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  1. Gman says:

    Use the following wrestling holds and you can’t go wrong.
    prolonged bearhugs
    prolonged pectoral claw holds
    prolonged trapezius claw holds

    Wrestler fights free from wrestling holds but villianess continues the attack and applies the wrestling holds again and again until wrestler weakens and passes out. Villianess wakes wrestler and continues the beatdown. Villianess should be a good size brute and the wrestler very fit toned and sexy.
    Wrestler/fighter in a dark and violent storyline sound good to me! Can’t wait.

  2. zilch says:

    Low blows! JK. Pretty cool of you guys to solicit the community for ideas. But I’ll say this- I think that my favorite SHIP videos are the ones that don’t seem to exist for any particular fetish group. They satisfy certain desires without pandering to them, I guess? For me, this whole thing started because of mainstream entertainments that featured women in peril (Wonder Woman, Batgirl in the 60’s Batman show, the animated Catwoman in BTAS). I still think my favorite SHIP clips are the ones that take the essence of those shows and movies and just take it up a few notches. You don’t need a huge budget or great FX to capture that essence. All you really need, I believe, are a few basic things. A powerful woman in a costume. A predicament that overwhelms the powerful woman. The powerful woman being laid low by villains (some people like death and torture; I’m more partial to bondage, traps, unmaskings, etc). An eventual escape or a final defeat. However you do it, it’s that “tables turning” scenario that gets me every time. The SHIP videos that don’t work for me are the ones where the heroine doesn’t feel super, where nothing is at stake, where a woman is repeatedly hammered again and again for no reason. That’s just my take, though! Good luck and have fun.

  3. neil says:

    hope you have hot girls with lots of belly punching, if so i`ll purchase your vids.
    goodluck hope you do well

  4. coulumbia says:

    Megan et al. I’m sure everybody here wishes you and your team the best of luck in these first productions.

    To really help you capitalize on your time filming etc. I suggest you search among your friends for ANYBODY with production experience to help you get through your concepts technically. If you all are serious about making a go of this, and not just a passing fancy, you need assistance to get your vision recorded right. Script/story-line is very important, but if you can’t capture it (no pun intended) in the camera and competently edit it into a coherent and watchable clip, the results will be very frustrating for you and disappointing for your intended audience.

    I work in mainstream production and more times than not, an inexperienced person… even with a decent script… gets foiled and frustrated because it technically (and I’m not talking about perfection… just getting it “decent”) doesn’t meet the basic requirements to share publicly. This includes decent to good SOUND recording too.

    Keep your script simple and straightforward at first and don’t try fancy stuff to begin with. If you can make a 1-3 sentence “synopsis”, stick to that main idea, including a beginning, middle and end.

    I apologize if it sounds like I’m talking down to you… not at all intended… just some advice that will hopefully make your production and editing time easier.

    I really hope things go well for you… I’m sure it can be a lot of fun, as the wrinkles get smoother.

    • Megan Guzman says:


      Thanks! I’m taking it all constructively, don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚

      One of my biggest obstacles to shooting has been a) nervousness about my first few videos being total crap, from the technical side… and b) tons of ideas, and struggling on what to shoot first. (Do we shoot the easier stuff first, and build from there? Or just start with some storyline, and improve as we go?)

      I do agree. I’m trying to keep it basic for now, and get decent at shooting/lighting/editing – improving with each video. Should have a bit of intro content out soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      • MAV says:

        You’re managing expectations from at least us, so we won’t be expecting an Avatar-level heroine peril movie. May make sense to start with some easier content to get some feedback and test your post production process. good luck!

      • Mark says:

        Hi Megan,

        Do you have a website out yet? I’d love to chat with you in depth about your launch and how I can possibly help.

      • coulumbia says:

        Here’s what I would try and do..

        FIRST… have a WRITTEN SCRIPT to work from. Then make a shot list of everything you want to shoot based on that script… down to the cut-aways and close ups of faces, bodyparts or objects. Make the list according to how you see the script visually in your head (I doubt you have “storyboards”). It should be a “laundry list” of shots.

        Number all the visual shots in the order you wrote them as they appear “edited” in your head. (1-100).

