“Super Submissive” from Sensually Savage Productions

Saya Savage here with a new SUPERHEROINE domination video starring SINN SAGE, GALAS, and Anne-Marie!


Supergirl (Anne-Marie) gets captured by evil lovers Sinn Sage and Galas…and things get HEATED!!

We fade in on an unconscious Supergirl, having been trapped by two wannabe evildoers (lesbian lovers Sinn Sage and Galas, who can’t keep their hands off each other). They use kryptonite to keep her weak as they shower her with belly punches, knockouts, facesits, cuntbusting, and more…teasing the do-gooder by kissing her still lips as she slumbers. But what’s this? Supergirl starts to kiss BACK…and it appears the pain has unleashed her inner submissive! Galas and Sinn delight in torturing Supergirl with a bearhug knockout, a MASSIVE wedgie, body blows, and more…all as SG gets more and more turned on by the devastation!!

They finally let her lifeless body fall to the ground, kissing each other victoriously, but Galas’ foot accidentally nudges the kryptonite under a lead desk, causing Supergirl to awaken completely recovered, and ready for vengeance! She seduces Galas and Sinn with some sensual kissing before SLMMING thir skulls together and applying a double choke, forcing their tongues into the other’s mouth! They are out but SG is NOT done. She pushes Sinn’s body down on Galas’ forcing a knockout facesit as she presses Sinn’s mouth and nose into Galas’ crotch for a double smother! She applies a carotid artery squeeze on Sinn as she sits on Galas’ face, finally ending it all by forcing the two to kiss softly before a final blow puts them both DOWN and OUT!!!!

Saya Savage

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Creator of Heroine Movies. Director of Supra Girl, Wonderful Lady, Asami, Agent Alexis, Omega Girl, and others. Contact me at heroinemovies(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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Great, simple, SG costume!


3 of my favorite wrestlers great camera work. Ann is great as supergirl would luv to see Galas as supergirl in one of these.


I didn’t realize how great Anne-Marie’s ass is. I’m going to buy this. Usually I prefer the superheroine to lose but this seems too good to pass up.


really amazing


OK, I might actually purchase dispite not having nudity.


That is one heck of a compliment!!