“Super-Vika’s Downfall” from Sleeperkid

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  1. mike3 says:

    Too bad this video hasn’t gotten any reviews at all. Figured I’ll try to change that 🙂

    I thought Vika was simply amazing in this. She is so beautiful. Sleeperkid as always does a fantastic job. I also give high marks for the camera work, great shots and angles of the lovely Vika whenever she was floored.

    The only thing I would have liked to see done differently is Super Vika fighting back in desperation, even to the point where she thinks she’s about to win, only for SK to show that he was giving her false hope and toying with her, then bringing about her eventual demise.

    This is my first time seeing Vika in action and I really hope SK is able to bring her back. She is perfect in the Supergirl outfit, and I’d also love to see her as Wonder Woman. All I know is, SK, you definitely have a buyer whenever you shoot her next video!