“Suprema: Mindgames” from Secret Heroine Films

Secret Heroine Films presents Suprema: Mindgames starring Ashley Lane.

A new custom from SHF starring Ashley Lane in Suprema-Mindgames.

Suprema may be an all powerful super heroine but her confidence and ego can get the best of her. Like when she goes after the super villain Scarecrow without doing her research. The cocky heroine walks into his place thinking that she has the upper hand. Ignoring the very fact that he told her its a trap. Suddenly during her false victory, Scarecrow doses her with a mind-altering drug and disappears.

At first, she feels nothing. Confident that she will find him in his small apartment, she searches far and low, all while scarecrow creeps on her. After awhile she foolishly drinks a bottle of water from his fridge. This is all part of his plan! The drugged water mixes with the toxin, causing her to hallucinate. Scarecrow attacks, convincing her that she is weak and powerless. She tries to get away but in her mind, she just doesn’t have the strength.

Scarecrow knocks Suprema out and places her on his bed. Groping her body. Exposing her breasts for his enjoyment. Forcing her to drink more of the drugged water. With very little resistance, he is able to take advantage of her in anyway that he desires.

-Mr Hero

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