“The Heroine Collector” from Secret Heroine Films

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  1. Solid Snake says:

    I’m a Low Blow Fan and this one was the best video I’ve ever seen !! The blows to the pussy were great and Amy’s Reaction was outstanding!!!!! Keep making such videos.

  2. Jack Puncher says:

    I have enjoyed Amy Fantasy’s work posted on Heroine Movies and this is no exception. She plays Red Nova the last heroine to have not fallen into the hands of the Heroine Collector. He is saving the best for last.

    Red Nova attacks and finds her blows have no real effect as he stands relaxed with his hands behind him allowing her many free shots. All she is doing is tiring her self. And then he attacks and his blows have huge effect. Clearly he is stronger. And his blows are to Red Nova’s pussy. The first one takes her to her knees and Amy well evidences her distress and agony as she struggles to get back to her feet. Things do not improve for her as the Heroine Collector continues to brutally punish her pussy. Amy’s performance has to be seen!!!!!!!

    Eventually Red Nova is bound AOH to take more pussy punishment and the Collector also allows his minions to get involve using their whips on the heroine. This is a scenario I like to see. The helpless heroine surrounded by evil doers unable to escape the lash no matter how she struggles a squirms. Amy performed her dance on the whip well.

    Here the over confident Heroine Collector came too close in mocking Red Nova and she able to wrap her thighs around is neck and despite being continually whipped broke his neck. Unfortunately for her this released all restraint from the minions who continued the pussy attacks and even burned most of her outfit off with acid.

    After some more whip action including using them to partially strangle Red Nova one of the minions had her reluctantly orally service his cock. He enjoyed himself Red Nova did not. Here I did wonder why the two minions did not spit roast the poor heroine. With all the abuse her pussy had already taken one can only dream of the challenge she would face with a cock also being driven in there!!!!!!!!

    Anyway when the minion had taken his fill of pleasure from Red Nova’s mouth the minions sought to use their whips to strangle her and in a last ditch strike the heroine managed to send what energy power she had left thru the whips taking both minions out.

    The last scene was really watchable as all but naked (only being protected by her boots, gloves and mask) clearly all but spent exhausted and in great distress Red Nova struggled to her feet and nursing her abused pussy managed to exit. Amy really looked like a heroine who had been taken to her limit and beyond. For her sake it is to be hoped she meets no other evil doers or low lives seeking to take advantage on her way back to her base. She is clearly in no condition to defend her self.

    Over all a very watchable film with a great performance by Amy Fantasy and with the evils doers playing their part producing the attacks for her to play off in selling her distress.

  3. BARON2027 says:

    just watched this movie i really enjoyed it Amy was great in it and i loved the ending wonderful job everyone.

  4. dkm says:

    That line reading of “is that acid?!” is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Streetguy says:

    Hello, on the fence about this one.
    Really like the costume and all, but I am a big lowblow fan, anyone who has bought it can clarify if there are any decent low blows in the film coz there isn’t much shown in the trailer.

  6. lastofthebohicans says:

    Great film! Really hopes Amy keeps performing in more heroine stuff in the future!

  7. MAV says:

    Does she happen to still be tied AOH when the acid “burns” off her costume? Trailer implies she’s topless after she’s untied but inquiring minds want to know

    • Mr. Hero says:

      She is in her complete costume for 2/3 of the film. Then acid burns off some of the chest. Then full costume destruction after some beat down. Hope that helps

    • Mr. Hero says:

      The acid burning happens after AOH

  8. C.Thorne says:

    The wig and the costume are absolutely spot-on! Appreciate the ‘tactical’ costume destruction as well. Hopefully the removal of the costume wasn’t too early on.


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