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Summer Sale from Secret Heroine Films

14 Responses

  1. Ron says:

    Still waiting for the return of Shadow Cat and Pamela Voorhees.

  2. TheGermanGuy says:

    Hi, is there any nudity in the Bat Vixen Video with Ashley?

  3. Ron says:

    Hope there will be more videos of Pamela in Shadowcat.

  4. baron 2027 says:

    is their any nudity or sim sex in either of the black scorpion videos?

    • Trigon says:

      Unfortunately, no nudity or sim in either. There are lots of close-ups of her amazing cleavage though. Both videos have groping, and the first one has a forced O. (I don’t remember if the 2nd one has one too)

  5. Mr. Hero says:

    Its a new video that I will be releasing next month.

  6. Rover says:

    Hi – which vid has Ashley in the black catsuit shown on the banner? Or is that just a promo shot. Thx