        Then sort the shots according to any change in SET UP (change in time, location or the person tied up or not etc.) locations. You want to shoot all set ups and locations at one time, no matter where they appear in the script (usually).

        IF you are shooting in a linear style… a fight or wrestling match, in one basic location, then I would shoot the “master” shot of the match. If there is no ripping of clothes or major changes like that, then shoot the (numbered shots of ) close ups and other specific shots you want to show closer (hits, punches facial expressions etc.).

        IT IS TRICKY, but it can be done…. again keep it simple and you’ll have a better chance of success. Lastly. Get a Microphone in the scenes (overhead boom held by a “sound person”). I HATE crappy sound and it makes a difference.

        I know you aren’t professionals, count on there being mistakes and errors and deal with them the best you can. Hope these rudimentary tips are helpful.

        This isn’t a complete outline for doing a production, but I hope it gets you on your way.

        Good luck.

  5. MC says:

    DARK AND VIOLENT PLEASE! Lots of screaming/crying and begging for mercy. Love your idea! I think someone already said it best – the best scenarios are when the “heroine” is caught without her super outfit. I like the victim to be in a skimpy lounge/PJs type outfit, like short shorts, tanktops, crops, etc….and BAREFOOT. It would be amazing if you did some capture-torture/home invasion scenarios on scantily clad barefoot victims. Can’t wait to see your first videos!

  6. dkm says:

    I really, really love this concept. Having no budget I think works in your favor. The early Rye/Punished Heroines videos are still my favorite exactly because of the low budget feel to them. Paris as superior girl getting fucked up by a demon in a hotel room is just as hot on a low budget as it is today with the slicker looking productions we see from the producers in this genre. So use it to your advantage.

    If you’re going to go dark and violent (which is what I prefer, and honestly, seems to be underserved lately except when someone throws us a bone once a year like with the recent Coco video), film two endings. This way the people who complain and don’t like the really dark stuff can tune out. (This is not a complaint about anyone, it’s just that the majority of fans in this genre, or the vocal portion of that crowd) tend not to like the dark stuff.

    Then, continue filming and let the fans choose which version they want. I will buy dark, twisted and violent all day every day if you put out those films. Blue Stone does this successfully, and Akiba used to when they were still killing off their heroines at the end of the video (Part 1 was the setup and beatdown, Part 2 was the peril and sex, and Part 3 used to be where it got pretty violent and they killed the heroine off in some great way.)

    So, I don’t speak for everyone (I’m in the minority on this website and that’s fine) but give me dark, twisted, and gritty. And use your low /no budget to your advantage.

  7. Bearhug Expert says:

    Something they almost always miss , finding the superheroine in her “Casual outfit” time , at home , like at the pool in bikini , and Giving her a bearhug with her arms pinned in and locked in the bearhug , Squishing her while she’s just a woman with no Belt or outfit power , so squeezeing her for like two minutes actually makes her get Knocked out , then the rest of the story where she wakes up in trouble and goes superheroine and fights , and gets squeezed again , now seeing her (eg wonderwoman) get knocked out and slowly roll her eyes out and faint while she’s being choked in a full body bearhug , while she’s got her belt on , is even more of a turn on cause it automatically references the earlier point where she was a soft and ‘easy to knock out with bearhug’ chick ,and seeing her KO ed like that again but this time in her power outfit , hummilates her by pointing at the fact that she still is a chick after all , who makes noises like “hnnnnnnnnnnnnngh” against her will to look strong , while being squished and crushed , this is I believe the hottest form of humilation , bearhug knock out itself especially with arms locked in , is extremely hot while being humilating against hot fighting girls who act cocky and proud , like they are both pretty and untouchable powerful, but then you see that happen and enjoy it for a good minute or more

    • Megan Guzman says:

      I’ll be sure to include lots of bearhugs, don’t you worry ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Bearhug Expert says:

        I don’t know whether to be Excited or to be grateful of how kind your reply was , I wish you great luck on your path

    • AAD says:

      The casual outfit thing with the bearhug and eyes rolling out and that slow ko seems super attractive to me as well , although I believe other kinds of bearhugs are also hot when they go with bikini and that kind of ko , I agree that arms locked in type is something we need to see more , but other kinds are cool too

  8. rangerian says:

    Keep it simple in your first series. So you can learn how to work with the talent, cameras, etc. Getting the lighting right and reasonable sound. Build on it, as you said. That way I think you can develop something that stands out from the rest. Something with your own style, it might be refreshing to many out there. All the best!

