UPDATED! “Super Nova: Bizarro Humiliation” from Secret Heroine Films

Super Nova: Bizarro Humiliation from Secret Heroine Films features a battle between Super Nova and a newly created “bizarro” version of said superheroine.

Super Nova and Usla have a bloody battle. In the end Super Nova wins, but she is hurt and some of her Crystonian blood drips on the floor. Evil genius Max Lords uses this to his advantage and clones a huge monstrous version of her. A Bizarro Super Nova! Max tricks her into coming to his lab and pits this abomination on Super Nova. All her strength and powers while being controlled by Max means that Super Nova is at their mercy. They subject her to merciless beatings, crushing bear hug, many low blows, groping,and costume destruction. And if that isnt enough, Max uses a certain green rock to weaken and force her into any sexual position that he wants!

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