“The Kickass Punisher” from Kick Ass Kandy

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Absstar avatar
3 years ago

Bought this one. It’s all right. Just wished there are more belly punching actions! One’s that actually hurts her, instead of her laughing it off! Would much rather see heroine in peril, taking their share of the punishment!
Also, wished her costume is a little more belly exposed as opposed to the one she had on this video.
Just my 2 cent.

Skirtfan avatar
3 years ago

What an amazing SG outfit 🙂

pulphead avatar
3 years ago

I cannot decide what is sexier, her belly and abs or her legs! she is amazing! oh man I hoped they had some krytponite, I hope to see her in the future in adventures with small twists

Krishnam Jhunjhunwala
Krishnam Jhunjhunwala
3 years ago
Reply to  pulphead

Same’s here… Would love to see her in some peril in the future….