“The Interrogation of Wonder Woman” from Christina Carter

The Interrogation of Wonder Woman, The Dark-side of Pleasure Part 1 is CC Production fan custom staring Christina Carter.

Story Line: AIDC agent, Diana Prince is on the hunt for Doctor Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow. A tip has led Agent Prince to a warehouse location. Once inside and sensing a trap she transforms into Wonder Woman. The Scarecrow gets the drop on Wonder Woman with a paralyzing nerve agent. The evil villain then submits the now helpless super heroine to hard bondage that pushes her to discover secrets about herself that she was unaware of until now.

Clip Contains: Super heroine parody, cosplay, damsel-in-distress, frozen statue, rope, chain and handcuff bondage, riding crop, ball gag, clover clamps, nipple torture, and that’s just in part one.

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22 Responses

  1. ODILE says:

    Those new adventures (misfortunes) of the beautiful and brave Wonder Woman seem to be fantastic… and I love Diana Prince’s outfit and look, she’s an attractive special agent. The Scarecrow is absolutely right, this superheroine must reveal and confess all her secrets ! And, looking to those pictures, we are allowed to suppose that deep inside her mind she loves to be forced to talk… I’m gonna purchase this issue very soon.

  2. Christina Carter says:

    Part 2 just released on https://www.clips4sale.com/60717
    I hope you love it as much as the first!!

  3. KiriAegis says:

    Digging a little more into DC with Scarecrow, this one has some real possibility. I’d like to see her play Wonder Woman defeated by Nubia.

  4. Kaizar says:

    Can you please use muscular actresses instead of men. Lesbian porn is #1 on the internet for many years now. Here are some recommendations:

    Theres an actress who played the Queen in “Eclipse Merciless Hunter” who is an even more muscular feminine looking actress you can use for scenarios in your heroine videos.

    Brandi Mae

    Goddess Rapture from scissorgoddess.net

    Kali Gunz or Kaligunz

    This one is Not muscular, but I would like to see Wonder Woman VS. dick girl doppelganger Wonder Woman played Chanel Santini (she’s a great Gal Gadot doppelganger but with a penis LOL).

    and muscular actresses recommendations like; Yuri Asada and Miu Yukinaga from Japan.

    • KiriAegis says:

      I’m going to partially agree with you on this one. Seems like all the guys applying for, or being hired as ‘villains’ in heroine peril films are fat, bald and expendable. These aren’t end-game baddies…these are the villain lair flunkies; the FIRST ones that drop even when the most inept heroes come in.

      Female vs. female peril always looks a lot more fun and convincing with the right actresses. I’m not entirely opposed to male villains, but we need ones that look capable, not just bulky.

    • Christina Carter says:

      Yes, I would actually love to bring back women villains, or huge muscular men. I don’t shoot TS content, that’s not my fanbase. I have a couple TS friends, but I’m not shooting that content at this time. I can send you their way 🙂

      • Kaizar says:

        How about muscular actresses/women ?

        Brandi Mae is real popular. And Goddess Rapture is tall in height, surely you could use a tall actress in a Wonder Woman video as a villainess, like that tall woman villain from DC comics that Wonder Woman has fought against.

  5. Kaizar says:

    A bunch of videos on Clips4Sale are in Stereoscopic 3D, and the forecast for the next 8 years (which is as far as ahead in the future as analysts can predict) says that Stereoscopic 3D will become more popular and way more profitable in both entertainment and technology (2017 to 2025).

    So will you start making videos in Stereoscopic 3D ?

    You’ll have the advantage over the other adult film makers (i.e. Alex Bettinger, Anastasia Pierce, etc.).

    Also make it so you also have a format splitting the videos into 9 minutes 55 seconds clips for owners of the New 3DS & New 3DS XL (which the 3DS has seen a 101% increase in users watching PornHub in 2017). Plus between a $ 3,000 3D HDR 4K TV and a around $1,000 3D PC, its more affordable for people to get a New 3DS XL for $200 for all their Stereoscopic 3D porn needs.

    Just to give an example in stereoscopic 3D rise in both popularity & profit: America is the least popular country in the world for Stereoscopic 3D, but Avatar saw 71% of American screenings in 3D, with Gravity being 80% and then even more recently the movie Black Panther having 85% of its American screenings being 3D screenings (which Black Panther has made more the $1 billion). And the most biggest money making film ever is the movie; “Sex & Zen 3D”, which is a 3D porn movie that got release in movie theaters, LOL but true.

    • Christina Carter says:

      Did you just say PORNHUB? You lost me there dude. That is pirated clips/videos .. unless you make a deal with the devil and start doing business with them (as talent/producer)

      • Kaizar says:

        Sorry, just trying to point out non-stop increase in stereoscopic 3D in both popularity and profit, which analysts say is only going to become more porfitible and popular in both the entertainment and technology sector for the next 8 years (from now til 2025). And if you do start making to also make a 240p format split into 9 minutes 55 seconds clips, so people can have a $100 to $200 option to enjoy downloading them from clips4sale to watch on the New 3DS & New 3DS XL in face-tracking glasses-free 3D.