  9. KyloRen says:

    First off, I think its safe to say you are not going to please everyone, all of the time, no matter what you do, or what you end up presenting. I would study this genre for a minute and get ideas for the overall “product” you plan on releasing (all aspects like costumes, effects, acting, storylines, etc etc), Consider the things you liked and didn’t like, then consider all the things you have to actually work with.

    The videos in this genre seem to revolve around two primary superheroine aspects, the heroine power, and the heroine humiliation and defeat. Those things seem to actually exist in mainstream superheroine stuff, just not in the quantities of this genre, and not the dynamic range you see in these videos.

    For example, sometimes the heroine power aspect is so quick and meaningless in SHIP videos it was barely there to begin with, but I imagine it was just to serve as a filler type vehicle to get to heavier and peril scenes that come later. Yet, I personally have ZERO interest in purchasing a 100 percent superheroine power video that has no peril, and no nudity (or implied) whatsoever. I don’t care how good the acting is, or how good the costumes and models look. I see no difference between that and the mainstream heroine stuff.

    I imagine people watch these videos in order to see things and situations that don’t normally happen in the mainstream superhero TV shows and movies. But when “sexy” or “titillating” things happen on the movies or TV shows, its usually done in a way that is left to the imagination. What “sells” the shots is usually the facial expressions visible that you CAN see, vs the naked body parts you cannot see off screen.

    ACTING – That seems to be the big thing with these type of movies. It can vary from simply two people in a motel room in halloween costumes playing around a bed just being silly, or super elaborate over the top and overkill acting, with profuse moans, screams, or pointless heckling and joking by villains. But the ones behind the camera are just as at fault as the ones doing the acting. Don’t “assume” you can fix something in editing later, if a take sucks? do it again!!! I doubt the ones doing the acting will offer much feedback on how “good” a take is, when they just want to get it done. This is something you will have to learn with time, how much energy did it have, an were the expressions the best they could have been? I can’t help but notice how the acting level changes based on other elements present or not.

    COSTUMES – Probably one of the most important if not THE most important thing in SHIP videos. You can probably get away with a green screen for the locations but you are not going to get away from this. The costume / uniform symbolizes the pride of the superheroine. To think of it being slowly stripped away piece by piece from the superheroine is probably the ultimate humiliation of a superheroine. Yet many are VERY vocal in the forums that when / if this is done then they are no longer superheroines and its now just regular porn. I disagree with that, because they were just in the suit, and the sexy or titillation now comes from seeing a “superheroine” now naked, an extreme contrast (something you don’t see everyday and probably best not done EVERY video). If it feels like regular porn suddenly, then enough time was obviously not spent on the power and establishment phase. Time to go back to the drawing board I think.

    Unless you are just loaded, I imagine the costumes are best hand made. I don’t know what to tell you here, maybe you should find some cosplayers out there that hand make everything and ask them for advice? And most likely all of your superheroine costumes should include tights / hose and go go boots of the color of the character you are trying to make. Unless you just plan to default white or red boots and tan colored tights with all superheroines / villainesses.

    FX – I think this adds a lot to these videos when done right. I would much prefer a video with effects to one that has none. Energy rays, lasers, gun muzzle blast and lighting, flying effects, super strength effects, and definitely sound fx to match the visuals.

    FETISH / KINK ELEMENTS – Far too many to list, whatever floats your proverbial boat I guess, but is still contained within a story of superheroine power and defeat.

