED! “Starshot v Malicia” from NGC Championship

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  1. Beastgeallow says:

    Its impossible to not love starshot after that victory ending. Glorious

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    This is a great championship match that I found highly enjoyable and will re-watch time and time again, easily falling into my top 5 favorite matches. I’m not going to say that this is the best championship match, or my favorite championship match, or the best produced championship match. It’s not ground breaking and it doesn’t have the greatest most awesome beat down ever but it doesn’t need to be. Starshot is amazing. It’s well lit. It’s well edited. It’s well produced. It has pretty good peril for Starshot and it’s decently priced. For any fan of Starshot (as I am) this deserves to be in the collection. For anyone new to Starshot, this goes in the collection. And if you’re not a fan of Starshot then I’ll ask what the hell’s wrong with you?…… I kid. We all have our favorites.

    First: Starshot is the best. I know I’ve said that before but I’ll keep on saying it. Starshot. Is. The Best! She has the best reactions and is the best seller of peril in the genre. Bar none. Hands down. #Notevenclose. I’ll also agree with DrMabuse that Starshot is a fabulous heroine and character and the actress playing her is wonderful. I’ve got a soft spot for actresses who can portray a charming heroine and this actress did that extremely well here, particularly in Starshot’s win ending. The smile, the walk of confidence, the way she got the last laugh in the end. Jesus that was way too much for my heart making me fall for her even more. This actress is amazing. And beautiful. But definitely amazing.

    Secondly, for a championship match of this length, there’s a fair amount that I personally found enjoyable which were really all the moments Starshot was in trouble. Two really great standout moments of mine would be when Malacia, after taking quite a few shots from Starshot in the corner, upper cuts the heroine, grabs Starshot by the head and repeatedly slams her into the corner. With each slam, Starshot slowly becomes more and more dazed, which she sold exceptionally well from her facial expression alone, until she ends up staggering backwards into the middle of the ring. The next personal favorite of mine would be towards the end of the Malacia win sequence where, after Malacia obtains a chain and wraps it around her fist, repeatedly punches Starshot in the face until she’s disoriented allowing her to drag a weak and dazzed Starshot around the ring in tow. What was great about that was how Starshot ends up stumbling all throughout while Malacia confidently walks to victory. How Starshot’s free arm was swinging wildly as she was dragged almost rag doll style. The intermittent small moans of pain she made, and how at each corner, Starshot keeps on stumbling, first almost tripping, then almost stumbling to the ground and then going down to one knee and having to prop herself back up with her hand. All of this leads up to the chokehold we see in picture 5 of the previews. That sequence was great. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Starshot does the little things right which in my mind makes her the best in the business. Of course that’s not the only peril the heroine suffers. She’s had her arm twisted and she was placed in various chokeholds. Chokeholds don’t tend to be my thing and if there was ever one weakness in Starshot’s game that I thought she had it would being chocked. Here though she sold the various chocking situations, four in total, really well. Better than most would have actually and especially the two moments where Starshot was being choked with her own arm. And ESPECIALLY the one when she was on the matt face down and Malacia chokes her out with her own arm (picture 4 in the preview). There Starshot struggles on the floor, legs kicking up and down and side to side while having the best facial expression and choking sounds ever. Again, it’s those little things she does right. Starshot also suffered an ankle lock of sorts which to be honest, kind of didn’t make sense from a fight choreography prospective. Given the way that these two ladies are chained together I’m not quite sure you could ever produce the torque needed for a one hand ankle lock. Technicalities aside, Starshot reaction to it, her facial expressions, her cries, were great all the same so I can let that slide in what would otherwise be a very good fight choreographed match.

    The one thing I wished was that you guys voting habits were a little bit different. As much as I love seeing Starshot in peril, and heroines in general, I voted for her to win. It sucks seeing one of my favorite heroine’s become the laughing stock of the championship, officially now one loss away from becoming the championship jobber much like Lady Victory. I would also have liked for her to come up with a victory against her arch nemesis here even though I contributed, in a big way, to her last defeat against Malacia.

    One other offer of praise is needed. It would be so easy for NGC to just throw two girls together, have them fight, have one of them win, the other lose, call it a day. But more than half of the time, NGC comes up with something new in the championship. Some new stipulation that adds an extra element to the game. Whether it be iron heroine, handicap match, power alternation, boxing match etc. And of course, from time to time, the classic 3 count pin makes it way back. In each of these matches, there’s a unique way in which the combatants come out on top. Not really sure how many more iterations NGC can come up with but I look forward to them. Alright I’m done sucking up now. Point being: great video. Should probably pick it up.

    Finally, will we ever get a photoset of Starshot? It’s downright criminal at this point that nearly two years has past since Starshot’s debut and she hasn’t starred in her own photoset. And no, the season 4 ep9 set doesn’t count.

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      Agreed, Darkwrath016. Starshot’s acting, especially as Malicia is defeating her, was what really put this one on top for me. And I voted for SS to win this one as well. We get to see both endings no matter who scores the victory, and as I’ve said before, I’d like to see more parity in the Championship, so I vote for whoever could use the win more. And yes, it is disheartening to watch my fav fall into Lady V jobber territory! Her win ending in this one was dazzling, let’s see more of it (and a photoset)!

  3. Wrecker says:

    Great video! The Starshot wins ending was PHENOMENAL! Her celebratory emotes were hella sexy. I’d love to see her go up against the Dominator as well. Also, those bonus pics of Malicia dressed as Catwoman… Tell me we’re actually gonna get to see that in Action Cosplay soon.

