“The Interrogation of Wonder Woman 2” from Christina Carter

The Interrogation of Wonder Woman, The Dark-side of Pleasure Part 2 is CC Production fan custom staring Christina Carter.

Wonder Woman now a captive of the villainess Scarecrow continues to be subjected to tight bondage. In the end Scarecrow is enamored by Wonder Woman’s courage and leaves her with the possibility of escape. The powerless super-heroine will find freeing herself from the tight ropes a tall task as well as coming to grips with a discovery about her alter ego Diana Prince.

Clip Contains: Super heroine parody, cosplay, damsel-in-distress, strappado rope tie, chain and handcuff bondage, spanking, penis gag, clover clamps and a struggle to escape.

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17 Responses

  1. Yukon Cornelious says:

    Christina is THE greatest Wonder Woman in the fetish business. I love the look of this video. I hope this is a start of a little bit more of a ‘harder’ series for Wonder Christina. It’s hot. I want more!

    • Christina Carter says:

      Hello!! It is, I do realize my true fans love to see me in a harder BDSM scene the.. the little cutesy video’s :).. and yes.. why not. I love it too!!

  2. Daria says:

    I already thought CC to be the best WW in the business, but this looks to be her finest to date. Everything I would wish for in a movie of this type. I’m excited by the stills and can’t wait to get my hands on this series – it is going to be a series, right?

    • Christina Carter says:

      Daria!! Thank you so much!! I can’t wait until you watch it, please do let me know what you think!!
      Again, thank you so much for your love and support!!

      • redmanx says:

        I agree, the stunning Ms Carter IS Wonder Woman! I hope we get to see how WW is captured as I love seeing the incredible CC’s Wonder Woman get a beating!

        • Kaizar says:

          Hopefully a beating by a character played by a strong adult actress like Brandi Mae or whoever.

          • redmanx says:

            The more the sexier! WW triple teamed, punched into oblivion, used and the handed over to more of her enemies to continue the destruction!

  3. Kaizar says:

    How about muscular actresses/women ?

    Brandi Mae is real popular. And Goddess Rapture is tall in height, surely you could use a tall actress in a Wonder Woman video as a villainess, like that tall woman villain from DC comics that Wonder Woman has fought against.

    There’s also kali gunz or kaligunz.

    • Kaizar says:

      Theres also a really muscular (but not too extremely muscular) actress who plays the Queen in “Eclipse Merciless Hunter”. I can’t find her stage name nor any images of her but she plays a villainess in this:


  4. Kaizar says:

    Just trying to point out non-stop increase in stereoscopic 3D in both popularity and profit, which analysts say is only going to become more porfitible and popular in both the entertainment and technology sector for the next 8 years (from now til 2025). And if you do start making to also make a 240p format split into 9 minutes 55 seconds clips, so people can have a $100 to $200 option to enjoy downloading them from clips4sale to watch on the New 3DS & New 3DS XL in face-tracking glasses-free 3D.

    I just don’t understand that with all the data we have in 2018, why come superheroine porn isn’t taking advantage of the ever growing market of Stereoscopic 3D. Clips4sale has stereoscopic 3D films, but non of the Superheroine films have been done in 3D, even though they would get more sells then other 3D films, and you would still have 2D copies of the same film to put up on clips4sale too; if you’d filmed with 3D cameras.

  5. dkm says:

    Want to ask: I bought and LOVED part 1. Does WW break to the interrogation and tell Scarecrow what he wants? I don’t want to get the second part if it’s more of the same (if that makes sense.)

    • @XFetModHubby says:

      Support the cause, good content isn’t cheap to make !

      • dkm says:

        Of course 🙂 I still plan to get this one but it’s not high on the list until I’m sure I know what I’m getting. (These productions from all the producers are not cheap so I can only grab one or two a month.)

  6. John says:

    Now THAT’S a body!

  7. Johnny says:

    Loving the butt plug! I’ve been hoping to see more of that kind of stuff in your clips for a while. A butt plug and an ass like yours makes for a DYNAMITE combo! ;))

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