    STORY / or lack thereof hehe – I suppose it doesn’t have to be the-best-science-fiction story ever created, it can just be many of the elements strung out with enough filler in between that it slightly resembles a story of sorts, which is not too far off from what Hollywood releases these days though they have a vastly superior budget. Bigger is not always better… And the BIGGER they are the harder they fall right? Prop that superheroine up!………make me believe that she is “super”!!………….show me how much of a badass she is!!! Have her throw folks down and grind her boots into their crotches while she smirks and laughs with a perverted glee! Show me how powerful she is with her strength and powers!!! Make me believe she is super arrogant and cocky!!……….then….without warning………………the weakness…….the TRAP…….the DEPOWERING (magic rocks and removal of magic belts for example)……then the surprised “OMG MY POWERS!” expression as she glances down at her now powerless hands……..then the humiliation!……the costume removal (debooting if thats as far as you would like to go)………….you can fork here to go into some traditional sex or bdsm stuff or go heavier with the demise of the heroine which I’m not into………or the villains leave or the heroine wins in the end somehow..then THE END……………..all to be done again down the road sometime.

    EDITING – You are obviously not going to use every single piece of video, what stays and what goes? The stuff that better conveys the energy and mood, and betters the story a long. Keep that stuff! Keep it flowing and moving!!

  10. Stee says:

    I want to see a heroine at full strength take on a bad guy and LOSE in a FAIR FIGHT because the bad guy is just stronger and a better fighter. We NEVER see this, it’s always that stupid kryptonite weakening or losing a magic belt or something stupid like that. On top of that, I want the bad guy to cheat or constantly use LOW BLOWS even though he is winning (just because he/she is evil).

  11. aria manea says:

    I’m always inerested in some kryptonite weakening, as far as I’m concerned.

  12. Kaizar says:

    Short actresses VS. Tall actresses. Like 4 foot 11 inches and shorter VS. 5 foot 10 inches and taller. Muscular actresses VS. Skinny actresses. Even have it it where the skinny woman is somehow overpowering the muscular woman. Seeing as 8K HD TVs and computers are being release next year, its best not to play the HD arm race and just settle for a 1080p HD 3D camera…..especially since all future TVs & computers will be Glasses-Free 3D starting with all 8K HD TVs. Also get voluptuous actresses too, for example Daphne Rosen & Kim Kardashian (I’m not saying to actually get Kim Kardashian, I’m just trying to give examples of voluptuous woman).

  13. fei says:

    how bout a heroine getting her soul sucked out either via a kiss or by taking it from her chest by hand. the heroine would just struggle and moan before going limp

  14. Max says:

    Don’t do the inner dialogue. It’s cheesy and stupid.

    If the heroine’s hair is on her face, have the villain clear it out for her. It works for his character and the shooting. It won’t make sense that the heroine who can’t defend herself can somehow have the strength to tuck her hair away.

    For more reference on violent fights, check out the fight scenes from “Banshee”. I’ve always wanted any movie maker to make a fight scene like them. Not necessary the same professionalism level. But try and make it less sexual and less “cocky heroine”.

    And for fuck sake, bring actors who can act. Not Oscar worthy performance, but something worth listening too. Otherwise, I don’t mind just immediately starting the fight the second I click play with no dialogue and no build up.

    You know that dialogue “You can’t do this to me, I’m [insert heroine’s name here]”? Yeah don’t do that.

    Make sure you have quality worth fight scenes. Don’t just produce anything and hope that the people are so horny they’ll just buy anything you offer them. As of now, a lot of us are saturated with “Heroine in peril” stuff that we could become picky. So if you do want our attention, make it worth our time and money.

    • Hagarb says:

      Please, don’t say “we”. It’s your personal taste.

      • Max says:

        Iโ€™m pretty sure Iโ€™m not the only one who thinks like that. Maybe not you but I bet there are others that wish some kind of improvement could happen.

        • Imagineer says:

          Some kind of improvement has been happening. And some of what you call stupid is a FETISH. That’s what this is — a FETISH community. How would you feel if people called your fetish STUPID?

          Dial it back a bit next time, cowboy.

          • Max says:


            Seeing how we spend a lot of money on videos where Women dressed as super heroines getting beaten up and sometimes raped for some people’s pleasure, I’d say a lot of people would say “stupid”. Do you think I care what they think of me? Or this secret community? No. Heck, “stupid” would be considered a mercy. The worst part is you or I could be shunned by society. It’s not like we can be open with what we like. So by all means, call whatever I like “stupid”. We’re adults here, not teenagers with feelings. And this is the internet, nothing is stopping you. Free speech.

