“Swiftstrike Rebooted” from Alex David

Alex David has released Swiftstrike Rebooted starring Amber McAlester.

"Swiftstrike Rebooted" from Alex David

Starring Amber McAlester. Eva is back but in a whole new body. She goes up against a villain with a bionic arm. Will he beat her faster than her nanites can repair?

Includes Belly punching, low blows, bearhug, belly punching, AOH, sleepy, dragging, carry, more belly punching and a defeated ending.

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I am thrilled with how this custom turned out. My 4th with Alex and 1st with Amber who filled out the outfit superbly and in my opinion gave one of her best “cocky” performances to date. Villain does a great job and Alex nailed the booby trap scene.
I think this works great as a stand alone movie and also nicelt follows on for those who bought Swiftstrike – Friendly Fire.
Hope you enjoy I know I do! 🙂

Jeff avatar

She does look fantastic in that costume!! Thank you for ordering this lovely custom with this fabulous actress! Looks like a great video!


Her face in the sixth screen in the left column.. <3

Jeff avatar

I so agree! She is incredible!


Amber rocks as the cocky heroine who is defeated and captured.

The video starts off with her getting dressed in her costume while at the same time explaining how the character has been rescued and regenerated. Quite sexy seeing Amber in her underwear.

Then there is the fight with the villain whom she defeats at first. However a booby trap neutralizes her powers and the villain now beats up on her and knocks her out. He strings her up arms over head and proceeds to torture her with blows to the abs.

When Swiftstrike is knocked unconscious, the villain takes her down and strips her down to her underwear. This was quite erotically done. He then proceeds to fondle her, but Swiftstrike awakens and fights him in her underwear. This was quite a turn on.

She finally defeats him and walks away………but……….SPOILER



The villain shoots her in the back and then in the belly and she vanishes……….maybe another comeback??

Loved the video. Loved Amber….she ROCKS


Personal pref but looooooooove the costume and it’s VPL qualities! Alex David gets me