        I just don’t understand that with all the data we have in 2018, why come superheroine porn isn’t taking advantage of the ever growing market of Stereoscopic 3D. Clips4sale has stereoscopic 3D films, but non of the Superheroine films have been done in 3D, even though they would get more sells then other 3D films, and you would still have 2D copies of the same film to put up on clips4sale too; if you’d filmed with 3D cameras.

  6. Kaizar says:

    It would be great if you made a video about an old villain who has been trying to defeat the superheroine for decades, and the heroine hasn’t aged. So the once young witch goes to drain her powers by kissing her to make the heroine temporarily unable to move, and then fuck her like she did once when she was young, just to find out it doesn’t work for long and then it doesn’t at all again for several months, but this time the witch (Christina Carter with grey hair wig) has used a new spell she’s been working on for 10 years, on the strap-on to steal the superheroine’s (Andrea Rosu) powers, which gets archived after making the heroine cum. And then witch gets a bonus, for it was the superpowers that made the heroine still young for her age, so now the witch is young and decides to expose her naked breast to see them for herself (the witch) and she says out loud; my breast are firm and perky and my her is back to its youthful color again. Meanwhile the superheroine (now played by Darla Crane) is still frightened by how old she is. She then gets up off the ground and says I don’t care how young you are, I’m gonna still stop you and use your dildo to get my youth back. This time the heroine loses a physical fight/brawl with the witch and the heroine wonders such stuff during the fight like why is having big boobs so heavy for her body…and when the witch catches one of her punches and squeezes her fist, the heroine notices her whole body’s bones hurts, and the witch explains its because she’s old and has arthritis. The witch wins her first fight against the heroine, and then fucks her again for decades of humiliation from fights and being fucked by the heroine (Andrea Rosu for earlier scene of constantly defeating the witch throughout the decades).

    You can also use the actress who played the queen in “Eclipse Merciless Hunter” to play a character in a earlier scene as the witch’s failed attempt to make someone, using magic, more powerful than the Superheroine (Andrea Rosu), which despite being super strong, was still not powerful enough to be not even as strong as the heroine, who also after a defeat got fucked by the heroine. The now superpowered young witch (Christina Carter) in the very end of the video after fucking the now powerless Superheroine (Darla Crane) then looks down at the crying heroine with a smile and says, oh, I almost forgot, an acquaintance of yours what to see you, you remember my loyal obedient minion, don’t you. And then the superheroine fears for her life as she now ends fighting and trying to escape the minion and gets completely destroyed in the one sided fight and after that the witch (Christina Carter) orders her minion to ravage her. After being fucked by the minion, both the witch and her minion double team her in a brawl/fight and then they double team her in fucking her.

    • Razorsedge says:

      So the superheroine loses her powers when fucked by a dildo? That is an interesting weakness. What is so special about that dildo? Is it magical or some kind of technology? The owner of the powers then gets young flesh?

      • Kaizar says:

        Its a magic spell she needed the strap-on to cast it upon, which makes it work that way. So yeah, the dildo is magical. Its not really a weakness but a very new powerful skillful magical spell created by the witch. And yes, its the superpowers that makes the person who has them young…..kinda like Black Adam & Shazam, when Black Adam in the DC Comic animated movie rather age 5,000 years by returning to his normal form then get sent back twice as far away from the planet (Earth), OR like Wolverine in the live-action 3D movie The Wolverine; when his claws get chop off and his powers are being stolen by the grandfather of the damsel in distress.

        And I meant “Hair is back to its youthful color” nor “Her” LOL.

        • Razorsedge says:

          Thanks for the reply and clearing that up. I see what you mean. The dildo has been magically “weaponized”. And now it has the ability to milk her of her powers when it goes deep inside her reaming her out till climax. At which point when she climaxes it will cause a release of her powers which can then be stolen. I know the scene you are talking about in that movie, It just seems so much more sexy for it to be an arrogant yet beautiful superheroine having her powers removed by a machine or robot or a female lab assistant on a computer or panel. For me it seems more powerful if the superheroine is completely naked while its happening with her costume laying around her, and its a contrast to the fully costumed heroine in nude tights and thick heeled boots with the arrogant stance.

          • Kaizar says:

            A robot can’t end up receiving/stealing youth, nor has any use for it. And i was imagining the Superheroine having her costume being taken off when being raped of her powers, and then putting the costume back on when powerless and then having her costume getting ripped and destroyed when fighting the muscular minion and losing this time.

    • Christina Carter says:

      Did you just put a script up here? lol.. awesome. Email it to me XO

  7. dkm says:

    I bought it. I like the hard bondage. I would have liked to see WW suffer more (like getting tazed or beaten with fists), but this is great. CC looks fantastic and there’s a lot of great shots of her struggling.

    I know most CC films don’t have dark endings, but I really hope part 2 has her sobbing and revealing the information Scarecrow is asking for before she’s escorted away to be disposed of.

  8. saxman314 says:

    Mmmmm, yes, please.

  9. Jonas says:

    Unbelievable! Please release part 2. I’m freaking out. You are a Goddess, Christina. Again, I wished you released every week. Keep going!

    • Christina Carter says:

      It’s coming soon!! Waiting for Nick Sterling to get back from a weekend get away. Then we will see when we can release it

  10. Christina Carter says:

    Hey Everybody!! This one is another heave in bondage and BDSM.. hope you love it!! Part 2 is to follow quickly! I hope you love it!!