            Second of all, I would respect a fetish if it is done properly. Case in point, “Bluestone video production” fetish of heroines getting strangled. Not my cup of tea but I can see why some people would like to see in their videos. So I’ll just accept it for being different. I respect that. However, the inner dialogue is stupid because it’s not done properly. Bad acting and monotonous voice over that immediately takes you away from the video. So unless a company would actually care, which from what I’ve seen, none, it remains cheesy and pointless.

            And it’s not like these videos are cheap. If a company wants me to spend money on their product it better be worth something. For me personally, watching heroines getting beaten has lost it’s touch. I have seen enough that I became immune. It no longer has that tingling feeling of watching a heroine getting defeated like the first time. So the only way I would be interested if they introduce something new and with damn good quality. Just because some company made a video doesn’t mean that it is worth my time. If a company is going to produce the same troupe again and again in hopes that we are just mindless fans who will spend a lot of money for them, then they’re wrong.

            So far, I’m still waiting for the company that would actually produce a fighting scene similar to this one:


        • Poluza says:

          Agreed. The 3 main generator of content are NGC, The Rye and TBFE. I suspect NGC, older Rye america (not the current one, just the same as TBFE) and the Rye UK are more your speed. The sexual stuff they bring out has been lame, Americans (the xxx industry specifically) think that if you show tits and ass people will find that erotic but it’s just so insulting to think that this worth spending money on. The only sexual content that this genre ever put out that I like would be the harrasment the victim (Stella Rae) recieves at the end of Gang Thang 1, it was not corny and it was not even explicit, Stella just sold everything so well and everything that was done to her (sexually) was realso it was not crazy to see that she got off on it.

  15. Andy says:

    Good back and forth fighting with the heroine slowly weakening and being overwhelmed is what does it for most here

  16. ceej says:

    So, conceptually, this sounds pretty awesome. And I would absolutely love to see some supernatural elements thrown in there, I’ll always be an absolute sucker for that kind of stuff in my wrestling. And this is more…..advice I guess than an idea, but as long as the cast takes whatever is thrown at them seriously, you should be able to pull whatever you need to off. I look at some of the UltraHeroix vids where the cast is fighting what amounts to halloween decorations, but they play it serious and it just works.

  17. Megan Guzman says:

    Thank You so much for all of the replies & suggestions….really excited to start finishing up & releasing content soon. Pretty varied ideas both within our crew & on here, so definitely excited to start shooting all kinds of stuff & see where it all goes. Again, sincere appreciation for the feedback so far ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just so everybody here knows, we’re doing this basically from scratch. I’m in the process of moving from my apartment (where we are shooting now) – to a house with a garage, so hopefully our shooting locations will improve soon. And it’s just myself, and a couple of my female friends right now…literally just a group of friends with a camera, and someone helping us edit. No money for good costumes just yet, but should have some $$ pretty soon to up the quality.

    I’ll get the hang of it quickly, but don’t be surprised if the videos start out on the amateur side & quickly get better as I learn how to shoot better/edit better with each video.

    Right now, we have a few different series in mind. But the main storyline for our first season is a female wrestler gets kidnapped & held captive, tortured and used as bait to lure the other girls on the roster out to save her. One by one they fall at the hands of their opponents, being added to the stable of beaten, enslaved, captured, and tortured/tormented female fighters. Each one being used to lure the rest of the roster….until…..the entire roster is enslaved? Or, they make an escape – which infuriates their sadistic enemies, and leads to Season 2…

    **Love the suggestions so far, and we were thinking a lot of the same things! Please forgive our $0 budget to start with, but with the amount of excitement I have for this project, I’m eager to get better with each & every video. I’ll have some screenshots & promo stuff coming soon!!**

    • Vikingo says:

      Hello Megan, now I know about your stuff and looks interesting to look, my scripts are more focus in fighting F/F or F/M, female win, also I write scripts to friends who love other stuff like women in peril, kidnapped, held captive, tortured, etc, not worry about any outfits, when I order my custom videos, if the producer haven’t them, I send them (full set include outfits, boots,tights, etc) same like I do with my favorite website who shot my custom videos, and already I have 2 custom videos ordered with them and 1 will be ready soon.

