“The Skrull” from TheRyeFilms

The Skrull (TheRyeFilms.com Custom order) Starring Darcie Dolce.

Wonderous Woman investigates the disappearance of Superia and follows her beacon to an unknown location. She is confronted by 2 mind controlled humans with enhanced strength and reflexes. She is able to handle them until they start fighting dirty and slowly wearing her down.

Wonderous Woman eventually finds herself in dire peril as the men’s attacks become sexual. She tries with all her remaining strength to hold them off but is overwhelmed by an onslaught of attacks focusing on her most vulnerable areas. Wonderous Woman’s mind races as she is repeatedly forced into blistering orgasms. Just as she is about to give up, Superia arrives!

Wonderous Woman becomes hopeful looking at the towering heroine but she does not respond to her pleas for help. It becomes clear that Superia is also under the same mind control as the men and to Wonderous Woman’s horror Superia joins in on the fun…

This movie contains Topless nudity, beatdowns, low blows, forced orgasms, sim sex and oral, groping, slapping, belly and face hits, back breaker, bearhug, choking, and more!

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15 Responses

  1. jaundi says:

    Pristine (Starring Lexi Belle) needs to happen this week!!!

  2. rover says:

    Very sexy vid, and actress. Not a complaint, but to echo another recent suggestion — these ladies could stand to tone down the makeup a bit.

  3. akira3120 says:


  4. Andy says:

    I bought it! Darcie was so good and sexy!

  5. Hy-Jynx says:

    Really glad I got this one! Darcie is amazing and has that look you want to see. Hoping to see a lot more of her in future heroine vids!

  6. saxman314 says:

    I was on the fence about this, but I’m very glad I bought it. The pics and trailer are great, but they don’t do this video justice.

  7. Señor Descartes says:

    Darcie has a way more super-villainess type of look, but I’m glad we got to see her as a virtuous Amazon here 🙂

  8. KA3 says:

    Can anyone who has purchased the video tell me the ending? (Primarily if it is lethal)

    Thank you!

    • Captain Obvious says:

      It is not lethal.

      If I’m breaking any rules with this post, I apologize.

  9. Trigon says:

    Darcie in a B/G scene? Even if it’s just sim, that works for me. Very few ladies can rival her boobs. Very good trailer. I certainly hope to see her in more videos like this.

  10. Andy says:

    I love this new girl she looks beautiful! Wish we had the big dude as the villain.

  11. Imagineer says:

    Did we get a new henchman? I don’t remember seeing the guy with the beard before.

    The shots where the heroine’s hair partially obscures her face are very expressive.

  12. Mike3 says:

    Pics look amazing. *Trailer looks amazing. Take my money!

    *on SHG site, not available on this site yet

    • Kinky Desires says:

      Trailer isn’t working for me here or on SHG! It just says “Sorry this video will be available for viewing shortly”

      Has been like it the last couple of hours.

      • Mike3 says:

        I got lucky then. But at least you’re in luck now since the trailer here is now up!