“The Low Blow Part 1” from TheRyeFilms

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  1. I Want More Video Jill Kassidy TheRyeFilms Is Sexy Hot!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Segata says:

    I really enjoyed this movie. Will there be a part 2 with the same actress?

  3. Ben R says:

    Admittedly I haven’t purchased this as there’s not much costume peril and low blows aren’t my thing, but I have always been curious about what part two might be like. I was wondering when part two might be released. If it was more costume peril I might be inclined to get it and maybe even go back and get part one as the actress is quite attractive. Thanks, Ben.

  4. Brad777 says:

    Superior Girl’s sexy authoritarian attitude towards the bad guys is hot to watch as she shows off her superpowers and dominance. Great special effects and camera angles, brilliant acting by all, hot peril action. It would be fantastic to see more of this gorgeous actress in costume.

  5. Jsk says:

    Just curious, does anyone know why SHG media use netcode now, which require pre-funding with a check or money order? Before a credit card was all that was needed. This method of pre-funding is pretty inconvenient.

  6. Mooo says:

    Great final five minutes; that’s when the low blow action takes place. The rest = meh.

  7. fabio says:

    Great movie. Good low blows, the hammer grind was very nicely done. Her reactions to the belly blows were pretty good too. Looking forward to Part 2.

  8. lovepantyhose says:

    I’m expecting Alexis Monroe on this costume.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Would LOVE to see more of her but from what I’ve heard, she’s off the grid on superheroine films.
      I really miss her Supergirl.

  9. fabio says:

    This looks amazing. Although I would have much preferred her take the beating in her costume or at least more revealing clothes. Is she given the chance to nurse her crotch and suffer after the hammer blows? Not enough scenes where the heroine is given time to suffer and endure pain from low blows, they usually pass out or the villain interrupts with another attack. I hope this one nails the “art of a low blow”. Either way its nice getting a low blow themed video for once. I hope they continue and worsen in part 2.

  10. Heroinefane says:

    Quick summary: Physical and sexual abuse happens while in disguise revealing little blue strip under her skirt, mostly groping of crotch and hammerblows, a few belly punches and bearhugs. Supergirl outfit in the beginning but no action or abuse. Great setup for the next part, hopefully all the abuse happening while she is in costume!

  11. Jeff says:

    I really love the disguise costume! I’ve seen it twice now and the look is really growing on me!

  12. Mr.Bleh says:

    Looks like a winner, but is that the same actress from HM’s own “Supra Girl” series? Kinda looks like her, to me. Would be great to see her in the red and blue outfit again.

  13. Heroinefane says:

    Is it too soon to ask when part 2 is coming?!

    • Mike says:

      They can’t provide us with estimates like that anymore. There are certain individuals here that cause problems when the producers fall behind and can’t meet an estimated launch date. Now they don’t post estimated dates much anymore. There’s always a select few that ruin things for everyone else.

      • Jacques says:

        I always thought that patience is a virtue, perhaps was a virtue would be a more accurate comment, lol.

  14. Harry Cane says:

    Awesome! Does she use superbreath?

  15. mid2018 says:

    Wow this girl is sexy…