    • Nixon says:

      I LOVE the concept, especially since I’m even more of a fan of indie female wrestling than of the superheroine genre. The whole luring part immediately sets the right tone for me.
      Personally, I’m a sucker for anything that involves plenty of back abuse and stretching. This can be done in a variety of ways aside from the standard backbreakers and torture racks. To name a few: abdominal stretches, kidney punches, knee drops, etc.
      But I’m sure you have plenty of your own ideas to start with so I just want to wish you very good fortune as you learn, grow and develop in your endeavor.
      Looking forward to the first release(s).

    • MAV says:

      Sounds like a great concept! Always wished that AJ Lee, Lita, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, or Sasha Banks had that capture/torture angle written into their storyline at some point (I mean John Cena did smh).

  18. RJ says:

    MvF and FvF combat. Beatdowns to include one sided, Peril, AOH beatings etc.

  19. RenNStimpy says:

    K this is a pretty decent idea, I think lol

    Remember pull fiction? The Bruce Willis character has to go down on a certain round, I don’t remember which round in particular.

    Now imagine a superheroine having to fight off some sort of debt, (the reason why? Possibilities are endless) but being defiant and not going down she defeats her opponent. Costing a mob boss alot of money.

    Scared for her life now she tries to leave town but it surrounded (somewhere, I dunno pick your spots) where she actually has to fight for her life because she chose to not go down in her fight earlier.

    I think a storyline like that could be a strong point for what you might be looking for, for a dark themed peril movie.

  20. Beyond good and evil says:

    I like the whole Dead or Alive style in this particular genre. Tournament style fighting. The one who loses well you can imagine what will happen to them.

  21. borgan says:

    support ! love to see the sexy costume ladies sexual torture by some old and ugly fully dressed women in video !

  22. Chloromaster says:

    I would like to see a heroine is dominant but than trapped. Chloro is my favorit but i like to see in the chloro scene all the heroine, not only her face. And i like to see the way the heroine go down after the chloro.

  23. Gooch says:

    Just a whole lotta super fit girls in leotards getting their genitals played with against their will. Thanks in advance!

  24. Poluza says:

    Hi there. I am into the more violoent stuff (In the vain of Steve Noirs Gang Thang Stuff). My preference is usually 3 people at most and usually all of them are women. I’m not into the bearhug or grapple stuff but more into the punching, kicking or any form of striking. I usually like it when the fight is between 2 women of contrasting looks, beliefs and ideologies. I think establishing the character and giving everyone an idea of what they are about makes the beatdown more satisfying.

    This may sound a bit sexist but I find it more immersing when the peril is done and received by women because I find it hard to buy into a male and female rivalry (I find it hard o believe a man could hate and seek to dominate a woman through violent means) and because women hating on each other has the intensity to it that male and female just does no have imo.

    An example of this would be Steve Noirs Gang Thang 1,2 and Revenge Spygirls: Rookie Beatdown. I know hiring 2 females is more expensive, that’s why I usually see the guy hurting the women. I also really don’t need them to wear some expensive costume (I honestly have a preference for them in business suits or any uniform that is key to their character). I like watching them get punched in the face and getting bruised after a while, belly punches but occasionally hear a rib crack and when the rib is cracking there is a shot of her face moaning in pain, I also like it when during a beatdown that the camera cuts away but we can still hear the beating occurring and it cuts back an it show the result of that savage beating, it makes what happened feel so much more brutal than you could put it to film.

    On sexual elements, I have never found any of TBFE’s or the Rye’s sexual stuff arousing or hot and I have always felt like I was wasting half my money for such sexual play.

    In summary I think you guys should try something a little more different than what everyone is doing now (because ‘m getting bored of the costumes, the fake sexual peril, )

  25. hugger says:

    for sure lots of bearhugs.. and not so much as the typical ones. more where the person being hugged manages to get free.. maybe do it back or get in it again as the fight goes on.. and spandex!! got to have shiny spandex..

  26. Dandelion & Burdock says:

    Some shirt grabs scenes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Mr.Bleh says:

    The picture this puts in my head is the classic “shortcut-through-the-dark-alley” scenario.
    I like this idea. Way to go, guys.
    Personally, I’d like to see bearhugs and “reverse prayer” tie ups happening to hot chicks who can put up a fight.
    I also picture this with a “Grindhouse” kinda look to the whole video.
    Pull that off and you guys might have something.
    Good luck.