  4. ceej says:

    So the Starshot wins ending was just tremendous, I actually feel bad voting against her in the poll now.

  5. Dr Mabuse says:

    Fantastic! An absolutely breathtaking video! This was my favorite Championship video in… maybe ever. Poor Starshot gets tons of abuse, even in her win ending, and I have to say *both* endings are incredibly satisfying. Seeing Starshot at Malicia’s feet again is spectacular, of course, but it was equally great to see Malicia fuming at her loss, and Starshot is delightful and alluring as she basks in the light of her victory, evoking fury from both Malicia and the MC.

    The intense rivalry between Malicia and Starshot juices this fight, and Malicia’s deliciously cruel manner (her laughs are priceless) is well-matched by Starshot’s stalwart (if occasionally desperate) desire to see the villainess punished for her wicked ways. Malicia is phenomenal, but damn if Starshot isn’t just the perfect heroine! She’s gorgeous, funny, brave, dedicated, and she’s so pitiful in defeat. Malicia (in her win ending) even drops a withering remark about how beautiful SS is when she’s asleep. May the Starshot Admiration Society continue to grow…

    Even SS’s entrance is entrancing. She strides to the ring, looking every inch a winner, and exudes confidence as she limbers up. She takes a moment to center herself before the MC appears, suggesting that her confidence is partly an act of will. Still, she doesn’t betray any doubt in herself when face to face with the woman who’s made a habit of laying her low. It must be said, Malicia cuts an impressive figure herself when she materializes.

    I really hope the rumor that this is the end of their grudge is just a rumor. Sure, seeing the same two people battle each other over and over could get old, but the Bluebird/Eliza Rose antagonism stretched on for some time and produced (IMO) most of Bluebird’s best videos. Since Malicia clearly relishes humiliating Starshot as much as possible, she has every reason to keep facing off against her, and I’d love to see just how much indignity Starshot can take. They could even add other players to the mix, as happened in the ER/BB rivalry. As I recall, Malicia just humbled Comet Girl as well, and she was aiming to make Miss Freedom her next victim!

    Back to the video. Not only are the stars my favorites, I *love* the strap match format. I pitched a strap match in the Championship to Andrew way back (couple of years ago, at least) with zero details, and now that he’s done one, I’d love to see it again. Of course, since the strap is in play as a weapon, it serves several good uses, although I don’t think the concept is anywhere near exhausted. In this video, for instance, the strap allowed for some creative use of Starshot’s power, which I also really enjoyed seeing.

    As for the fighting, the real highlight is Starshot’s exceptional acting as she Malicia mistreats her. Her expressions convey pain, disorientation, fear, and distress while Malicia pummels, chokes, twists, kicks, and otherwise tortures the valiant heroine, and we see a lot of it here.

    To sum up, this video is extraordinary, Starshot and Malicia are the best, the strap match is a fabulous format, and Starshot and Malicia are the best. May the sun never set on their rivalry.

  6. Next Global Crisis says:

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  7. Darkwrath016 says:

    That trailer made me fall for Starshot even more and I didn’t even think that was possible. The way she smiled in the beginning. The way she seemed to be charming in the end, probably gloating at her victory over her wicked nemsis. She is so stunning. I’ve found many actresses hot and sexy but Starshot is just gorgeous and beautiful (but also hot too).

    In case you guys can’t tell or weren’t too sure I REALLY enjoy seeing Starshot. I’ll stop now…………..…….maybe.

  8. ceej says:

    I usually don’t pick up the NGC Championship vids, but I have to admit, that 5th pic is really changing my mind.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I KNOW!!! That 5th picture is way too hot for screens. I’m assuming that picture comes after poor Starshot is defeated for the third time by her arch nemesis Malacia and the villainess decides to humiliate her some more. If so I think I may need an AED when I watch this video.

      I will say though that I understand there being some reluctance to championship vids. Especially if you prefer male v female combat or you prefer more one sided match ups like I do to which the majority of videos are more back and forth since they are heroine v heroine. However, I feel as though Starshot is the exception to ANY rule. Not into a particular element of a film? Starshot will make you like it. She has been great in all of her championship matches and is such a joy to watch on screen and in peril. I really do believe she’s the best in the genre.

  9. Nixon says:

    Naturally I planned to vote – often if possible – for Starshot to suffer a lopsided and humiliating defeat. But when I go to the site, I see only two white dots where the voting box normally is. I don’t want to cast a vote by guessing, lest I click on the wrong dot.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      That’s odd, it is working for me. I can tell you that the dots are in the same order as the question, Starshot then Malicia.

      • Mr.Bleh says:

        worked for me…and I agree with Nixon. I wanna see Starshot just get crushed, too.

  10. Darkwrath016 says:

    Sweet Jesus these preview pics! I got palpitations just scrolling through them! Starshot really is just the most gorgeous heroine ever.

  11. Dr Mabuse says:

    Wow! I can’t begin to express how excited I am about this one! I’d buy a video with Starshot and Malicia in a staring match, but a strap match in the Championship… beyond thrilled!

    If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be spinning around the Earth, Superman-style, to make Friday get here faster.

    • Deckard says:

      Superman flew around the Earth to make time move backwards.
      Jesus, i can’t believe i got to be this pedantic! What is wrong with me?
      Video looks really good, by the way. Malicia sure is divine! The other girl is hot as well.