“The Skrull” from TheRyeFilms

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  1. jaundi says:

    Pristine (Starring Lexi Belle) needs to happen this week!!!

  2. rover says:

    Very sexy vid, and actress. Not a complaint, but to echo another recent suggestion — these ladies could stand to tone down the makeup a bit.

  3. akira3120 says:


  4. Andy says:

    I bought it! Darcie was so good and sexy!

  5. Hy-Jynx says:

    Really glad I got this one! Darcie is amazing and has that look you want to see. Hoping to see a lot more of her in future heroine vids!

  6. saxman314 says:

    I was on the fence about this, but I’m very glad I bought it. The pics and trailer are great, but they don’t do this video justice.

  7. Señor Descartes says:

    Darcie has a way more super-villainess type of look, but I’m glad we got to see her as a virtuous Amazon here 🙂

  8. KA3 says:

    Can anyone who has purchased the video tell me the ending? (Primarily if it is lethal)

    Thank you!

    • Captain Obvious says:

      It is not lethal.

      If I’m breaking any rules with this post, I apologize.

  9. Trigon says:

    Darcie in a B/G scene? Even if it’s just sim, that works for me. Very few ladies can rival her boobs. Very good trailer. I certainly hope to see her in more videos like this.

  10. Andy says:

    I love this new girl she looks beautiful! Wish we had the big dude as the villain.

  11. Imagineer says:

    Did we get a new henchman? I don’t remember seeing the guy with the beard before.

    The shots where the heroine’s hair partially obscures her face are very expressive.

  12. Mike3 says:

    Pics look amazing. *Trailer looks amazing. Take my money!

    *on SHG site, not available on this site yet

    • Kinky Desires says:

      Trailer isn’t working for me here or on SHG! It just says “Sorry this video will be available for viewing shortly”

      Has been like it the last couple of hours.

      • Mike3 says:

        I got lucky then. But at least you’re in luck now since the trailer here is now up!