  28. Gak says:

    There is a story on danger babe central by the master. It’s called Wonder Woman fuck wrestling. Would be the perfect thing to adapt into a video.

  29. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Would love to see Heroines in Pro Wrestling matches where they are outnumbered and pinned in cocky ways to end the matches

  30. RJ says:

    Hand to hand combat. Punches and kicks to the face. Knees to the face and body. MMA and toe to toe fighting. Well choreographed fight scenes. Serious and dark.

  31. kained says:

    I love when a heroine is made to fight impossible odds. Many ways to do this. A fight could start fair, maybe challenging for the heroine, then become 2 or more vs 1, or the villain cheats somehow. She could fight back, but eventually the deck is so stacked against her she gets squashed. Humiliation, verbal taunting is all good.

    A heroine being made to be a slave is one of my favorite types of peril. Whether she’s controlled by tech, brainwashed, or has agreed to be a slave as part of a forfeit for losing. Plenty of opportunity for variety. She could be made to do domestic servitude, be a punching bag that can’t fight back, made to do or say any number of humiliating things depending on what the actress is comfortable with. Human furniture (like a dude just putting his feet up on a heroine while she’s on all fours).

    I love for there to be a sense of continuity. Like it’s the same heroine going through all sorts of crazy experiences across multiple videos.

    My personal preference is for peril videos to be dark – but not too dark, I’m not a fan of death-endings.

    Also, I have significant experience with editing. I could show you my work.

  32. deathrider says:


    As you can see a lot of movies you see have a lot of sex, rape stuff. I’d like to see you move away from it and focus on girl power (good fights), capture, torture. So something similar to Zen Pictures where the Heroine kicks all the villains at the start then they get captured. If you see https://www.heroinearena.com/ with the Thorn series that’s an example.

    • deathrider says:

      Another thing I would like to add is the belly blows when the heroine is AOH suspended, humiliated.

  33. PoetLaureate says:

    Hi there.

    Congratulations on this new venture! I for one, am elated at the thought of more variety to chose from.
    I have particular tastes in the heroine peril genre. I love seeing a large wrestler manhandle a gorgeous super-heroine. In particular, I love seeing the wrestler perform gorilla presses (aka. overhead press) on her. I always request this move in the all the customs I have commissioned thus far. I have previously contributed towards projects, on the understanding that this move is included a few times. If you are interested in this, I would love to hear from you

    Best of luck.

  34. Guerro from Guerrero says:

    Hire Coco and you will be fine, Alex David’s videos with her are terrible and I still buy them

    • Poluza says:

      She can’t deliver the dialogue well but her physical acting and selling are awesome. It’s either she is trained or she is a natural at this (she should try pro wresting or………football/soccer. Neymar could learn a thing or 2 from her)

  35. Vikingo says:

    Well I write scripts to custom videos and also I order them to my favorite website, but first I need take to look your stuff before, wrestlers and fighters, some perils, super heroine, secret agent, evil woman, etc me write any script to my custom videos.

  36. Sugarcoater says:

    I think the key for his niche here would be the outfits. Have heroine outfits of quality material (not the cheap Halloween outfits).
    Then, of course, the caliber of the model comes into play.

  37. MAV says:

    I like the fighters/wrestlers lured out angle. As far as the action goes, I think belly blows are liked by all, and maybe also anything that stretches out the heroine (I’m the resident AOH fiend here). I hope you produce darker toned vs. tongue in cheek scenarios and as far as costumes go, I’m on the side of the spectrum where the skimpier the better to show off the heroine’s physique, but there are others here who want the heroine in a burka (relatively speaking)

    • Imagineer says:

      Belly blows aren’t liked by all. I don’t think any specific thing is liked by all.

      It’s probably more useful to reach back into the site’s history and see what the recurring themes are in what’s actually produced and what’s gotten broadly positive responses — then look for interesting ways to check those boxes. Trying to uncover profitable boxes that nobody’s tried to check before may prove to be quixotic.

  38. Ksr says:

    Wow, not even a single screenshot!

  39. Bdot says:

    For fight moves, I’d definitely like to see heroines getting low blowed.